The Best Useful Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer To Buy

Are you worry about your little one safe, germs, bacteria, and contamination around your little ones? What do you think to invest in one Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer To Use for your little one items? Hygiene and protecting our kids from bacteria and germs is one of the main arguments in our daily. As a mother, I did my searches on Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer To Buy this year. And, I like to share with you what I found is best and most rated by parents in this product category.

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Why Do We Need A Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer To Buy For Our Kids And Family Use?

Every mother wants to find the right tools and doing her best to keep her baby’s items sterilize and clean every time. Furthermore, the baby bottle is one of the most necessary baby items related to his feeding and health.

And, for that reason, we want to keep every bottle and its part in maximal hygienic terms. Moreover, there are also Baby’toys, clothes, etc., to keep the same purity in our daily use. For that, we must make the right purchase and investment to choose UV sterilizers for both baby items and kitchen wares.

So, in this pandemic time and days, a UV sterilizer at home is one of the best friends and helper to be safe and clean from germs and bacteria every day. In other terms, if we have a UV sterilizer at home, we don’t have to worry about how to sanitize our kid’s items.

We can easily sterilize our baby products and most usable personal items, like masks, keys, phones, tablets, glasses, etc., by using one of the best brands in the market nowadays.

To summarise, with a UV Light Sanitizer we can have a list of benefits, such are:

  • Sanitize at a high sterilize level, killing 99% of germs and bacteria
  • Save Our Time. We can sanitize our items without drying them before or after the sanitizing process;
  • Sanitize without using chemicals;
  • Easy To use and clean;
  • Save power, as a UV sanitizer works with UV bulbs that have lower consumption of energy.

What UV sterilizers can we find in the market?

There are a lot of designs and patterns of UV sterilizers that we can use for our baby products, but the most useful are:

  • UV sterilizer and dryer Box
  • UV sterilizer Bag
  • UV Portable Sterilizer Box

What Is The Best Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer To Buy?

As I always highlights, the best UV Baby bottle sterilizer is the one that meets your criteria.
I’m listing below what to keep in mind before choosing and buying the best UV sterilizer for our baby bottles.

  • The UV light wavelength to be higher than 250nm.
  • The UV lights to be a high-quality brand like Philips or Led ones.
  • The UV sterilizer to be fast
  • To be a safe product to use
  • To be a third party laboratory tested
  • To be a multifunctional device
  • To offer a long term storage function
  • To have a warranty
  • to have high-quality filters
  • To be FDA approved or/and ETL certified

I can go on with many other criteria to list, but for more about these ten best UV Baby Bottle Sterilisers, I invite you to keep reading and learn more about each of them and for UV sterilizers in general.

ImageProduct Descriptions Buy
The Babyfeel UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer for Babies & The Whole FamilyThe Babyfeel UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer for Babies & The Whole FamilyCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer ToEvlas-UV-Light-SanitizerEvla’s UV Light SanitizerCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Light 3 in 1 Sterilizer, Dryer & Storage Box, WhiteTommee Tippee Ultra UV Light SterilizerCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To-VCUTECH Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer and DryerVCUTECH Baby Bottle Sterilizer and DryerCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To-Home-Sanitizers-TodayUV Sanitizer Box and Dryer Device for Disinfection from Home Sanitizers TodayCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-Wabi-UV-C-Sterilizer-and-Dryer-for-Baby-BottlesWabi UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby BottlesCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-Munchkin-Portable-UV-Sterilizer-and-Sanitizer-BoxMunchkin Portable UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer BoxCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-Portable-Wireless-Rechargeable-UV-Sanitizer-Bag-by-LETORSPortable Wireless/Rechargeable UV Sanitizer Bag by The LETORS companyCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-Coospider Store UV-C Light UV Cleaner Bag Portable Coospider Store UV-C Light UV Cleaner Bag Portable Check Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-3 in 1 UVC Sterilizer and Dryer by Coral UVCoral UV-3 in 1 UVC Sterilizer and DryerCheck Current Price
Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-VANELC-Portable-UV-Sterilizer-and-Sanitizer-BoxVANELC Portable UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer BoxCheck Current Price

Best Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy

#1.The Babyfeel UV Sterilizer

The Babyfeel UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer for Babies & The Whole Family

This design from Babyfeel is one of the latest patterns and products in UV sterilizers for the whole family. So, It is a UV sterilizer box in a large capacity to sterilize a lot of items in 11 minutes.

Furthermore, we can use it to sanitize and dry for a total of 51 minutes. As well, we can choose to use these two processes separately. What I like most is that it offers 72 hours of storage to keep our items sterilized.

