Regalo Extra Tall Gate-Does It Worst Or Best For Stairs

Are you worried about your baby’s safety in your stairways or other home areas? Did you hear about Regalo Extra Tall Gate? Does it a worthy investment to protect your kids and pets too? Does it a high-quality product or better to invest in another one?

If you want to buy a baby gate for your bottom or top stairs and want to learn more about this Regalo 2 in 1 extra tall baby gate, please keep reading this article. Below, I like to share what I learned about all features, Pros, Cons, and what to keep in mind about the installation.

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Amazon Baby Gates- My Mum And Daughter

What Is Regalo Extra Tall Gate? 

This baby gate is an extra tall and wide gate to protect our little ones and not only. Furthermore, this Regalo Baby Gate is a sturdy gate suitable for most of the areas of your house.

In other words, it is a metal gate, which can install in the bottom or top of the stairs, between the doorways or hallways. It is a beautiful metal pattern baby gate in black for a great look and convenient use in every area of your house.

Also, it combines great with wood and metal furniture. It is a good baby gate to solve your safety problems in various home areas that you can not control all day.

So, all you can do is measure your space, order and install this gate to protect your little ones.

And, the usage is pretty simple, as it is a walk-through gate. To summarise, you rotate the gate latch, swing open the gate, and walk through it. 

Regalo Extra Tall Gate-My Mum And Daughter
Regalo 2 in 1 Extra Tall And Wide Baby Gate

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Two Words About Regalo Store

Regalo Baby is a safety products company created by parents for other parents. In few words, at Regalo Baby, know what the safe of your kids means. They worked for years to build trust in the parents, offering qualitative, safe, easy use, and affordable products. As the safe is the high Regalo baby priority, all Regalo Baby products meet the ASTM and JPMA standards.

Regalo Extra Tall Gate- My Mum And Daughter

Regalo Baby is a well-known company for its safety product for young babies and toddlers in various baby product categories. So, they are a leader in the market for their baby gates. Also, they offer qualitative play yards and playtime products. 

Furthermore, Regalo baby booster seats, bed rails, and safety sleeping and traveling products are among the most liked in the market.

Does This Regalo Extra Tall Gate For Babies and Pets Is Worthy To The Price?

Regalo Baby offers many baby gate patterns in the market. And, many parents choose to buy this one for their kid’s and pets’ safety in home areas.

To summarise, there are more than 2700 pieces of this pattern sold on Amazon monthly. Also, more than 80% of the reviews give from 4-5 stars for this product. And, according to the rating, this product has a rate of 3.8 for being worthy of investment by all.

Regalo Extra Tall Gate-Regalo customer review on Amazon
Customer Reviews On Amazon

So, can it be this worthy to the price for you? As I always say, every product can fit different for each of us. So, only you can answer this question after trying it. Below, I will give you a clear panorama of the features, pros, and cons. 

Safe For Stairs and multi other use

What I like first about this baby gate is suitable to install on both the bottom and top of the stairs. So, it features a sturdy all-steel metal structure for safety usage in every dangerous place of the house. 

In other terms, it can easily install in a hardware mount in your stairs, doorways, and hallways. Being a hardware mount gate makes it a safety gate for both stairways and other places. You can read here more about hardware mount and pressure mount baby gates. 

Extra Tall And Extra Wide

This gate features both extra tall and extra-wide dimensions for much protective use in our home. So, it can stands tall up to 38 inches or 96.5 cm, being so perfect for your top stairs area.

Also, the gate can extend up to 40.5 inches or about 103 cm. First, you need to measure your doorways or hallways distance where to install this gate. But, the gate fits great from 24-40.5 inches or 60.96 -102.89 cm.

Suitable And Safe For Both Kids And Pets

This Regalo gate is a good investment for all that have both young babies and pets at home. This gate can install and use for all toddlers from 6-24 months old and pets.

The extra-tall design makes it more likely to use on top of the stairs, and the Regalo Baby recommends using it for children up to 36 months. 

At this point, I want to add that you can decide by yourself until which baby age the gate is safe to use. Every child is unique and different. If your toddler is much agile and starts to climb on the baby gate or figure out how to open it, then never let him without your supervision. 

Despite that, this gate meets all ASTM and JPA standards.

Easy Usage And Adjustable

First, I want to parenthesis that as all the Regalo gates, before installing this one, will be a gap between the lanch and the frame of the gate. Don’t worry about it. It will take off once you install the baby gate at your home are. 

The hardware mount makes it not only safe but also easy to install. So, it comes with screws and instructions for quick and easy setup. Also, the baby gate can adjust according to the space dimensions you need to block with this gate. In other words, the adjustable panels, hardware mount kit, and screws will make all easier for you.

Other To Know About Regalo Baby Gates


We can buy Regalo Gates buying directly at Regalo Baby, on Amazon, Target, or at Walmart. Now, every seller has different policies regarding shipping costs. 

First, at Regalo Baby, you can buy every product with zero costs in shipping. But, they don’t ship internationally except in Canada. Also, in the USA, they don’t offer shipping in Alaska and Hawaii.

So, for everyone who lives outside the USA, the best choice is to buy on Amazon. They ship internationally, but for each country, there are different shipping costs. Furthermore, on Amazon, you can find it at a better price.

Also, for every returned product, you need to know that you must pay by yourself the shipping cost.


Regalo Baby offers 90 days of warranty from the day that you buy the product. They will repair the product or replace it during this period. Your investment will be guaranteed for this period if the product will not be in quality regarding its finish or manufacturer assembly.

