15 Best Baby Food Makers 2020

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If you are looking recently for a food maker for your infant or toddler, then you are at the right place. I want to share with you today a detailed review of 15 Best Baby Food Makers 2020.

Nutrition is essential for the baby, and preparing the healthiest food for our little ones sometimes may consider a challenge for the new parents. Having the right tools for food preparation is the same as finding the healthy ingredients. When you have a high-quality baby food maker, it not only makes all the baby food preparation simple, but you have a great tool to prepare healthy meals for your baby through the high technology and features that your baby food maker must-have. Like Baby Bottles, Baby Warmers, and Sterilizer, even the baby Food Makers are our friends in preparing healthy and safe meals for our little ones. 

Baby Food Makers are all in one processor that offers you great features, like steaming, blending, warming, defrosting, chopping, etc. to make all the cooking process lovely, saving time and helping you to be more efficient. 

Of course, that you may prefer to use just a simple food processor or blender, but in this case, you need to do a little bit of a job by yourself, such as steam or boil the food, before blending it. 

The technology used in baby food maker makes all the cooking process safe and guarantees healthy meals, keeping all the nutrition and vitamins, at the right temperature of cooking.

What are the Best Baby Food Makers that we can find in the market?

#1.EVLA’S Baby Food Maker

#2.Babymoov Duo Meal Station Food Maker

#3.BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender, 4.5 cups

#4.Dansa Baby Food Maker – Mills and Steamer 8 in 1 Processor for Toddlers

#5.Elechomes Baby Food Maker, 8 in 1 Baby Food Processor. 

#6.QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker.

#7.Infanso Baby Food Maker 

#8.Eccomum Baby Food Maker

#9.Papablic All-in-1 Baby Food Maker 

#10.QOOC 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Pro

#11.Bubos 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Maker 

#12. Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker

#13.Nuby Garden 22 Piece Baby Food Maker Set

#14. Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker, White

#15.BEABA Babycook Neo

Let’s start to see in detail any of these 15 Baby Food Makers.

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#1. EVLA’S Baby Food Maker

Amazon Customers Rate

(586 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020- EVLA'S Baby Food Maker        

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This Baby Food Maker is not only one of the preferred baby products for me, but many other parents have chosen Evla’s as the number one on their list. For this, it is one of the Bestsellers products on Amazon and with a high rate of many customer reviews. With it, you not only can steam, blend, reheat, and defrost, but also you can use it for sterilize. Any function is simple to operate with a one-touch button. You can choose the meal consistency from puree to solid food, cooking all target groups of ingredients, from meat, chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables. 

One helpful feature is the self-cleaning feature that does all the job by itself, and the water tank is large enough to clean so the mold will stay away from your machine. The technology used keeps all the nutritional value, securing healthy nutrition for your little one. I like that this product is FDA approved, which makes it safe to use.

What else about Evla’s?

Evla’s baby food maker has a modern design that can fit in any kitchen. It is also a perfect gift for any new parent. Create by parents for parents, this machine is a family brand that you can trust, and in any case, you can have 100% money back. You can read more about it here. You can find it on Amazon at a price of about $120.


  • Simply and easy to use 
  • It comes with six reusable food pouches for storage.
  • It is a great tool to cook for any stage.
  • FDA approved and BPA free product.
  • You can make a perfect gift with it.
  • It awards Product of the Year 2019 and won many other awards.


  • I prefer that the capacity of blending be higher for preparing more meals at once.

#2.Babymoov Duo Meal Station Food Maker 

Amazon Customers Rate(265 reviews)

Best Baby Food Makers 2020- Duo Meal Station Food Maker

Nutribaby 6 in 1 Food Maker is a product created by Babymoov, who offers more than 20 years of various products for the baby and parenting. This Nutribaby is an upgraded design of 2020, improved in performance, technology, capacity, and speed, offering brilliant features, being useful not only for the baby but for all the family.

Many parents choose this device for preparing their baby’s meals and not only. I’m going to explain its features and benefits in detail from buying this device.

The first thing that I like is that this is a long-lasting investment in our families, because, with only one product, I can warm (reheat and defrost the food), steam, blend, and sterilize. It is perfect to use for healthy receipts from the early pregnancy, baby in bottle feeding, or weaning stage, and for any parent or other family members. The large capacity is another beneficial feature that I want to highlight. You can cook up to 11 cups of food at once, compared with the traditional food maker that cooks 4.5 cups at once. That means cooking a meal for all the family or preparing one week of baby meals. Each basket has a capacity of 750 ml, and the blending cup is 700 ml. Having two steaming baskets and three bending speed make our cook meals faster and easier. I can separate the veggies, meat, or fish and at the same time to cook my favorite meals and receipts with it, saving all the nutritional value. A central control panel is a great tool, too.