For that, first, we wash the baby or our personal items. We shake them from excess water, put them in the sterilizer, and choose the function to use.

In addition, the Babyfeel company is a USA one with the only mission to improve our lifestyles using their products. In few words, cleaner home safe we’ll be everyone. They offer a 2-year warranty, and our purchase included complimentary UV bulb replacement and a total of 6 filters. (1 installed, 3 in the package, and two upon warranty activation).

Also, we can sterilize in this device everything, baby items, toys, bottles, pacifiers, keys, phones, tablets, wallets, cards, beauty stuff, etc. It is one of the best to dry baby bottles, and we don’t need to clean this device after use.

As well, It is light, and we can plug it on the wall. The UV bulbs have a lifespan of 6 thousand hours, and they can replace, too.

The device sterilizes in high quality, killing 99.9% of the germs and bacteria, with a reflectivity of 360 grade of coverage. It designs in safe terms of use, and it is BPA, Phthalate, Lead-Free, and FCC and ETL approved it.

What I like Most

  • Large capacity inside of it
  • It is suitable for most baby bottles to fit in it
  • Sterilize everything in minutes
  • Two years warranty
  • Replacement UV-C lights
  • 72 hours storage

What needs to improve

  • The machine to sterilize and dry longer in one step, especially for cloth maks.

#2.Evla’s UV Light Sanitizer

Evla’s Store, one of the brands most liked by the parents for baby feeding products, offers us a high-quality sanitizer box. I guess you know Evla by the Baby food maker, one of the best baby food makers in the market. 

This UV sanitizer is a new product in this category. Furthermore, it comes with many features for an easy sanitize process for all family use. 

So, It works with a UV Light wavelength of 254 nm to sanitize in only 11 minutes your baby items or your personal daily use items. 

In addition, it comes in a spacious capacity to sanitize and dry your baby bottles and your masks, keys, wallets, phone, etc.

What I like else is the digital touch screen for easy use. 

Also, it is much easy to clean, and, with it, you will not have any rust problems. So, you only pass a fast dry cloth to wipe down your sanitizer box, and you can use it again. The sanitize works at 8W and drying at 75W. 

Moreover, the sanitizer no needs any water or chemicals to sanitize, and it is low power consumption, saving you money and time every day. 

The inside dimensions are: 

  • Inside High 11,04 inches, wide 8.46 inches, and deep 5.9 inches.

What I like Most

  • A large capacity for all family use
  • Sanitize in only 11 minutes
  • A family brand we can trust
  • Easy to use and clean

What needs to improve

  • It will be better to have more ways than texting by phone to register for the product warranty.

#3.Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Light Sterilizer

Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Light 3 in 1 Sterilizer, Dryer & Storage Box, White

Tomme Tippee designs and presents this product after a lot of experience with the steam sterilizer. It is a high-quality UV sterilizer to use in our home for our clean and safe. So, we can use it to sterilize and dry our daily use items in 60 minutes in total.

Also, we can choose to use dry or sanitize only functions and store them and keep them sanitized for 24 hours with the door closed. In addition, the results are pretty good, killing 99.9% of bacteria, and except to use in our homes, it also uses to sterilize the surgery equipment in hospitals and dentist’s cliniques.

Furthermore, it is a sanitizer box with a door that opens in the front, and it is safe to use with an automatic shut-off mode to turn off the lights when the door opens.

As well, the UV-C bulbs are Philips with a lasting of 6000 hours and efficiency used to save the energy.

Moreover, the storage option for 24 hours permits us to sanitize our baby feeding items, bootles, and pacifiers in advance and to use them when we need them.

Also, It included two replacement filters against dust and pollen. They are washable to keep the air to dry the baby items safe from dust. As well, the device is quiet, quick, simple to sanitize our baby items. Have a look and check by yourself.

What I Like Most

  • Energy Efficient UV-C Bulbs
  • 30 minutes Faster drying function
  • It is suitable for most of the baby bottles and feeding items.
  • It features washable and replacement filters to prevent dust
  • It is a safe device with auto shut-off mode.

