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Hi everyone, and welcome to my Mum and Daughter website. Being a mother has always been a strong desire of my heart, this one, reinforced by the health problems that I faced at a young age. Since I was a young girl, the feeling of motherhood has always been present in me. This inner feeling has led me to be more human, and it has made me careful and able to help others whenever I have the opportunity.

My journey to becoming a mother

My husband and I got married in June 2012, and we wanted to enjoy the blessing of being a parent as soon as possible. Despite the great desire, after the first months of failure in our efforts, we decided to turn to a specialized fertility clinique. After a series of medical and gynecological examination and evaluation, by the staff of the clinic, our doctors suggested to us to start the IVF protocol.

Our IVF Experiences

In January 2013, we did our first IVF, which was positive on the pregnancy test, but unfortunately, I lost my baby during the first trimester of pregnancy. After that we decided to take our time once again, waiting for the pregnancy to occur naturally. The doctor prescribed me Clomid, but as a result of using this drug, my ovaries became polycystic, and for several months, I had to cure them with contraceptives.

We decided to change the clinic and the medical staff, but all this left us with just a waste of time, repeated examinations, and money spent with no efficient results. I did a diagnostic laparoscopy and the doctors told me that everything was okay with my womb, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. After another year of trying, I didn’t get pregnant.

We returned to the first clinic in late 2014 and did further examinations before resuming another IVF protocol. The hysterosalpingogram examination shows us that both my fallopian tube was damaged. One was blocked, and the other had salpingitis (Fallopian tube infection). Since this infection could pass into the uterus, the doctor recommended closing the tube and restarting an IVF protocol, several months after surgery.

In the spring of 2015, we did our second IVF, which resulted in a negative pregnancy outcome. We performed a third IVF after a few months at another clinic, but again nothing good happened.

My husband supported me in every step of this long road that we did to make our dream come true. We also thought about the possibility of adopting a child together, but I still wanted to wait for this Plan B.

What Happened Next?

In 2016, we contacted another doctor and decided to try again at his clinic. This time I got pregnant with a very good Bhcg score, but due to emotional overload and work pressure I had a pregnancy loss in the eighth week of pregnancy.

We still had frozen embryos and wanted to try again. Earlier the doctor recommended a diagnostic hysteroscopy, and in the spring of 2017, I made the next transfer. This time everything went very well. I decided to stop working and devote myself fully to the child I was expecting.

Since January 2018, I am the mother of an adorable girl. All our efforts rewarded. We blessed with a sweet, beautiful, and healthy girl.


Now the journey could be more enjoyable

On my journey to become a mother, I faced many obstacles and a lack of information, like the IVF process, or other stages that I went through until my daughter was born.

I could not afford the lack of information about my daughter. During pregnancy, I read about motherhood and how to raise my baby in a healthy and safe way. After she was born, I decided for some time to be a full-time mother and to enjoy the blessing of God. Now I want to share with you many things that I learned and experienced as a mother.

Much of the content I will discuss here will focus on the great opportunities that every woman has today to be a mother and to informed with the latest guide and product reviews for the health and safety of the baby in the first years. You can have a look at my Blog for the latest baby and toddler products.

Enjoy the blessing of being a mother

After all, you don’t have to be alone in your journey. Here you will find the support of a woman who did not give up until she embraced the joy of life. The love I receive from my daughter is the best reward for all my efforts for her. Don’t give up on this journey either!

If there’s something you want to share, I’m glad to hear it.

All the best,


Founder of My Mum And Daughter


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