The 13 Best Toddler Beach Toys For Family Vacation

Family beach vacations are entertainment and fun time. Do you like to purchase one or more from Best Toddler Beach Toys for your kids? Do you plan to have some funny products to organize your family vacation time and outdoor activities with your kids? In this article, I want to share a list of the Best Toddler Beach Toys that you can consider taking with you on your beach vacation this summer.

As I mentioned in my last article on Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List, we will leave soon on our vacation. I want to share and help how I could on what I found about toddler beach essentials. Toys are one of the things that absolutely our kids need all the time. I decide to write about this topic today, sharing some beach toys ideas and high-quality products to consider and buy.

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What Kind of Toddler Toys do we need on our beach vacation?

I think that we need to take with us one or two toys in each of several categories, such are entertainment, learning, development, creativity,
The best thing is that our toddler toys be related to the vacation topics. But, if our kids have some favorite toys at home, don’t hesitate to take them with you, too.
On the beach vacation, the water activities are those most preferred by kids. But, don’t forget the hours outside the beach. Kids need entertainment and activities in your hotel or apartment room, too.
So, organize to have toys for every activity and every circumstance on your vacation.

I’m stopping below in the beach and water toys that your toddler can use on the beach, pool, or other outdoor activity during the summer.

Stay with me, and have a look at the list below to find some cute and helpful toddler toys.

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The 13 Best Toddler Beach Toys

#1.ToyerBee Beach Toys- 27 Pcs Sand Toys Set

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-ToyerBee Beach Toys- 27 Pcs Sand Toys Set with Mesh Bag

I think every toddler likes to play at least one time with similar sand toys during his beach vacation. My daughter played last summer with a similar sand toy set. I like this one cause included a lot of sand molds like fish, turtle, frog, star, castle.

Moreover, the fun kit to play with water is beautiful. We had a lot of fun with my daughter playing with it. So, it features in total 27 pieces, included shovels and rakes. I like that set comes with the mesh pack.

At the end of the beach day, we can pack each piece and carry it easily. Furthermore, the toddler has so much fun with so many shapes and colors. As well, he will play and learn at the same time.

This sand toy set is also safe to use. Each piece designs with a smooth and round edge to play safely with them. The product meets ASTM standards, and the material is BPA-free durable, eco-friendly plastic.

What I like most

  • Safe and durable sand toy set
  • reusable drawstring mesh backpack
  • ASTM safety standards
  • Three years of warranty against any damage and defect

#2. LAOSLAISI Water Guns Toys for Boys Girls

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-LAOSLAISI Water Guns Toys for Boys and Girls

Water guns are also another beautiful toy ta have fun and do a lot of activities in the water. I like this one because it comes with a backpack. In this way, our toddler will not be bothered by swiping the gun with water every second. It is a beautiful water toy for kids from three to five years old.

Furthermore, the material is safe ABS to protect our kid’s health. You can use it in the sea, pool, or even in your garden when your toddlers like to have outdoor activities during the summer.

Also, the water gun offers flexibility in shooting, and it is a beautiful toy for family play. The capacity of the backpack is 1999 CC. As well, the play shooting can be from six to eight meters. It does not recommend shooting directly on the face or eyes.

What I like most

  • A beautiful water toy for all family
  • Large water capacity and shooting distance
  • Sturdy water gun
  • Easy to carry and store

What needs to improve

It is not allowed for kids under three years old.

#3.The iGeeKid Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Shark

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-iGeeKid Baby Beach Tent Pop Up Shark Baby Pool Tent with Portable Sun Shelter Tent UPF 50+ UV Protection & Waterproof Sun Tent

A beautiful UV protection and waterproof sun shelter tent is another beach toy idea to consider for your baby or toddler. This one for the IGeeKid store is one of the best to choose for your toddler.

Furthermore, It can use from the third month up to four years old. The tent designs in a Pop Up Shark pattern to make your toddler feels happy and developing his imagination during playing time.

Also, it features a pool to permit your baby to play inside the water for much more fun. So, the waterproof and 50+UV protection tent keep your baby safe from sun and water.

Moreover, the tent is large and permits you to play and stay with your little one comfortably. It is portable and comes with a carry bag and four pegs. You can order it in blue or pink color.

What I like most

  • UPV 50+ protection fabric
  • 300 mm waterproof index
  • Portable with carrying bag and pegs
  • Large capacity
  • up to four years of toddler age
  • Multiple place usage

What needs to improve

Someone finds it difficult to fold

#4.Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

It is a beautiful toy to use for every outdoor activity. Furthermore, it is a multiusage toy. So, your toddler can use it in the garden, on the beach, in the snow, or in other places.

Moreover, the digger sandbox features an excavator to a digger in the sand and a dump truck to move the sand. The excavator digs and loads up the sand making the play funny for your toddler.

