Beach Vacation Packing List For A Toddler - Parenting Tips

Are you planning a beach vacation for the summer? Do you need some help with your Beach Vacation Packing List For Your Toddler?

We are going to leave soon for our beach vacation, and since I am packing and making the list of things I need most for my daughter, I like to share above it with you, too. In few words, I’ll try to share my experience and help you in what is essential that should not be missing from your list before you pack for your beach vacation, too.

Based on personal experience, I think that a newborn baby is more delicate and needs some more specific care and items, the packing list for toddlers starting from the second year is almost similar.

Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List-My Mum And Daughter

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Why Make A Beach Vacation Packing List For Kids?

It is the fourth year that we go on the beach with our daughter. We must organize well our trip and beach vacation. The packing list is one of the things to do first.
A vacation packing list will help us get the essential items you need to have the most beautiful, healthy, fun, and headache-free vacation with your toddler.

Babies or toddlers have many needs and demands regarding the entertainment or quality time we spend with them. We have a small apartment by the sea and spend our beach vacation there. Every time we leave, my husband says that even if we had a large truck in place of our car, we would fill it. 🙂 He symbolically said this for having all essential for our daughter.

Before you put your luggage in your car and still do not get what you need, I recommend that you have a list for preparation and packaging ready.

Below, I will summarize a list of items that you need for your toddler beach vacation. Most of these things are helpful for newborns as well. I will try to stop longer in another article for newborns.

What Are The Essential Items To Not Neglect In Beach Vacation Packing List For Your Toddler?

I’m going to split my packing list recommendations into some categories. I hope in this way will be more helpful for you to organize and pack.

List of things related to the child’s health

From my experience, I think that toddlers, especially in the first years, are more delicate and exposed to seasonal viruses, various epidemic diseases, etc.

In our first beach vacation, we consulted with the pediatrician about the most necessary medications or other health items we might need for our trip and vacation time.

In this way, my husband and I will be able to cope with any emergencies that might arise and manage them.

You don’t have to panic. I wrote this advice, as you must know that kids can get ill even during a vacation. I recommend consulting your pediatrician for any specific or worry that you may have.

I’m listing below some of the items I always carry for my daughter. I try to have a solution for any inconvenience with my daughter’s health during our trip. I recommend you to take this or any other medicament your pediatrician gives to your toddler.

  • First aid kit, which should at least contains disinfectants, alcohol, betadine, or iodine, large and small bandages for cracks or wounds, disposable syringes, any other items you think is valuable
  • Baby thermometer
  • Antipyretics to lower the temperature in liquid or suppository form
  • Antiallergic, against bites, or allergies that the child may have
  • Lactic ferments or other solutions to prevent diarrhea
  • Multivitamins that your child may need (for vitamin D3, consult your pediatrician as it is usually discontinued during the summer as your child may be taking this vitamin from sun exposure)
  • physiological water in disposable packaging
  • manual or electric nasal aspirator
  • inhaler machine or an aerosol syrup if your toddler use it
  • Others your pediatrician recommended taking with you.

Toddler Care ProductsToddler Beach Vacation Packing List-My Mum And Daughter

This category will include all the items your child needs for personal care, hygiene, etc. I will list essential items to take with me. Most of them are used daily by the child, so it is necessary to have them with you. Buy certified and organic products for your child care.

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” ”Full disclosure.

  • Brushes and toothpaste
  • Bathing products
  • Bodycare products like body cream, oil, or cream for treating baby skin
  • Baby cream for sun protection for face and body with protection factors 50 PF +
  • Cream for protection and hydration of baby skin after the beach
  • Diapers if your child still uses them
  • Reusable diapers for use on the beach and water bath
  • Portable potty if you are in the process of potty training
  • Wet wipes for sensitive and antibacterial skin
  • Dry napkins
  • Comb, hairbrush, hairbands, bows, ties, flongs, and other hair care products
  • Scissors for nails and other personal hygiene items

Feeding items

We need to make sure that our baby or toddler feeds well during our vacation. So, you may need to prepare some food yourself. Find some suggestions here about it. Don’t forget to take them with you, or make sure to have them in your hotel or apartment:

Toddler Outfits

I suggest dividing into two groups your toddler outfits for ease of packaging:

  1. The outfits you need during off-beach hours
  2. The outfits you need for the beach part. I recommend you choose cotton clothing, preferably organic, light clothes, not tight.

The toddler must feel comfortable in his clothes, does not feel hot, and does not sweat. On the beach, the weather can be windy. Make sure your child is always dry out the water.

Also, take care to wear your toddler properly for the morning and evening walks by the sea. Mornings and evenings by the sea can be foggy with the added moisture in the air. I prefer to take a long sleeves outfit for my daughter always with me.

