The Best Useful Patterns Of Medela Pump In Style

Are you a breastfeeding mother and looking for a new and high-quality breast pump? Do you like a new breast pump to pump everywhere and for better results? Medela Pump In Style is on the top list of breast pump products that Physicians in the USA recommend using from new mothers.

What is Medela Pump in Style exactly? Does it worth the price? Below, learn these and more about all four Medela Pump In style patterns.

In addition, I want to share with you all Medela Breast Pump In Style patterns, benefits, features, Pros, and Cons.

If you like to know more about it, please, keep reading what I found for this breast pump.

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What Is Medela Pump In Style?

Medela Pump In Style is one of the best double electrical breast pumps for mothers that pump several times a day. For more than 60 years, Medela company offer a large variety of breastfeeding products. 

Also, Medela Pump In Style comes in four different patterns for a better experience in pumping. Every mother can find her preferred pump in style.

Two Words about Medela Company

The Medela Company is a global enterprise focus on the Science of Care. Its mission is in creating and developing products to heal, nurture health, and build bonds.

To summarise, Medela company operates in three main pillars:

  • Breastfeeding Mum Products
  • Professional Products
  • Healthcare products

The first and second categories focus on the infant feeding process. The third one is about the products needed by a patient with Medical Vaccum Solution. 

Medela Pump In Style-My Mum And Daughter

Medela encharges a devoted scientific team in making intuitive, effective, and simple products. In the last six decades, Medela’s products have been helpful for many babies and moms.

Also, they are part of Healthcare professionals offering improvement based on researches. In few words, Medela dedicated for decades to turn his role into a science. 

Medela invented clinical searches centers to know deeper and better the anatomy of a mother’s lactation breast.

Furthermore, since 2006, Medela sponsored International Breastfeeding and Lactation Symposium. There, they share best practices in human milk, lactation, and all about it.

Medela creates and develops his breastfeeding products based on the natural behaviors of the infant and the mother.

In addition, a baby’s behavior, like infant sucking is part of the long observing process for a better future in Medela breastfeeding products.

By the way, every breastfeeding mother faces many challenges. She needs to pump everywhere at work, at home, at the airport, or in other places.

Do you know what Medela does about this? They know how to listen to their customers and make better products. Also, they invest in training and spending time with parents in NICU. This helps for fewer gaps in the infant feeding process. 

Do Medela Pump In Style Patterns Are Worthy To The Price?

Like I often prefer to say about Baby products, every mother’s experience is personal. So, is it worthy or not? Only you that can confirm this fact after trying this breast pump. 

Despite that, there are a lot of good features to highlight about this product. I will stop longer in detail for every one of each Medela Pump in style pattern. 

In brief, I like to list below a few benefits that every Medela Pump will offer in your breastfeeding process.

Maximal Milk Flow And Expresion Technology

Every Medela Pump in Style features the 2-Phase Expression Technology. Every pattern can combine with other expression features, but this one helps in more breast milk volume and in less time. It makes the pumping experience more efficient and maximizes the milk flow process.

Double Electric Breast Pump

Medela Pump In Style makes the pumping comfortable in every place you will be, offering a double pumping kit for faster pumping. So, in 15-20 minutes your breast milk will be ready to deliver for your baby feeding.


  • First, each Medela Pump In Style features at least a microfiber bag to organize all the breast pump accessories and what you need for pumping.
  • Also, it features a battery pack for easy usability and comfortable mobile pumping everywhere. Every pattern may combine with a backpack, a tote bag, or a metro bag.
  • Next, the cooler bag with the ice pack help in keeping up to four breast milk bottles closed with their lids. In this way, you will have your milk safe and fresh for your baby everywhere. 
  • Also, the portable battery pack, from where we can remove it lightly, is included in every pattern. 
  • Two of the patterns offer an international powder adapter to use in other countries outside the USA. 

Overflow Protection Technology

Every Medela Pump features an overflow protection technology to prevent the milk enters into the breast pump parts. In this way, the motor parts and the tubes will be clean and not damaged.

Customizable accessories:

  • Each pattern features a single knob with adjustable speed and vacuum for comfortable pumping.
  • Some of the patterns offer the 24 mm or 27 mm size flange to customize and make the pumping experince comfy.

Safe Product

  • Safe- All the Medela pump accessories, parts, and essentials are BPA-free. Every product is safe to use for the infant feeding and mother pumping process.
  • Convenient with FSA account-Medela Breast Pump Essentials are FSA eligible. So, you can use a Flexible Spending Account to pay for these products without paying taxes for this amount of money.

#1.Medela Breast Pump | New Pump in Style with MaxFlow

Medela Pump In Style-Medela Breast Pump - New Pump in Style with MaxFlow - Electric Breast Pump, Closed System , Portable
New With Maxflow

“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” ”Full disclosure.

Medela Breast Pump in Style With Max Flow is a Double Electric Breast Pump inspired by hospital collaboration, researches, and feedback. By the way, it is one of the four Medela breast pumps in style, which comes at an affordable price. But, what has this breast pump to highlight and know?

  • First, the main feature which makes it different is the New MaxFlow technology. In other terms, the pump features advanced with a micro-vibration motor generation vacuum for better milk expression.
  • Second, the pump design with 2 phase expression technology based on a baby’s natural sucking way. Also, in combination with MaxFlow, these features make this breast pump more effective in breast milk pumping. Furthermore, you have to do nothing about the speeds and different modes. The pomp comes programmed based on the Medela researches for simple control in pumping.
  • Third, the closed system with overflow protection protects the pump motor and tubes from the milk. So, the milk doesn’t enter there.
  • Forth, this pump can use easily by every mother, but at the same time, it can help in better milk expression. Medela has clinically tested that this pump can improve about 11.8% of the breast milk quantity pumping with it.
  • Fifth, this design comes in fever parts to clean. And, Do you pump at home or ongoing? Don’t worry about it. The pump built-in a battery pack for mobile pumping, but you have to buy batteries for it. Also, it comes in a stylish pump bag, including a cooler bag for easy use, and is portable everywhere.


