Best Silent Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump

Are you in a dilemma about what breast pump to buy for your newborn baby? Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump is a wearable breast pump, one of the best to consider for your breastfeeding activity. In this article, I will share all I know and learn from my search for this product.

In brief, I can describe this product this way. Imagine yourself working in the office or at home and wearing this breast pump. It is so silent, discrete, and easy to pump with it. But, if you want to learn more, please keep reading and stay with me until the end of this article.

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What Is Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump?

Elvie breast pump is electric, wearable, and revolution technology baby gear to help new mothers pump in every situation. Also, it comes in a portable, lightweight design for hands-free pumping and less preoccupation for your next fresh milk supply to your little one.

In other words, you can pump with this device in your conditions. By the way, do you have to work at the office, do your chores, cook or care for your kids, walk, or doing other outside activities, then this pump is one of the best world’s first silent wearable to consider.

As a revolution technology product, it may be a bit pricy, but you can find Elvie electric pumps both in the single or double pattern. Although you will hear longer below about the Elvie double pump, the features and product characteristics are the same as the single one.

The best advantage is that you can pump on both breasts at the same time. Anyway, if you like to test and prove the Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump, then click the button below.

Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump-Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump
Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump

Two Words About Elvie Brand

Elvie Company is a woman’s technology products-based company. The Elvie brand is an England and Wales company with Head Office in Alabama, United States.
It was founded in 2013 by Tania Bouler, Founder, and CEO in collaboration with Alexander Asseily, co-founder and Chair.

Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump-My Mum And Daughter

Both co-founders have deep knowledge of women’s health and consumer products. So, as a successful leader in various global NGOs in women’s health and issues, Tania Bouler decided to create the Elvie brand offering high-quality products to improve women’s health and lifestyle.

On the other side, Alexander Asseily has more than 20 years of experience in customer and wearable products and technology. In brief, they are a team with the only mission of improving women’s lives through the latest technology products. Every product is not perfect. But, at Elvie, every addressed customer problem means more engineers, scientists, and designers work to solve the problem and make the product better.

Does Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump Is Worthy To The Price?

I think each experience is personal. You will answer this question by yourself once you tried this product. Many mothers find the product very useful. Also, some go beyond approving why they have not bought this product before. On the other side, other breastfeeding mothers complain about leaking or poor suction after using it for a period.

Anyway, below I’m listing all the features this breast pump offers for better and easier pumping.

Wearable Breast Pump

It is a small, lightweight, and portable beast pump that makes your life easier in every aspect of the pumping process. In few words, you can lightly wear it under your standard nursing bra for a hands-free pumping experience.

Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump-My Mum And Daughter

In other terms, you don’t have to worry anymore about being tethered with tubes or slowing and sitting down in a chair while pumping. At the same time, you can do your daily activities and pump without interrupting any of them. Also, you can pump with it even in your bed during your rest time. In this case, it is better to pump not completely laying down to avoid any leaking issue.


It is one of the best features this product offers to you. As well, it made in revolution technology for less noise and a stealth mode activated.
In other words, most breastfeeding mother reviews, even those who give one star to this product, confirm that it is the best silent wearable breast pump ever. Do you have to work at the office, have an online meeting at the zoom or a conference?. It is what do need for these situations. Your little one will have fresh breast milk as you complete these engagements. Finally, I can say for this feature that it will pump your breast milk in plain silence everywhere, without having to worry about it.

Easy Usage and Responsive

It considers a hassle-free and simple product overall regarding its cleaning, assembly, and pumping. To summarise, this Elvie pump is free of any tubes, cords, or any other gadgets that take you gathered in one place during your pumping. It has five parts to clean and set up.

So, it included two hubs, four bottles from 5. oz/150ml, four breast shields (24 and 28 mm), four valves, fours spouts, four seals, four storage leads, four bra adjusters, two USB charging, two carry bag, and an instruction guide to use this device. Also, you can buy other breast pump accessories separately, including a pack of two 21mm breast shields.

Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump-My Mum And Daughter
What’s Inside Elvie Breast Pump

You may need all the breast size shields during your breastfeeding journey ad your breast size may change during this time. As well, if you don’t know how to find which breast shield is for you, you can measure the base’s width of your nipples.