Also, the period of returning any unsatisfied baby gate is 30 days.  


  • A multiusage baby gate for stairs, doorways, and hallways.
  • Extra tall and extra wide for the top of the stairs
  • Adjustable and easy to use and setup
  • Hardware Mount pattern for safety and security use
  • JPA and ASTM certified


  • Some parents complain about installation instructions not being very understandable and find it hard to install alone.
  • It is not the best for every pet. So, if you have cats that climb, it is not the best for you.
  • This baby gate has no door, so it is not the best choice for living rooms.
  • The latch lock system can be better because sometimes a toddler can open it.
  • It will be better to have more than 90 days of the warranty period.

What To Know About Regalo Extra Tall Gate Installation

First, if you want a copy of the manual instructions, you can click here

Below, I’m going to list steps to follow to assemble this Regalo baby gate. As I mentioned above, the product comes with all the hardware mont kit.

Regalo Extra Tall Gate-Included in the box
Included In The Box

The first process to do is the Hinge Placement. 

First Step- Position the Lower Hinge

For that, the hinge will install on the right side of the stairs. 

  1. Locate a stud 6 inch/15 cm from the edge of the top stairs
  2. Then place the hinge (E), which is the lower mount wall, against the wall
  3. The upper hole of this hinge must be not more than 2 1/2 inches from your floor.  

Second Step-Screw the lower hinge (E)

  1. Pre-drill 1/8 inches holes before screwing in.
  2. Use two inches of wood screws
  3. Screw into the drywall and stud the lover hinge. 

Third Step-screw snap female hinge

  1. Repeat the same as above
  2. The distance between the top hole of Hinge E and the lower hole of the snap female hinge must be 32 5/8 inches / 82.8675 cm.

Gate Assembly

Step 1- Screw the hinge adjuster in the gate panel

  1. Screw the hinge knob(G) into Gate panel (A). Do this for top and bottom ones.
  2. Hinge in the knob rotating in the clockwise direction
  3. Loosen the way back the jam nut

Step 2-Screw the receiver knob for the second gate panel.

  1. Follow the steps above with the knob(H).

Place the gate panel into the hinges on the wall.

Continue the assembly of the second panel.

  • Place the second panel in front of the hanging gate
  • Slide to the left the main gate 
  • The adjustment knobs are 1/4 inches from the wall
Regalo Extra Tall Gate- Gate Assembly Step 4

Place the couplers in the middle of the gate panels.

  • Place the coupler (J) male and (K) female in the center.
  • The coupler males go on the inside part. Use one for the top and one for the bottom. We place them between the vertical bars and in a horizontal position. 
  • Repeat the same with couplers female and snap them with male couplers.

Next Step- Receiver Placement

  • Close the gate and place the receiver knob 90° angle to the wall.
  • Use a stud and mark the holes for both the upper and lower receiver.
  • Open the gate and mount receivers with 2 inches of wood screws.

Final Adjustment 

The final adjustment is for having a gap not langer than 2 1/2 inches from the wall. For that, screw the hinge and receiver knobs inward and outward. Then, tight jam nuts with the 13 mm wrench.

After that, install the wall hinge female over the mounted male one.

Finally, you can open the gate. So, rotate the latch wall assembly in the clockwise direction to open it. Lift the gate away from the stairs and shaft it fully open.

My Last Thought About Regalo Extra Tall Gate For A Baby

At the end of this review, I want to add this Regalo Baby gate is one of the best in sturdiness and safe terms. Also, being extra tall and wide, it is great for stairs, door opening, and hallways.

Of course, like other products, you may face problems in technical issues or quality control. Despite that, every parent that argues about a control quality recommends this gate for its safe and sturdy design. So, it is a perfect investment to protect your kids and pets, mainly for the stairs area. 

I’m not here to convince you to necessary buy this baby gate. But, one thing I want to say, you need to protect your kids at home. And, a baby gate is worth the money.

So, want do you think of this Regalo Extra Tall Gate? Do you have any experience with Regalo Baby products? Please, can you take a minute and share your opinion or experience with me. I appreciate it, thank you. 

Finally, If you find this article helpful, please share it. You are welcome to let a comment or question about the Regalo Extra tall Gate.

Stay Safe


Regalo Extra Tall And Wide Baby Gate


Extra Tall And Wide Gate For Top Stairs


Multiusage Baby Gate For Open Doors, Hallways, And Stairs


Safety For Babies And Pets



  • Sturdy Gate In All-Steel Consturction
  • Hardware Mount For Both The Top And Bottom Stairs
  • JPMA And ASTM Certified


  • The warranty terms are only 90 days
  • The manual instructons is not clear for everyone
  • The quality control can be better in some cases

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  1. Keeping an eye on kids can be hard at times, it seems like you only need to blink and they are all over the place. I  know what a hard job it can be especially when they learn to climb things.

    Thanks so much for sharing your views on Rigalo extra tall baby gate, there are times one feels the gates are not made tall enough, but I think it`s because kids are not afraid of climbing( or trying to) as they do not understand the danger.

    Now your site came up as I was looking for ways to keep stairs safe, you provided in detail info and I really felt like there was no info missing from my needs.

    Unfortunately when I click your Amazon link to check the product, most of the baby gates are not available, I don`t know if it`s because of my location or if the stairs gates to keep kids safe are not manufactured for now.

    I really appreciate your sharing, really informative and well written.


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