  • High-quality product, comfortable and easy to use
  • Clinically proved for the breast milk volume increase
  • Perfect for pumping at work or ongoing activities.


  • You have to buy batteries for the battery pack.
  • Medela doesn’t sell accessories separately. For every lost part, you have to buy a whole part set of accessories.

#2.Medela Breast Pump | Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Backpack | Metro with International Adaptor

Medela Pump In Style-Medela Breast Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Backpack
Pump In Style Metro with International Adaptor

The Pump In Style Metro with International Adaptor is the second pattern to know and learn more about features and using terms.

  • First, thanks to the advanced technology used, this pump can produce more milk in less time. In other terms, I consider it faster and much helpful for busy mothers. So, you will be more efficient in pumping with this pump.
  • The second, I like about this pump, a mother can customize the pump accessories. So then, It comes with 24 mm and 27 mm size flanges helping a breastfeeding mother to use as she feels comfortable and more effective with it. Also, the speed and vacuum of the single know can adjust with a letdown touch button.
  • Next, like all pumps in style, it comes with Overflow protection to prevent the milk enters in the pump’s motor and tubes.
  • As well, this pump comes in stylish backpacks too. Compared to the previous Medela pump pattern, this one comes in three microfiber bags. So, you can organize and keep your breast pump accessories and everything you need to pump in these bags, choosing a backpack, metro bag, and on-the-go tote.
  • The Metro Pump comes in a battery pack. And it can remove for easy mobile pumping. By buying this Medela pump, you will have all the necessary accessories to pump everywhere. To summarise, it included two kits of flanges, two membranes, and valves, one set of tubing, a cooler bag with an ice pack that fits four 150ml breast milk bottles with lids, the battery pack, the international adaptor to use it everywhere.
  • All the parts are safe to use for mother and baby feeding.


  • High-quality breast pump for faster pumping
  • International power adaptor to use it everywhere
  • BPA-free product, safe to use.


  • It is pricy, not affordable for everyone

#3.Medela Breast Pump | Pump in Style Advanced | Double Electric Kit

Medela Pump In Style-Medela Breast Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Kit
Pump in Style Tote

This Pump In Style Tote is the third pattern to present on this list. Also, the same as the other Medela pumps, it features the 2-Phase Expression Technology for more milk quantity and maximal milk flow.

  • Above all, I want to highlight that Medela company for this breast pump offers a promotional code inside the breast pump box of $80 for just $30. As well, you will profit from one entire month of online access in lactation consultants breastfeeding support.
  • Next, this pump is built-in in a tote bag, with a portable battery pack for easy pumping ongoing, at work, at home, and everywhere. The tote bag is the place to keep all you need for your next pumping. In brief, I want to add that it is easy to use and built-in breast milk bottle holder to keep your breast milk safe and feed your baby in time. Also, the other feature, which makes this experience better is the cooler bag with the ice pack to keep up to four breast milk bottles with lids in their safe.
  • As well, the double pump will make your pumping experience comfortable.
  • In the pack, you will get a microfiber tote bag, four 5oz/150ml milk bottles with lids, a cooler bag with an ice pack, one 24 mm breast pumping kit, one 9-volts AC adapter, and the battery pack.


  • A high-quality advanced breast pump that comes at a discount
  • Portable and comfortable with a microfiber bag.
  • BPA free and FSA eligible


  • You have to buy 8AA batteries for the battery pack separately.

#4.Medela Breast Pump | Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Tote

Medela Pump In Style-Medela Breast Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Tote
Pump In style Tote With International Adaptor

Medela Pump In style Tote With International Adaptor is similar to the Tote Pattern, with the benefit of using it in every place of the world.

  • First of all, like all the other Medela patterns, it features a patented 2-Phase Expression Technology based on researches and study for optimum results in breast milk and pumping experience.
  • In addition, it also offers the possibility to customize the pumping set. So, It includes a single adjustable knob and a 24mm/medium flange set to choose from for a personalized pumping process.
  • As well, it comes with a tote bag and with a battery pack. So, you can organize all pumping accessories for a portable and comfortable pumping as you like.
  • To summarise, it includes a tote bag, a battery pack, one cooler bag, four breast milk bottles with lids, a set of 24 mm flanges. Also, you will get a double pumping kit, two valves and membranes, two connectors, a tubing set, and an international power adapter.


  • A double electric Pump with a Tote bag
  • Portable and access to pump with it everywhere
  • A USA product
  • BPA-free


  • A little bit expensive
  • You have to buy batteries separately for the battery pack.


At the end of this article, I have to say that, despite, Medela Pump In Style is one of the best breast pumps in the market, every mother has a personal point of view in what she is looking at a breast pump.

I read many other mothers’ reviews and most of them like the way how Medela pumps. Many mothers love the efficient way of pumping, the maximal milk flow thanks to the expression technology, the portability, easy access to pumps at work, home, the airport, or the other destination.

Other mothers who have more than one experience can compare Medela with other brands giving their point of view of what to expect before buying our breast pump. You can read a lot, but in the end, you will know what can be the best product for you.
Every product can have its features to improve. Do you know what? One thing I can say for sure about Medela, that it is a company that has six decades of researches in developing and improving breastfeeding products for a better pumping experience overall.

So, What Do you think? Do you like Medela Pump In Style? I will like to have your comments and questions about it. Thank you for your time and for sharing this article with your friends.



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