What Else I like about it?

You can activate any functionality with it, simple to use, each function has a separate button, and it will inform you, by an alarm when the food is ready, or by LCD light-up when you need to add more water to the base.

I like that this has a cooking juice connector at the bottom of the steamer, collecting the excess liquid, which can add again to the puree or soup, saving all the nutritional value and vitamins from our food. Dishwasher friendly, it is easy to clean, cups and blender blade is removable. But there is an issue about cleaning, that the water tank is a little bit bothering to clean, you need to empty the water after each usage and wipe the device. The parents also complained about the blender function, describing it as weak in blending (400W), and it doesn’t work well as expected sometimes. Despite this, I recommend this product, considering that you have a lifetime warranty for it. You can find it from $74 in the open box up to $155 for a new one. 


  • A great tool to warm the food or the water for preparing your baby’s food. 
  • The steam works very well, and you can steam different ingredients at the same time. 
  • It catches broth so you can use it when blending it.
  • All the basket and blade part is easy to clean in a dishwasher. 
  • You can separate the blender from the steamer, and store it away.
  • It is helpful to cook anything for your baby, meat, fish, veggies, fruit, and even pasta, and rice.  
  • It won six awards.
  • All the cooking baskets, mixing bowl, lead and trays are BPA free.


  • The blender is a weak power, and sometimes parents complain about the button that doesn’t work well.
  • There are not appliance parts if any of them get broken.
  • The containers need to buy separately.
  • The maximum time to cook is 30 minutes, and if you want to cook any ingredients longer, you need to go back and add the additional time later. 

#3.BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender, 4.5 cups.

Amazon Customers Rate (862 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020-BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender, 4.5 cups, Dishwasher Safe, Latte Mint


BEABA Babycook is another well-done product that you may consider before making your choice for your baby food maker. It is all in one device, and you can use it not only for steaming and blending but also for heating and defrost precooking food, preparing receipts for all the family. One thing that this device doesn’t have is that you can not use it as a warmer for your baby’s food or water for preparing your baby formula milk. 

BEABA brand designed in France the first baby food maker on the market, offering 25 years of helpful product to the parents. It can steam so fast, cooking your baby meal in 15 minutes, is one of the fast-food makers in the market. You can cook any ingredient in it, from fruit and vegetables to meat and fish for any baby’s age. The blender capacity of 4.7 cups permits to cook up to 18 servings of baby food at a time.

What Else?

It features a potent steamer function, keeping all the nutrition and vitamins in your baby’s food, and the separate basket can collect the food liquid for adding to the veggies puree. Some parents don’t find in the same power the blending function, but despite this, it blends better than the Breza food maker. It’s easy to use and operate with one button notify at the end of the cooking by a sound. One lovely detail that you must know is that you can get the recipe booklet to prepare your first meal for your little one. Other accessories included are the Mixing lid, Spatula, and Steam Basket. You must know that the BEABA Babycook designed to function only with a 120V earthed socket. If you use a converter or ship this device outside the USA or Canada, then the one-year limited warranty will be void. Some parents are not happy with the mold or rust issues, but if you clean and descale the food maker and leave the lid open after using it, can’t be any problem with mold. You can find it from $140 to $250, but I recommend Amazon as the cheapest place to buy it.


  • It features a patented steaming system, which helps you to prepare your baby’s food very fast. 
  • The bowl comes graduated and features a double safety lock.
  • The food maker is BPA, Lead, and Phthalate free.
  •  It is easy to clean, and all the parts, the bowl, lid, basket, mixing cover, and mixing blade are dishwasher safe.


  • It will be better for the container to be on the glass.
  • The bowl can crack from reheat and defrost programs.
  • Babycook accessories are not suitable for sterilizing.

#4. Dansa Baby Food Maker – Mills and Steamer 8 in 1 Processor for Toddlers 

Amazon Customers Rate:(389 reviews)

Best Baby Food Makers 2020- Baby Food Maker 8 in 1 by Homia

The Dansa Baby Food Maker by Homia is all one device that meets the criteria of many new parents, being a necessary tool in any kitchen. It is a new model made in 2019 with an upgrade touchscreen panel. 

This machine has a lovely design and has three separate baskets, which helps you to cook 12 oz of different kinds of food at once. This machine has many helpful features, making it a great choice by the parents for preparing healthy recipes not only for the baby but for the toddler and all the family.