What it needs to improve

  • The price is a little bit higher than the other brands

#4.VCUTECH Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

This Baby Bottle Sterilizer from VCUTECH is one of the best UV sterilizers in the market presented in 2021. So, since it is a new pattern for 2021, it features some good quality to choose for our baby bottles and not only.
First, it is a 2 in 1 design, offering high-quality sterilization and a dryer function for both baby items and our things. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry about chemicals cause it is a laboratory-tested product. In few words, we can use this design to sterilize up to six baby bottles or combine them with pacifiers, baby toys, phones, keys, etc.
How to use this sterilizer? First, it offers four modes of using sterilizer and drier separately or both.
The first mode is the Auto one for using sterilizer and drier in one program. It is the longest one with 51-61 minutes.
The second mode can sterilize your baby items and kill bacteria up to 99.99% in three various times 15, 16, and 21 minutes.
The third mode offers an efficacity drier for your washed baby items. So, for 51 -51 minutes, you can dry your baby items.
And, the fourth mode offers a safe way to store your sterilized item for 72 hours.
The capacity of this sterilizer and drier is 7 liter, the sterilizer power works at 7W, and the dry at 75W.
Another feature to highlight is the replaceable and reliable UVC bulbs. The replacement is free, and the lifespan of the bulbs is more than 6000 hours.

VCUTECH brand makes a large capacity sanitizer box, faster and uniform sterilizing and drying at 360 °.

And, the 12 monthly guarantee makes your money investment safe. >Read More

What I like most

  • High Quality, lab-tested, and chemical-free
  • Faster UV sterilizer and drier
  • Four modes for an efficacy usage in sterilizing and drying our bay items
  • Easy to use with large capacity
  • one year of guarantee

What needs to improve

  • Sometimes can be a stale plastic odor at first use

#5.UV Sanitizer Box and Dryer Device for Disinfection from Home Sanitizers Today

It is another helpful device to sterilize our daily use items. Furthermore, It is e new design for 2021 with good feedback from the customers.

First, It is a modern design with an extra-large capacity. So, It offers a 1.8-gallon volume, and we can sterilize and dry on it up to six baby bottles inside of it. As well, we can use it for baby products and many personal items, like keys, phones, toothbrushes, etc.

The device is simple to use with a touch button and digital display.

Also, It made with efficient energy in mind, saving us money. It works with low energy consumption, offers to sterilize and drying two in one processes for a faster time.

Using this device, we can sterilize in 11 minutes. Moreover, the storage function is our friend in helping to store longer up to 72 hours.

In addition, we can choose to use it in one of the four UV functions: sterilize, dry, auto (sterilize +dry), and store.
It works with two extra filters and one UV light for better sterilization results and killing 99.9% of bacteria. The lifespan of bulbs is 6000 hours.
As the same as the above designs, it is a non-obstructive stainless steel cover. And, the sterilizer is safe friendly for our kids.

So, It turn-off automatically if the lid opens, being so no harmful for us and young babies.

What I like Most

  • Powerful four functions to sterilize and dry
  • Fast sterilize
  • Kill 99% of bacteria and germs
  • Modern and smart device
  • Extra-Large capacity with a compact size
  • Efficient technology to save time and money
  • Safe machine for the baby
  • No cleaning required
  • The bulbs are replaceable.

What needs to improve

  • There is no way to verify that the device works after pressing the button.
  • It will be better than the lid to have a latch.
  • It has only one UV light.

#6.Wabi UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby Bottles

It is an Amazon choice UV sterilizer, helping parents from a cup of years to sterilize and keep clean baby items every day. Furthermore, it is a multiusage device for daily use items, baby products, kitchen wares, and beauty gadgets.

Also, It is simple to use with a touchscreen to choose the function to use by touch. It can display time and temperature, doing things easier for us, and it can be in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees with unit interchange.

As well, It is a larger capacity, 17 inches in high, with a front door open and two removable shelves inside, the top one and the bottom one. So, we can sanitize our baby bottle in 30 minutes to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and other harmful bacteria to keep our home clean.

Moreover, It can use to sterilize, dry, or store. It features a PTC low heat drying function to sterilize and dry our baby items without damaging them.

In addition, the device produces in Korea and features certificates to ensure the maximal result and safe device for us. Also, Fda approved it for inside and outside parts.

Also, It features strong dual lights and a duality ventilation system for faster and better dry and cleaner air. And, the filter is washable in running water and does not need replacement. It registers for medical use in the USA, and ETL certificated it as a safe product.

What I like most

  • A simple device with touch control
  • A multiuse machine with a large capacity
  • Dual Lights and ventilation system
  • Gentle PTC low heat drying
  • FDA approved
  • ETL certified for the USA and Canada
  • Two years warranty

What needs to improve

  • The price is a little bit high

#7.Munchkin Portable UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer Box

In this collage of the best UV sterilizers, this one is the most useful to sterilize our small baby items when we are outside the house or need to travel. And, this mini Muchkin device helps parents keep clean baby pacifiers, bottle nipples, baby teethers, etc., outside the home.

