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As you know now, this site is about baby and toddler products, tips, and guides on how to raise our little ones healthy and safe. Today, I want to share some of the best Stokke Sleepi Crib Sheets that you can find in the market our days.

Stokke Sleepi is one of the best brands in the market regarding baby nursery products, which offers some of the best cribs and mini cribs you will like to choose for your baby. You can read my Stokke Sleppi Mini Crib review to learn more about that. Once we purchase a Stokke Sleppi crib, we also want to buy the mattress, sheets, and other related items for a comfortable sleep for our little one. There are various brands and companies which offer Crib Sheets suitable to Stokke Sleppi. I pick up some of the best for you in this article, so if you have or want to buy e Stokke Sleepi Mini crib, then keep reading and find out all these beautiful baby crib sheets.

The Best Stokke Sleepi Crib Sheets

Stokke Sleppi By Pehr

The first one to choose and buy for our baby nursery is Stokke Sleepi Sheet under the same brand name but designed and produced by Pehr. It is a USA company, which offers various baby and toddler nursery products. Stokke Sleppi chose Pehr company to design most of Stokke Sleepi Crib sheets and bedding. I’m giving you an overview of these crib sheets below. Please, keep reading to learn more about it.

#1.Stokke Sleepi Junior Fitted Sheet, Rainbow Alphabet.

Stokke Sleepi Crib Sheets-Stokke Sleepi Junior Fitted Sheet, Rainbow Alphabet

Stokke Sleepi Junior Fitted Sheet, Rainbow Alphabet

The rainbow alphabet is a soft design that can use for both a baby boy or girl, and it is suitable and fit for the Stokke Junior crib mattress. It comes with elastic all way around the mattress. Like most of the Pehr, it is an organic cotton fabric for comfort and elegant use. It easily matches with other items of the Stokke collection. The same features offer the Grey Dotty design.

All the crib sheets are 100% organic cotton, and they fit the oval-unique shape of Stokke Sleepi mattresses. The collection is beautiful and super-soft for your baby’s sleep, and you can choose the playful alphabet, rainbow pencil dots, or Dotty design. It is a nice variety collection with a unique, colorful pattern, and you can also combine it with other items from your baby nursery. You will find the perfect style and design which fits with your little one’s room decor. The sheets are comfortable and gentle to your child’s skin.

#2.Junior Fitted Sheet, White

Stokke Sleepi Crib Sheets-Stokke Sleepi Junior Fitted Sheet, White

Stokke Sleepi Junior Fitted Sheet, White

It is another choice to do for your Stokke Sleppi Junior crib. It is 100% Egyptian cotton, in high-quality, and it fits OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class 1. This standard confirms that the product is safe to use from harmful substances, offering the necessary comfort for healthy and safe sleep for the little one. It designs particularly for Stokke Sleepi, and it encloses the oval shape for the Stokke junior mattress.

#3.Stokke Sleepi Protection Sheet, White

Stokke Sleepi Protection Sheet, White

The protect sheet is a necessary item in our baby bedding. This Stokke protected sheet is a high-quality product to protect the crib mattress from various spills and accidents during our baby’s sleep. The outer surface is soft cotton for a cozy and peaceful sleep. We can easily clean it because it is machine washable, and it is a safe item that fits Oeko Tex standard for security and health. We keep our baby mattress clean and use longer using it. It is suitable for Stokke Sleepi Crib/Bed. If you are looking for a Stokke Mini Protection Sheet Oval size, have a stop here to learn more.

#4.Stokke Sleepi Mini Fitted Sheet, White

Stokke Sleepi Mini Fitted Sheet, White

It is a 100% cotton percale Stokke mini sheet that you can find in white and blue sea patterns. Percale confirms that the fabric is a high-quality material for a baby sheet with 200 or higher thread counts. The sheet fits with Stokke oval mini crib, and the elastic side doesn’t permit the sheet to slip from the mattress and keep it firm. It is another item of the Stokke bedding collection for a soft, cozy, and safe sleep. It is also certified by Oeko-Tex standard.

#5.Stokke Sleepi Fitted Sheet

Stokke Sleepi Fitted Sheet

It is the version junior of the mini fitted sheet. It is 100% soft cotton percale for a cozy, safe, and healthy sleep in your junior stokke crib. It is suitable for a mattress with dimension 45.7X25.2 inches, and it features an elastic way all around mattress to keep it firm on the mattress. It is part of Stokke collection and it features Oeko-Tex standard.

Stokke Sleepi Sheets from SheetWorld company

the mini crib 29×23 inches, and the second one for the crib 47×26 inches in mattress and sheet dimensions. You will find more than 200 patterns for each of the dimensions, and you can buy your favorite crib sheets in 100% cotton jersey knit, flannel, cotton woven, or cotton.