It operates eight functions in one-touch panel control, choosing one button for each program. Steaming with it is not only simple but also safe and convenient. The stirring cup made of Tritan Plastic, which is BPA-free and FDA certified. Each basket operates separately, and you can use one of the time, or all together. You can remove the ingredients in the middle of the cooking, respecting the different cooking times. It makes your cooking time lovely, helping in steaming, blending, chopping, sterilize, warmer, defrost, and preparing juice, cooking any kind of food, from meat, fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables. The stirring cup and the basket are dishwasher safe. You must know that machine works in 110V only. You can find it from $99 to $106 for a new box. 


  • All in one device with many functions for preparing your baby’s food at any stage.
  • Large water tank, so you don’t have to fill it anytime.
  • Large steaming capacity, for preparing a week puree for your little one. 
  • The baskets work separately, f you like to cook only a small quantity of food.
  • The entire unit disassembles, including the blade, and can all clean to the dishwasher. 
  • One year of warranty.
  • FDA certified and BPA free.


  • Manual Instruction must highlights that the machine needs only distilled water.
  • It will be better than the power cord retract to the base for effortless storage.
  • The water tank can not remove to wash and clean. 

#5. Elechomes Baby Food Maker, 8 in 1 Baby Food Processor. 

Amazon Customers Rate: (182 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020- Elechomes 8 in 1 Baby Food Processor


Elechomes 8 in 1 Baby Food Processor is one other machine that I find friendly to use, with some useful and powerful features, and you can find it with a better price comparing the other brands. As a multifunctional baby food maker, you can steam, blend, grind, and warm, for preparing healthy meals for your little one at any age, and for all family members. The 2-layer basket permits you to cook different ingredients at once, combing veggies and meat or veggies and fruits, preparing tasty meals for your little one and not only, in only 15 minutes. The safe guaranteed with this machine approved from FDA and BPA free material, you can cook comfortably, without preoccupation for any safety issues. After any cooking program, you will notify.

To have maximal results in the blending, just puls the button each six-seconds, and in three-rounds, your delicious puree is ready to serve. Some parents don’t like much the button and find the manual instructions not very clear at the first uses. But after that, they are glad and happy with the machine. One other thing that I like and many parents also are the cleaning process. And, about cleaning with this device, anything is simpler. 

What Else?

 It features a self-cleaning program and the baskets, lid, and blade is dishwasher safe. The water tank is in a large capacity and made stainless steel for not to get rusty and to clean better. One other thing that I want to add is the recipe booklet that you will get as a bonus, which will help you with your first meals for your little one. Once that you cook the first meal, you will like to create your recipes, being a great mum and cooker for your little one. You can find it for about $80.


  • The steamer function works great.
  • The cleaning is simple, and with it, you won’t have mold issues like some other brands. 
  • The button is friendly to use.
  • The price is affordable. 
  • FDA approved
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason, and the opportunity to extend your warranty an additional 180 days. 


  • If you accidentally start the timer button, it will go on even without power. That means that you need to wait until the timer stopped for using the device.
  • The blender needs to improve for the ingredients with more textures. 

#6. QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker.

Amazon Customers Rate: (332 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020-QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker.

This QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker features four functions helping you to steam, blend, reheat, and defrost your baby food. By the functionality, this machine offers the same features as BEABA Babycook, but the price is much better. They both are fast machines, cooking your baby food in 15 minutes, support the only 120V, made on safe and BPA free material, and easy to use design.

Despite this, I recommend making your choice based on your criteria, because they are both doing the job well. At the QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker, I like the fact that this device is quieter, and there is no noise during the steam and blending process. Made one Tritan, food-grade stainless steel, NANO coating, and wear-resistant to reduce scale during the use and guarantee safe cooking every day. Another feature that I like is the technology of heating at 360°, which preserves all the nutritional value of baby food. The usability is simple, and you can chop or puree from nuts, meat, fruit, and veggies. Just in four steps, you have your baby food ready. Put any kind of ingredient in the basket, add the water at the steam reservoir, rotate the dial to steam, or rotate again to blend. It comes in a compact size for a simple store. The cleaning parts are dishwasher safe. You can find it for about $70.


  • It is friendly to use and less noise, and you can cook with it even when your little one sleeps.
  • The defrost and reheating are a great feature, and you can store the food refrigerating for months.  
  • You will get a recipe booklet. 
  • Steaming and blending work well.


  • You can’t cook a small amount of rice, because the steam basket has holes.
  • The knob needs holding all the time of the blending option, and it will be better to switch on for hand-free blending.