Furthermore, the interior measures are 2.5x 2.5×1.5 inches. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, and various independent laboratories test it for efficacy. Also, It can sanitize in 59 sec, and we can use the items directly after it, without needed to cool them.
Moreover, the device can shut off automatically when the lid opens to protect our kids from UV light. In addition, It sterilizes with four long-lasting Gold Led beans for a clean result, and we can smell clean after the sanitize function cause it removes and neutralizes odors.

As well, the light has a lifespan of 3000 hours to use. It features a solid red light to show us when the sanitize function begins and the blinking red light when it is in process. It works with 3AA not-rechargeable batteries or with a USB cable to power it on our car or laptop.

What I like most

  • Fast sterilization in only 59 sec
  • It is small and easy to carry on
  • a great choice to sterilize small items
  • Two ways to power it
  • Safe to use
  • An economic price

What needs to improve

  • It will be great to have the chargeable option or to use rechargeable batteries.

#8.Portable Wireless/Rechargeable UV Sanitizer Bag by The LETORS company

The LETORS brand launched this UV sterilizer bag in the last months of 2020, and it can consider one of the best new designs for this start year of 2021. Also, it is convenient and helpful to sterilize our baby items and various personals at home or in traveling.

Furthermore, It works with UV lights, and the material inside the bag reflects like a mirror for a deep and 360 degrees sanitizer in every corner inside it.

And, the UV-C lights are 260nm UVC and 12 UV bulbs. They kill 99.8% of germs and bacteria for everything, including CPAP machines.

Also, It features a large capacity and is light, foldable, and easy to carry and take with us everywhere. This machine is a high-quality choice for traveling, too. It is a safe device. As well, It can turn off automatically and preventing the risk of burning when the lid opens at 45 degrees.

Moreover, you can get return it if you are not satisfied, and the seller will refund your money in 30 days from your purchase. Also, most customers like and recommend it as a high-quality sterilizer for small items, easy to use everywhere.

And, it powers by a lithium battery included in the package, and it also features a USB cable to charge it in the car or from our laptop. It starts function or closes with just one touch.

What I like Most

  • High-quality product
  • Best in traveling
  • 260nm lights
  • Fast sterilizer
  • Safe product
  • Customer protection
  • an affordable price

What needs to improve

  • It will be better to have a dryer function, too.

#9.Coospider Store UV-C Light UV Cleaner Bag Portable

Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy in 2021-Coospider Store UV-C Light UV Cleaner Bag Portable

It is a beautiful portable bag to sterile our items, and at the same time, an convenient solution with an affordable price for all of us. Also, It is a 2020 design for a fast and quick product in the sanitization of our items.

Furthermore, it designs in large sizes to sanitize everything, from clothes, baby items, electronic devices, phones, etc.

As well, It features a strong UV-C lighter with high transparent quartz light up to seven inches and a wavelength of 253.7nm. Moreover, It features an observation window, and after turning it on, we can smell the quarts, which means that the light is working.

It comes in three modes of sanitizing, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes. So, we can switch each of them turning on/off by changing the color indicator. In other terms, If you need a fast and easy sanitizer without the dryer function, it is a great solution to consider.

Furthermore, the bag is foldable, easy to carry everywhere, and it can work with a power bank, wall charger, or computer through the USB 5v DC input.

In addition, It is safe to use, and it comes for us with two years of warranty, three months of free return from the purchase day, and a dedicated 24 hours customer service to give every answer you want. It is a third-party lab tested for safe use.

What I like Most

  • Large capacity
  • Fordable and easy ta carry
  • A strong UV-C Light
  • A fast and quick sanitizer
  • two years of warranty
  • FDA and EPA registered

What needs to improve

  • It doesn’t have a dryer function.

#10.Coral UV 3 in 1 Sterilizer And Dryer

Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy-3 in 1 UVC Sterilizer and Dryer by Coral UV

The Coral UV is a product of a working team from Huston and Toronto.
It is a new model of 2020, and it is one of the best devices in baby sterilization items.

As well, It comes with double UV-C lights for strong and faster sterilization of our little one items.

Furthermore, the lights are TUV 4W Philips, and the wavelength is 253.7 nm. It designs and fits up to six baby bottles for quick disinfection in only ten minutes.

This device is a high-quality product to kill and eliminate up to 99.9% of the bacteria. The lab testing confirms that it can kill E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, etc.
It is a 3 in 1 design, and we can choose to use it as a sterilizer and dryer, sterilizer only, or as a dryer. And, the sterilization only takes 10 minutes.

Moreover, the drying process makes for 40-70 minutes for a maximal dry. The device offers 24 hours storage for the sterilization items to keep them clean and sterilize till the next day. We can use it in three steps.