Also, the dump truck can also use a lid to keep the sand dry. The toy set included a sand cup and sifter, two characters, a shovel, a rake, and a dump truck. The toy is beautiful to learn and play with for kids from 3-5 years old.

What I like most

  • Brand known beach toy set
  • A toy for many outdoor and indoor activities
  • Learning and skills development toy
  • Small size for easy use and take with you

#5.Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo, Red

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo, Red

During our vacation, there are many times when our daughter wants to run or walks by herself. She likes to have a long walk, go to the playground in the afternoon, or try to walk as fast as her father to go to the beach. But, in return way all the energy has gone. In other words, she involved herself in so many activities, and she gets tired.

So, this Wagon is helpful to use to carry your toddler easily to any destination. It is light, portable, and can fold in one hand for easy storage.

Furthermore, It meets ASTM safety standards, offering seat belts and a UV protection canopy for the sun. If your toddler is 1,5 years old or older, then it is a great choice to have with you on your vacation.

It also features four cup holders for drinks and snacks to make your toddler feel comfortable and busy. The maximum weight capacity is up to 150 pounds or 68 kg.

What I like most

  • One hand foldable and portable
  • ASTM safety standards
  • Seat belt and removable UV protection canopy
  • Four cup holders
  • Up to two years of warranty

What Needs to improve

  • The warranty is only for the original purchases, and it is not transferable.
  • Some of the parents consider it a little bit expensive.

#6.Hand-Mart Kids Ride-On Sand Digger

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Hand-Mart Kids Ride On Sand Digger

A sand digger is a beautiful and creative toy for your toddler from the third year and up. This sand digger from the Hand- Mart brand comes with a 360-degree rotatable crane to play comfortably and dig in every direction. Moreover, It features two-handed control to improve coordination ability, develop motor skills, and increase spatial cognition. And, the metal sand basket makes the digging fun on every surface.

So, your toddler will have much more fun playing outside with it, developing creativity and his imagination.

Also, you can buy it for the beach vacation and use it all summer in other toddlers’ outside activities. It is a sturdy product, and your kid can use it up to 12 years old.

What I like most

  • A toy for every season.
  • Sturdy metal construction product
  • Wide and ergonomic seat design
  • big sandbox
  • a beautiful gift idea

What needs to improve

  • Some parents think that it needs some improvement for young toddlers for easy playing.

#7.The ISKYDRAW Kids Beach Sand Toys Set with Pop-up Tent.

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-The ISKYDRAW Kids Beach Sand Toys Set with Pop-up Tent

It is a new pattern of this year in beach sand toys set. It features 26 different pieces in sand molds, fun water wheels, 2 in 1 beach car, a mesh bag for easy carry, and the pop-up play tent for more fun and entertainment for your toddler.

Also, the sand molds are colorful and in soft rubber material for easy grip and durable shapes. It is a multi-functional toy to play, and learn at the same time.

Furthermore, the sand molds and beach toys can improve your toddler’s communication, creativity, imagination, cooperation, and spatial cognition abilities.

As well, the material is eco-friendly and BPA-free plastic. They are molds that your toddler can use in sand and snow, pool, bathtub, and sea. It recommends for kids up to three years old.

What I like most

  • Little camping for indoor and outdoor
  • A multi-functional toy for improving skills
  • BPA-free material
  • Portable and easy to carry with a mesh bag
  • cute giraffe fun waterwheel

What needs to improve

It is a brand new product

#8.SwimWays 11554 Infant Spring Float Inflatable Swimming Pool Float with Canopy

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-SwimWays 11554 Infant Spring Float Inflatable Swimming Pool Float with Canopy

It is perfect for a young toddler under 28 months. Furthermore, It offers fun and protection under the sun. The soft seat of the swimming pool has three adjustable point hardness to keep your baby safe and comfortable to play and splash.

As well, the canopy features UV 50+ sun protection. Also, the canopy’s sides are meshy, allowing you to have eye contact with your baby and enjoy every moment of his joy playing in this pool.

It is easy to inflate and carry. As well, It features handles to hold it easily. Moreover, the Swimming pool comes with a reusable carry bag for easy storage and port in a trip or travel. It is a beautiful gift idea for a baby’s birthday or other occasions. The best age to use it is from 9 to 24 months.

What i like most

  • It is beautiful for young babies
  • Safety and comfortable
  • UV 50+ sun protection canopy
  • Three adjustable point hardness

#9.Abida Splash Pad, 82″ Outside Sprinkler Play Mat for Kids

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Abida Splash Pad, 82" Outside Sprinkler Play Mat for Kids

It is another funny and beautiful toy for all families. Furthermore, you can enjoy it with your kids over three years old for more entertainment and fun in your outdoor activities during the summer.

As well, It is for fun and development skills, improving your kid’s creativity, motor skills, emotional skills, imagination, and cognitive development. Also, comparing with other play mats, this one comes with 22% thicker material and 0.5 mm larger spray holes.