Beach outfits are as follows:Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List-My Mum And Daughter

  • two or more beach towels to always have a dry and clean towel with you.
  • A hooded towel or other beach towels
  • Three or four bathing suits to not let our child wet every time he comes out of the water.
  • Beach hats for your toddler
  • Children sunglasses with an acoustic frame so that the child does not damage and break when putting on the glasses
  • Scarf, ribbon, or hair bands if your child is a girl
  • Swimming hood if you do not want your child to wet his head and ears
  • waterproof earplugs for pediatric age
  • Glasses and water mask if the child has started swimming lessons
  • Swimwear for swimming lessons according to the weight and age of the child
  • toddler beach shoes for protection from stones, not to slip, etc.
  • Light cotton beachwear to protect from the sun
  • toddler beach chair
  • Mattress, or beach mats for your toddler, if you are going to rest on public beaches that do not offer beach beds

Toddler outfits for hours outside the beach

I try to have all kinds of clothes for my daughter even when we are on vacation, but always the most practical outfits. My daughter is a child who sweats often and a lot, so I make sure to have all I need for her.
Choose the lightest outfits for your child.

The following outfits count 2-3 pairs for each day of stay, as you may not be able to wash your underwear at the hotel where you will be staying. In other terms, try to have a laundry solution during your vacations.

  • Sleeping clothes
  • T-Shirts
  • Underwears or diapers
  • shorts, or skirts
  • dresses, or pants
  • long-sleeved t-shirts (one per day)
  • Long overalls (one per day)
  • Sweater or light jacket 2-3 pieces in total
  • Elegant dress or outfits 3-4 dresses

Toys and entertainment itemsToddler Beach Vacation Packing List-My Mum And Daughter

You know that kids want a lot of toys with them everywhere.
Take care to get mainly the water toys to have fun with your little ones on the beach.

You can also get some learning and developmental games to have also fun in the hotel or apartment where you will stay.

Don’t worry if you can’t get all you need in this category. There are always shops near the beach area to buy water or other entertainment toys for your child.

  • Different water toys, like buckets, beach shovels, sand toys
  • Beach balls
  • Swimming toys
  • Learning toys (coloring books, coloring pencils, cubes, etc.)
  • Toddler books

Travel and other items Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List-My Mum And Daughter

You need to have always your baby car seat on your vacation trip or even the short trips in the area you will spend your vacation.
Also, your baby stroller is another helpful item for your baby or toddler walks.

Take care that the resort where you will rest offers a baby stroller or pram, or take yours if you are going to travel by car.
If your toddler sleeps with white sounds, then take the portable sound sleeping machine with you.
Don’t forget his teddy or any other favorite friends for his sleep.

  • Baby car seat
  • Baby stroller
  • Sleeping machine
  • teddy or another friend

My Last Thought On Beach Vacation Packing List For My Toddler

At the end of this article, I like to share with you some last tips and advice.

  1. First, I want to tell you that you can also buy many of these items if you can not get them all with you or forget something.
  2. Advice or visit the pediatrician before leaving, especially if your baby or toddler goes on a beach vacation for the first time.
  3. Schedule your vacation at least 2 -3 weeks after carrying out any mandatory baby vaccinations, which usually lead to a decline in immunity in children. It is to avoid any viral episode that your baby may suffer during the trip.
  4. Choose destinations not too far away when you are experimenting for a first-time vacation with your child.
  5. Make sure to protect your child from sun exposes in the hot hours. Better expose your baby to the sun during the early morning and late afternoon hours.
  6. Always protect the baby with sun cream, appropriate clothing, light colors, and cotton that do not create added heat or sweating.
  7. Despite you are on vacation, take care that the nutritional diet of your child is healthy. Make sure your little one eats many fruits and vegetables. He needs to drink as much fluid as possible.

I hope that this article has come to your aid for the next beach vacation packaging. Is there anything else that is missing from my list? I welcome your comments and questions about it. I will start next week on our beach vacation, so I’m waiting for your suggestions or feedback on this Beach Vacation Packing List For a toddler.

Until next time, I wish you stay safe and well


“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” ”Full disclosure.

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    • Hi Evelyn, I hope that everything will turn back to normal after this long time with the covid situation. We had a wonderful vacation last summer since Covid was not spread too much in that destination.  I hope, we will have a great time this summer, too. I wish you beautiful vacation time for your family, too.

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing this article that I’m sure will help many young parents to know what to pack when traveling with a toddler to a Beach Vacations, I wish I could have that list when my children were young, I still can remember a couple of times when I forgot to pack something that I needed during the vacations, but I will share your article to my son who is a young father of two young kids, I’m sure he and his wife will love to read your article. 

  3. Hey there Alketa,

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