All crib sheets from Sheet World are in deep pockets design and feature elasticize around the entire edge for preventing it from slipping off the mattress and keeping your baby safe. These baby or toddler sheets are so durable that they will last all through your little one’s growing years. Let’s have a look at every one material group of the baby cribs from this company.

#1.Stokke Cotton Jersey Knit from SheetWorld

Stokke Sleepi Crib Sheets-Butterfly Jersey Knit

100% Cotton Jersey Knit crib sheets

The Jersey Knit material used for the baby crib sheets is high-quality, and sheets are soft as the flannel material. The fabric is light, measuring 165 grams per square meter for comfort use for our baby’s sleep. The sheets are 96% cotton and 4% spandex.
You have so many choices to buy and combine with your little one nursery at Sheet World. You will find 26 different colors in the solids section for jersey knit and various sheet designs in fun prints, character, and soft prints. The fun prints are in butterflies and tie-dye prints. The character print is a beautiful design in princess print, and soft print sheets are eight designs from pink, blue, yellow, grey, white, and sage combination.

#2.Cotton Flannel Stoke Sheet

100% Cotton Flannel

The 100% cotton flannel used in the baby cribs is in high-quality double-napped fabric. They are at the same time the softened and most durable sheets you can buy. You will find crib sheets in this fabric in many designs, such as animal prints, sports prints, baby transport, and solids flannel. The baby animal prints come for you in 12 beautiful designs in different animals like owl, jungle, doggy, sloth, sleepy bear, etc. The sports print are three designs in a pretty football and soccer balls combination. The transport prints are five designs from vehicle to construction zone. The flannel and solid flannel prints crib sheets are 20 designs in various colors, rainbows, space, and stars.

#3.Cotton Woven Stokke Sheet

100% Cotton Woven

The 100% cotton woven crib sheets are in high-quality fabric, and it measures a 280 thread count. It means that for each square of this fabric, there is 280 thread woven. It is the optimal quality for a kid’s room sheets. The designs that you will find in cotton woven are many and beautiful for both a baby boy or girl. You will find here from animal prints, floral, damask, chevron, etc. I’m sure that you will find what you are looking for regarding your baby bedding and sheets in this company. You can verify by yourself all my words.

#4.White Quilted

White Quilted

The Sheet World designs a new pattern in Stokke Sleepi sheets. It is a quilted fitted sheet made of cotton, and it comes with a stitched through and through design. It fills with a polyfill of 8 1/2 oz. The quilted sheet is from a cotton sheeting fabric. It features an elastic around the entire edge of the sheet that will hug your baby’s mattress and help to avoid it from slipping off. It is comfortable, light, and warm to keep the baby cozy on these quilted sheets that they’ll be begging for a nap. The color is a solid white. This design is both in mini size and youth bed patterns.

Other Brands on Stokke Crib Sheets

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Stokke Fitted Crib Sheet

It is a USA product in 100% organic cotton. It is a soft sateen for a cozy and healthy sleep. It features an elastic way in all perimeter to fit very well with the crib mattress. It is suitable for the Standard Stokke crib with dimensions of 52x28x6 inches. It is a high-quality product like all Naturopedic products, and it is GOTS certified and meets Greendguard standards for safe use. It features 300 thread counts for a luxury sateen. It is machine washable and dry safe. The product comes with one year of guarantee.


In this article, you get information about some of the most beautiful and high-quality products regarding Stokke Sleepi crib sheets for your baby or toddler. I hope that all this information was helpful to you. You are welcome to share your opinion or experiences about Stokke Sleepi and these beautiful crib sheets. Feel free and leave a comment, question, or share it with your friends. I appreciate your support.
I wish all the best to your and your family.

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  1. Excellent article, I really loved reading it!

    My sister just gave birth a few months ago, she has a cute little boy, and I wanted to give her a present, but I didn’t know what. So I did a little research on the net, and I found your website, which gave me an excellent idea. 

    I am going to buy her some baby crib sheets. I really like the first one because it’s organic and doesn’t harm the skin. Babies’ skin is sensitive, so organic will be a great choice.  The last one on the list is also organic, but I don’t see the difference between them. Can you tell me what differentiates them, please?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post.

    • Hello Daniella, Thank you for sharing with me your opinion.
      In answer to your questions, The first design is under the Stokke name, made by Pehr for Stokke. Pehr design the sheets in Canada and manufactures them in India, using natural materials and artisan craftsmanship. Newton baby also uses organic material for his sheets, and this pattern is a luxury one with a 300 thread count. The price between them varies by five bucks, so I think the choice is up to you and it is individual because they are both high-quality products and brands.



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