You will enjoy it longer and better for much more fun. It was also upgraded for a larger diameter of 82 inches for up to four kids to play with it.

And, all material is BPA-free, not slippery, and not harmful for our kids. It is a nice gift for your toddlers. The mat is easy to set up.

Moreover, you can fill it with any garden hose. In the begining, start to fill it with low-pressure water and adjust the water slowly during the filling process.

What I like most

  • Larger capacity water mat
  • Thicker PVC material
  • BPA-free and safe for kids
  • Larger spray holes

#10.The Homech Inflatable Play Center Pool, Seaside Water Play Center with Water Slide

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Homech Inflatable Play Center Pool, Seaside Water Play Center with Water Slide

A play center pool is a beautiful toy for your toddler. This one is inflatable and perfect for the seaside water play activity. In few words, your toddler will have a lot of fun playing with it.

So, the coconut and palm trees sprinkle water all around the pool. The Dolphin and coral make it similar to a seaside beach for your young toddler. The sturdy water slide is another fun and skill development tool.

Also, The material is thickened PVC material to reduce the risk of punctures during your kid’s play. It can blow in one minute with an electric pump.

Furthermore, you can enjoy your beach vacation with it and use it again in your garden or another outdoor area for more fun during the summertime. It features a landing mat at the bottom of the water slide for a safe splash. The 3 in 1 air valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate and prevent air leaking.

What I like most

  • Six games in one water center pool
  • Fast Inflation and deflation
  • Large water capacity, up to 7 inches water depth
  • 3 in 1 air valve

What needs to improve

  • The electric pump not included

#11.Sable Inflatable Play Center Wading Pool with Slide for Kids

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Sable Inflatable Play Center Wading Pool with Slide for Kids

It is another water park home pattern to use in your garden, at the beach, or in any outdoor area during the summer.

Furthermore, the water slide is comfortable to use with water or not, and the water holes on the sides can spray water and keep your kids cool under the sun. Also, It features steadily fixed handrails and sponge cushions to prevent any inconvenience and permit your kids to play safely.

So, for indoor activities, it can be a great toy to replace the water with balls. Also, the material is BPA-free and 30% thicker compared with the other similar products. You can inflate it with an electric pump quickly.

What i like most

  • A beautiful toy for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Angle-Adjustable sprinkler
  • Protective design with strengthened handrails
  • Different water depths

#12.Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Camo Wagon Green

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Camo Wagon Green, 39.37 x 18.50 x 30.71 Inches

Do you like to have with you a wagon in your vacation or during your daily summer activities? This one is one of the best to buy for this purpose and not only. So, you can choose between six different patterns from the Camo style.

Moreover, It is a three-in-one design. You can haul your toddlers on it, use it as a seating bench, or ride it seating.

It is easy to fold, carry, and storage. Off-road tires are another feature to provide a smooth ride for your kids.

Also, ii meets ASTM standards, and it features seat belts and a UV protection canopy. This design included two cups holder and one rear storage pouch. It can use for toddlers from 1.5 years old, and the maximum weight to use on it is 150 pounds.

What I like most

  • 3 in 1 wagon
  • ASTM standards
  • easy to fold and store
  • Off-road rubber tires for a smooth ride
  • seat belts for safety ride

#13.Banzai Pipeline Water Park Toy.

Best Toddlers Beach Toys-Banzai Pipeline Water Park Toy

This water park toy is beautiful, and your kids will have fun with it even if you don’t have the opportunity to go to the beach this summer. It is easy to assemble. Also, It included the airflow blower to blow all it in just two minutes.

As well, the construction of the water park guarantees strength and durability during usage. You blow it, add water, and have fun with your toddlers.

Furthermore, the water park features anchors bags and stakes for better stability. It is easy to use it. Your toddler will need not any surfboard or other items to slide over it. The big splash after the slide gives a lot of entertainment for all kids.

What I like most

  • Easy to blow and use
  • Heavy-duty dura-tech construction
  • Nice gift idea

What needs to improve

  • Some parents complain about the price.

My Last Thought About Best Toddler Beach Toys

At the end of this article, I want to highlight that these toddler beach toys are good suggestions to use not only on the beach but also in other outdoor activities. As a parent, I know that investing in toys for our kids needs to have some budget. But, I tried to collect here most of the toys at an affordable price.

Furthermore, I like that most of these toys can use for more than one year and not only for summertime or beach vacation. Also, the swimming pools and water slides can use as ball pits for indoor activities. The sand toys can use in our garden and with snow in the winter season.

I hope this article was helpful for you. What beach toys do you like most for your kids? Please feel free to comment, let a question, or helping this site by sharing this article.
I appreciate your support and feedback.
Till the next time
Stay safe

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  2. A ride on a sand digger?! That’s a thing? 

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