20 Toddler Beach Shoes In This Summer

Hello dear parents,Have you planned your summer family vacation or outdoor activities? Have you found the right water shoes for your little ones? I want to share the 20 best Toddler Beach Shoes In this summer. I consider beach shoes a necessity for my daughter’s foot health during our beach vacation. In Albania, we have … Read more

Best Toddlers Beach Toys

Best Toddler Beach Toys-My Mum And Daughter

Family beach vacations are entertainment and fun time. We do our best to organize a beautiful vacation for our kids. In this article, I want to share a list of the Best Toddler Beach Toys that you can consider taking with you on your beach vacation this summer. As I mentioned in my last article … Read more

Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List

Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List-My Mum And Daughter

Hello parents and friends, Are you planning a vacation for this summer? Do you need some help with your Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List? We are going to leave soon for our beach vacation, and since I am packing and making the list of things I need most for my daughter, I like to share … Read more

Best Baby Jumpers And Bouncers

Best Baby Jumpers And Bouncers- My Mum And Daughter

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16 Black Friday Deals 2020 For Baby And Toddler Products.

Black Friday Deals 2020 For-My Mum And Daughter

Black Friday is at our doorstep. In this article, I’m going to share with you Black Friday Deals 2020 For our newborn baby nursery and toddler products. I’m going straight to the point, sharing with you the best products that come with a good sale and offers for you during these four days from Black … Read more

Christmas Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl

Christmas Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girl-My Mum And Daughter

Christmas is even nearer, and every new day brings us close to the season holiday. Are you ready for this Christmas? Did you start to choose or already shop your Christmas gifts for your family and kids? My daughter will be three years old soon, and I like to satisfy her wishes, finding the best … Read more

Best Christmas Toys For 2020

Best Christmas Toys For 2020-My Mum And Daughter

Christmas and Season Holidays are closer than ever now, and we all must start to plan and think about the best toys or gifts for our kids. This article about Best Christmas Toys For 2020 is for helping you and giving a hand to choose your favorite toy for your little one in this list … Read more

Top Rated Baby Floor Seats

Top Rated Baby Floor Seats-My Mum And Daughter

A new baby faces a new world once we give birth to him, and he needs a lot of care and love by our sides, including activities and entertainments, to grow up healthy and happy. The baby floor seat is one of the tools that a new mother must-have for her baby. For this reason, … Read more

Toddler Cooking Activities

Toddler Cooking Activities- My Mum And Daughter

Hello Friends, I want to share with you a fun and learning day, with my 27 months daughter, we had together Toddler Cooking Activities to prepare our decorated cookies for this Easter. Easter is coming, and despite the quarantine days that we all have this Easter time, I believe that in any home that celebrates Easter this … Read more

Indoor Activities for 2-Year-Olds

Indoor Activities for 2-Year-Olds- My Mum and Daughter

Hello Friends  I want to share with you Indoor Activities for 2-Year-Olds today in my article. These pandemic days caused by Coronavirus, every one of us is staying at home to protect our kids and familiars. In the conditions, when the schools, daycare centers, and any other outdoor activities are restricted, spending a recreative indoors time … Read more