To summarise, Elvie breast pumps are available for these nipples measures:

  • the 21 mm breast shield for 16 mm and 18 mm breast nipple width
  • the 24 mm breast shield for 18mm and 21 mm breast nipple width
  • the 28 mm breast shield for 21 mm and 25 mm breast nipple width
Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump-My Mum And Daughter
Product Dimensions

Also, this breast pump comes with a responsive feature for two phases of pumping. In other terms, you don’t have to worry about changing it from stimulation to the expression mode of pumping. It automatically switches from the first to the second mode. As well, the breast pump features seven intensity settings to adjust the most comfortable and what level of suction is the best for you.
Also, the pump will pause when the pomp is full of breast milk.

A Free Bluetooth APP

As I mentioned above, this product is a technology product. It connects via Bluetooth with Elvi Free App to help you to have real-time milk volume information. Also, you can track your breast pumping history with the Elvie App.

The detailed milk information will be for each of your breasts. Elvie is a Bluetooth device, which means it may emit a signal even when it does not connect to the App. Also, a Bluetooth device is 100 times less low power comparing with a mobile phone.
I want to clarify that many mothers specify that the APP sometimes didn’t work or interrupt. Also, Sometimes, the App informs for a larger quantity of the breast milk collected in the container.
The good news is that the Elvie Breast pump works with or without an APP.

Why Do You Need Elvie Pump Double Electric Breast Pump?

Do you want a comfortable pumping to supply fresh milk for your little one while doing whatever you want? Are you in a hurry and don’t have time to be in one place to pump for your newborn? Or, Do you have more than one baby to breastfeed? In all these situations and more, I think that this pump is a great helper.

Also, I want to list some helpful trade features to know about the product:

  1. First, the product mechanism (Pump Hub) comes with two years of warranty. Also, the washable components come with 90 days of product warranty, which means that you can contact customer service and have new replacement washable accessories in this period. 
  2. Second, you have many opportunities to buy this product. You can pay with any payment card, including FSA/HSA debit card.
  3. Third, the bottles are reusable and can use safely in a refrigerator or freezer. Also, they are dishwasher safe and BPA free for the safe feeding of our kids.
  4. Fourth, the battery is rechargeable for convenient pumping everywhere. So, you can charge it through a micro-USB in almost two hours.


  • Silent and helpful breast pump to pump everywhere
  • A hands-free and not to tie down breast pump to enjoy every moment of pumping
  • Access in an APP to control your breast pump on distance and to monitor and inform about pumping history and milk volume


  • It is a little bit pricy;
  • The pump may leak in case the mother leans too forward;
  • Life Battery can be better.


In conclusion of this article, I can say that every mother can say her word about baby gear at the end of the day in how she experienced it. I didn’t have the opportunity to use this Elvie pump when I breastfed my daughter. But, based on the other mothers’ testimonies, I agree that this is a revolutionary technology product.

In other words, if you want to be free and do everything you want during your day and provide in time fresh milk for your baby, then you have to consider this one. Comparing to the other electric pump, it is a little bit expensive. But, two years of warranty on the pump mechanism and 90 days of the product warranty on washable components is a guarantee for your money.

So, if you think it is the product for you, what are you waiting for anymore? Take your time and check the latest price today on Amazon.
If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share it and spread the word. I appreciate it if you stopp a little bit longer and let your comment or questions. Thank you for your time.
Stay Safe and Healthy. God bless you and your family.

Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump


Practical and Hands-Free Product To Pump Everywhere


Wearable, Small, And Lighweight


Connect To A Free Elvie APP



  • Silent -Pump in peace everywhere
  • Wearable- Nothing to tie or tardy you down
  • A Free Elvie Bluetooth Low Energy APP


  • It is expensive- Not affordable for everyone
  • The pump may leak sometimes
  • Life Battery can be better

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  1. It’s amazing how technology impacts our daily lives and lifestyles. And motherhood is no exception with the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump. What a convenience to mothers without having to disrupt their activities. The fact there are no external cups or hoses; and it’s silent gives the mother a bit more privacy. I showed this to my wife who breastfeed both our sons, and she felt the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump was home run with the bases loaded for mothers today. And I really think it’s cool, the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump was featured in London’s fashion week. This is a wonderful device and I look forward to hearing about new upgrades and improvements over the next few years.


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