How To Potty Training In 3 Days

Hello parents, are you ready to start potty training with your little one? Then, keep reading this article, where I’m sharing my experience on How To Potty Training In 3 Days.
You may rightly ask if it is possible to train a kid to go to the potty in three days? My answer is Yes. My daughter learns to go to the potty in three days, and I think that your child can go, too.

What do you need to know before starting to potty your kid?

  • First of all, you need to know that both the child and parent should be ready for this process. Potty training is a significant step in our child’s development, and we must do it when our little one is ready to do it.
  • Find the right time for you. It is better to do this training on the weekend, or during your free time (f.ex.holidays) when you have three days in a row.
  • Prepare to be patient and to dedicate your child to all time that he needs in this process. Don’t worry or disappoint with the first-day results. You need to have faith and to go through the process up to the end.
  • Both parents need to collaborate and be part of this training. If you live with grannies, ask them to be part of it, too.
  • It is better to start and do these three days of training in the home area. In this way, you will have all the necessary tools, maximal hygiene conditions, and faster results.
  • We need to explain and talk to our child that the diaper is not a good tool anymore, and from now, we will need to use underwear as mummy and day do.

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What are the necessary tools to use in this training method?

I will list below some of the most necessary tools that you need to have before starting this training with your daughter or your son.

  • Portable potty training seat. It is a helpful tool to use in our home area, in traveling, or outside it. My daughter uses the portable potty much lightly, and she feels comfortable going to the potty by herself.

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  • Potty training seat with adjustable ladder. If you prefer to use only the toilet area to train your child, then it is better to have a potty train seat with a ladder to encourage your kid to use it by himself.
  • Potty training pants. It is a good helper for bedtime.
  • Underwear. We need to purchase many pairs of underwear before starting the training. I recommend you choose the design of your favorite characters of your little one. If you have a daughter like me, you can also choose some cute designs with lace and side embroidery, like her mother use.
  • Undershirt. We need to replace our little one’s bodysuits with undershirts without snaps. In this way, our child can go to the potty and lower pants and underwear by himself.
  • Potty training watch. It is a reminder for your kid to go to the potty during the day.

Day-1, What to do and what to expect?

The first day is the most difficult in this process. The first thing to do is to say goodbye to the diaper. In this step, you have two choices. One, to continue to use the diaper for your child during the night and nap time. Second, to not use it anymore, and replace it with underwear.
I chose the second one. I think that when it is time, it is better to say goodbye forever to the diaper.

The second step during the first day is to educate our child to go to the potty everywhere he/she wants to pee or poo. To encourage this, we give our kids to drink a lot of water, juices, liquids to go to the potty often. We need to be present all the time to monitor the process. The best thing is to spend the day hours with our kids. Remind him/her to go to the potty every 20-30 minutes. The more often we do that, we educate our child on the habitude to learn to go to the potty. During the first day, I encourage you to stay at home.

Day-2, What are the steps?

On the Second Day, you will see a lot of progress with your child. It will be that your kid will inform you when he needs a potty, and we will also have accidents. If you choose to go outside, in the park, or somewhere else, then you need to take your kids’ outfits and underclothes and a portable potty will you. If accidents happen, please, don’t worry or get sad. We change our kid and explain to him to go to the potty next time.
The portable potty is a fast choice and resolves our needs when we don’t have access to a public toilet outside the home.

Day-3, How to encourage our child?

On day 3, my daughter comes to me and tells me she needs to go to the potty to poo. I was glad about the result. But how to encourage our child to be consistent in this process? We can use potty training games for that or choose to buy a new educative toy for our kid.
We need to compliment our kids for every step and good results in this process, to not shut to them if accidents happen. We need to talk and to love our kids every moment.

What about the bed and nap time? How to comport, what to expect, and what tips to follow?

I chose to continue with the potty training even during the night. First, we prepare for the consequences of the accidents. We secure our crib or bed mattress with waterproof sheets or covers. You may choose to use potty training pants for this step.

It is better to educate our kids to drink during the day and not in the evening. In this way, it will be much easier and will prevent accidents happen.

We must care that our kids go to the potty before sleep and after sleep. It is helpful to prevent accidents during nap time and sleep time.
Before starting potty training, my daughter’s diaper was full of urine in the morning. I was skeptical about this step. But talking with my sister and other mothers, I learned that it is better to train my daughter without the diaper during the night.
You can do with this step, what you think is better for you and your child. I recommend you follow your instinct. It is a personal choice.

How to comport after the three days of training?

What to expect next? After the three days of potty training, it is significant to continue as the first day. We will support our child in everything. We will continue the potty training, and for that, we ask other adults related to our child’s activities, nanny, day-cares teaches to help in the process. We need to create the right conditions for the child to go to the potty by himself. My daughter prefers most portable potty, so I let it always clean in a visible place next to her activities area, and she can go by herself anytime she wants.

Remind your child to go to the potty always before leaving your house to avoid possible accidents in your car.

My last thought

Potty training is a big step in our child’s development. Whenever you choose to start, make sure to have ready everything you need. Prepare your child for this training, talk to him and explain it day by day. Don’t start the potty training if your child is not ready. I secure that you will succeed if you do this training with heart and full-time dedicating.

What do you think about Potty Training in three days? What experience do you have with potty training with your kids? I will be glad if you share it with me. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion, leaving a comment, questions, or a sharing below. I appreciate it.
Till the next time
Stay safe

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  1. That’s a great subject! Congratulations on choosing the site name, it’s really at heart! And I’m a parent. You properly approached this part of the child’s birth and that is why you have achieved such good results in the short term. The most important thing is really for the child to be ready, and we know that by cooperating and listening, he is not resisting. I like your product choices! Keep it up, I wish you a lot of success!

  2. Great article with good info. I totally agree this is achievable in 3 days if you are consistent and your child is ready. As you said, though, you do need to be dedicated and prepared for accidents. You have also provided a good choice of products here to help the process. Keep up the great work.


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