First, we wash our items and remove the excess water from them. We put them in the sterilizer and press the function button. It is simple to use.
And, it designs for safe use in the family, the lights shut off automatically when the lid opens, and the filter designs to not open by a child. It is safe for the material of our baby items, like plastic, glass, or silicone.

In addition, It comes in large capacity, and we can sterilize all our baby’s daily use like bottles, pacifiers, breast pump parts, plastic, plush, and electronic toys. It fits most of our personal use items, like cell phones, small tablets, eyeglasses, keys, etc.

What I like most

  • Double UV-C lights
  • Hepa Filter
  • Large capacity
  • Child safe switch
  • Tested by the third-party lab
  • High-quality result in every corner and inside body of the product

What it needs to improve

  • The storage time can be longer than 24 hours

#11.VANELC Portable UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer Box

It is a portable UV sterilizer for high-quality results in small baby items. It features UV-C lights with a wavelength of 260-280nm to kill bacteria and destroy ADN of harmful substances. And, It is a fast sterilizer, helping us to sterilize in three minutes, saving time and money.

So, we can use it for various small things, not only pacifiers, bottle nipples but also phones, masks, keys, glasses, etc. Also, being a portable design makes it helpful in traveling and everywhere inside and outside the house.

Furthermore, the light has a lifespan of up to 10 thousand hours, and it is eco-friendly, too. As well, It is a safe product with a switch magnetic cover, with a shutting-off automatically when we open it, to prevent burning from UV light exposure.

Moreover, It is a helpful machine and a beautiful gift for new parents. We can sanitize everything in minutes and use them immediately without worrying and letting them cool.

Also, it charges by WiFi by putting your phone on top of it. It is with the iPhone 8 or higher model and Samsung Galaxy S7 or higher model.

What I like most

  • FCC/EPA certification
  • Fast sterilization
  • portable and easy to use
  • Safe product with magnetic stitch cover
  • 360 degrees sterilization
  • WiFi charging

What needs to improve

  • Not suitable for large size baby bottle
  • Not dry function

My Last Thought On Baby Bottle Uv Sterilizer To Buy This Year

In this article, I try to give you a list of the best UV sterilizer presented recently in the market. The last pandemic year made it necessary to design and produce high-quality UV sterilizers for the customers.

Furthermore, these designs above are great choices to sterilize our daily use items for the baby and us. They also are helpful and beautiful gifts for everyone.
What do you think about UV sterilizers? What experience do you have with them?
You are welcome to share with me your experiences with baby product sterilizations. If you find this article helpful, please leave a comment, question, or share it with your friends. I appreciate your opinion and sharing.
Till next time
Stay Safe

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  1. Hi there, This is a great article to help new moms out. As a new parent, there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration. And sterilization is a main area of concern. These products are great so new moms can set it and forget it. This will allow mom to concentrate on the other 500 things she needs to do for her baby.  

    • Hi Chuck, thank you for sharing it with me. It is true, hygiene and protects our little ones from bacteria is a priority for their health and these machines are our friends.



  2. I have had no experience with a UV sterilisers. I was comfortable with the basic steriliser arrangements to use on baby number 1. Now that baby number 2 is one the way, it might be a good move to invest in one of these that you have reviewed. I say ‘invest’ because I don’t expect to be sterilising baby things for a long time, and being able to use it for other items would be good. I like a multifunctional, long term, approved and certified appliance to do the work. In checking through the links I would go for the Tommee Tippee which I find affordable. Thank you for this information.

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  5. In my book, UV light devices are worth purchasing because they are known to be effective.

    I have even been considering having one for my own sanitation purposes. he says. We could use these UV sanitizers to disinfect other items besides baby bottles, such as face masks, retainers, glasses, etc. I would suggest a separate UV light device to keep your baby and your things apart.

  6. I have had to throw out so baby weirdly shapped baby bottles because it was such a pain to clean them. I couldn’t reach corners and spots with any scrub brush, even the long skinny ones and those bottles were ruined. I’m glad they’ve finally come out with something that actually works. This is going to be so helpful.

  7. This blog came at the right time; my second grandson is due to come into this world next month.  One of these would be great.  I did not realize you could use baby sterilizers for other items too.  I will send the link to my daughter to see which ones she likes, although I think she prefers microwave sterilizers, she believes they are quicker. 

  8. These look like great products. Especially since they can serve a multi-purpose function even when not used for caretaking for an infant. The avoidance of harsh chemicals is a big draw for me (particularly when it will be used very regularly). On top of that, many of these models are overall low-maintenance  – another plus!

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