#7.Infanso Baby Food Maker 

Amazon Customers Rate: (119 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Infanso Baby Food Maker

The Infanso Baby Food Maker is an all in one machine that, in many features for me is similar to brands like Evla’s, Homia, and Electromes. It offers seven functions helping you to steam, blend, defrost, or reheat, in the same bowl. The capacity of this device is 20oz, permitting you to cook three meals at once. It can support well your daily cooking for your infant, but if you need to cook more food quantity at once, you may consider any other machine on the list.

The cooking ingredient can combine with it, allowing you to steam, chop, and puree from meat, fruit, and veggies. It has an auto-cleaning function helping you to clean it, pressing one button. The cooking parts, the cup, and blade are dishwasher safe.

The machine-made on BPA-free plastic, and it is FDA approved. You can find it from $60 for the open box up to $90 for a new one. It built in the US standard plug and working with 120V.


  • It features an anti-dry function and overheating protection for safe use.
  • FDA approved
  • It comes with a 12 recipe booklet for the first start mums.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back and one-year limited warranty.


  • The control panel pops up even when it doesn’t use, and some parents don’t find it friendly that it is a touch screen. 
  • Product descriptions can be more clearer.

#8.Eccomum Baby Food Maker 

Amazon Customers Rate:(99 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Baby Food Maker Eccomum

This Eccomum baby food maker created in continuing of other helpful products by the company, for helping the parents to prepare healthy food for the baby. It allows you to steam, blend, and warm the baby milk at a constant temperature and is suitable for any kind of ingredients from meat, fish, chicken, fruit, and veggies. What I like about this is that in one device, you solve a lot of the issues for the baby cook. The steaming function offers a 360° of heating, preserving all the nutrition and help you to cook fast your baby food. The blending is another feature that works well. It features a premium precision blade that chops and purees fast, and you can use this function even for fresh fruit, meat, or veggies. The capacity from 1L/20oz helps you to cook more than a simple meal, and the warmer of the baby milk is another convenient feature.

The large diameter / 3.1-inch of water tank makes the machine suitable for most of the baby bottle brands in the market, and you can clean it very quickly and easily. The blade made on stainless steel and can remove, clean, and reinstall without difficulty, but keep in mind that it is sharp. The LCD panel is also an excellent tool, and you can operate any function with a separate button. It works on 110V. You can buy it at a better price, from $65 for an open box to $90 for a new one. 


  • An all in one baby food maker for steaming, blending, and warm the milk efficiently and safely.
  • You can cook in one step, without moving the food to another bowl, just press the button and all done. 
  • The blending parts are easy to use and to clean. 
  • It features an anti-dry protection function, which stops working when the water in the tank has run out, which makes it safer for you.


  • The product manual is not very clear, and online information is limited.

#9.Papablic All-in-1 Baby Food Maker 

Amazon Customers Rate:(23 reviews)

Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Papablic All-in-1 Baby Food Maker

Parapaplic Baby Food Maker is a very friendly machine to use for some helpful features. This device is a new product in 2020, and any customer and parent like it and finds it an excellent tool for baby food. Having this machine, you not only steam, blend, reheat, and defrost, but also, it comes with six reusable storage pouches set to guarantee all the cooking cycle for your little one. Parents described it as very easy to use and clean. The water tank made on a wide-open and the steam basket is stainless steel, to keep your baby food away from the plastic, and feeding him in high nutritional value.

I like that it features a grain cooker, that makes the cooking of the rice, pasta, and grain friendly for you, and the other brand’s food makers, not all let you cook these ingredients.

It features the intuitive timing function for quick and healthy cooking anytime. Made BPA free, it is safe, and you can stream and blend more than one meal at once. You can find it from $100 up to $130, but the money is worth it. 


  • It is easy to use 
  • The device can clean faster and easier.
  • Most of the parents strongly recommended it.
  • The reusable storage pouches are a great perk.


  • I would like to have a small basket to cook for one meal. 
  • I prefer that the instructions explain all the functions.

#10.QOOC 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Pro

Amazon Customers Rate: (90 reviews)

Best Baby Food Makers 2020-QOOC 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker Pro

The version Pro of QOOC 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker is an upgraded design that comes for any family use. There are three main features improved in this design, compared with the Mini Food Maker. First one, The intuitive Timing function, which makes your cooking time easier. This feature chooses the convenient cooking time that needs to cook various ingredients from meat, fish, fruit, and veggies, ensuring a perfect steaming of each of them. The second improvement at this machine is the water reservoir. It can’t remove but made with a larger opening that permits you to clean it better than the other brands, including here the BEABA Babycooker. This design of QOOC is much better for cleaning the water tank. The third improvement is the Touch Control Button. It features a single button for one-handy use. It can blend faster any ingredient that you steamed before.

It made on plastic that is BPA free and high-quality material, more durable, and won’t discolor or scratch. One thing that you must keep in mind is that this device features two safety locks, and if all the accessories don’t assembly properly than, the machine doesn’t work. The cooking processes are the same as the mini design. It made for 110V but works well with a converter for 230V, too. You can find it from $130 to $160.


  • It is perfect for those who need to cook a larger quantity of food at once.
  • It comes with improved features for a quick and safe cook.
  • It features an auto shut off system that protects the machine and you, by automatically power off if the water tank is empty.


  • The food container that needs to reheat the baby food doesn’t come with the machine, but you must buy it separately.
  • For those that don’t like to store the food surplus, it is better the mini baby food maker.
  • Some parents don’t like the durability of the plastic.

#11.The Bubos 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Maker 

Amazon Customers Rate: (70 reviews)

Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Bubos 5-in-1 Smart Baby Food Maker

The Bubos Baby Food Maker is all in one machine that features five different functions for helping you to steam and blend in 15 minutes. It is friendly to use, with just one press button. It made on BPA free material for safe use. One thing that I like is that the water tank can open completely, so the cleaning is simple, and the mold stays away. Bowl and blade are dishwasher-safe.

The cooking tool, the basket, mixing lid, and spatula included in the package, and you don’t need to spend other money on it.

You can find the device from $70 in a promotional period up to $120. The maximal capacity is 600 ml, and it works on 120V. 


  • The steam works well, keeping the nutrition and value of the ingredients.
  • The water reservoir can open for simple cleaning.
  • It’s great for preparing organic food.
  • You can reheat, defrost, and sterilize with it.


  • It goes loud during the chopping function.
  • Some parents complain about leaking issues.
  • The directions need to improve. 

#12. Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker – 4 Cup Capacity

Amazon Customers Rate: (230 reviews)

Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker 4 Cups

Baby Brezza Glass is a steamer and a blender at once. Having the opportunity to steam and blend in the same bowl makes the process simple for you, and what is more important, the food keeps all the sterility and the nutritional value. But, you need to have the right measure for your recipes, to reach the consistency, smoothness, or fluidity of your baby food as you like. One of the best features of this food maker is the bowl on glass, BPA free, offering a large capacity of four cups. It operates fast, as the two functions made at one step, so you in 10 -15 minutes have your baby food ready to serve. I want to highlight that some ingredients like an apple or pear fruit, need a long time of steaming for having a good result in blending.

To use the device is simply choosing one of the three buttons for running the machine, for the steam, blend, or both. The clean and maintenance are also simple to do, the glass bowl and blade are dishwashers safe, and the steam and water tanks can clean easily. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty, allowing turning back or replacement if you are not happy with it. You can find it in the market from $50 for an open box to $100 for a new one. 


  • The only food maker with a glass bowl.
  • The product is 100% free of SANS, PVC, lead, BPA, BPS, phthalate, and cadmium.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It comes with the first recipes for your little one food.


  • The plastic parts may get crack anytime.
  • The blending and steaming of different ingredients can take a longer time to cook. 

#13.Nuby Garden 22 Piece Baby Food Maker Set

Amazon Customers Rate:  (178 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Nuby Garden 22 Piece Baby Food Maker Set

This NUBY Food Maker is a different design from the other brands that I have introduced above. It is not just a blender, coming in a set of 22 pieces, you can cook, and store your baby food at any time. I want to stop at the difference with the other brands. This design can make the steam only using a microwave, so if you don’t have one, you can steam in another way and then bland the food at Nuby. Another thing to highlight is the price that I consider one of the best in the market for a food maker. You can find $50 for an open box and about $60 for a new one. The storage containers are another thing that needs to valuate in this set. It comes both with a large batch bowl to store for a longer time and small ones for serving the food to your little one after cooking. The blending system offers three different blending stages to prepare food for any age.

The first one helps you to make a very smooth puree for your infant, the second one to leave the puree with more textures, for your toddler, and the third for preparing mini-meals for your family. The machine works on 120V, and the motor speed is 200W. You can find it from $49 for the open box up to $60 for a new one.


  • Prepare your baby’s food in 5 minutes.
  • It comes with six food storage cups for freezing and preserving your baby’s food for a long time. 
  • It made of BPA-free materials, and all cups are microwave and freezer safe.
  • It comes with a warranty card for the replacement if something goes wrong.


  • You need a microwave for steaming function.
  • All the parts are handwashing only.

#14.Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker, White

Amazon Customers Rate:  (52 reviews)Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker, White

This machine is another Baby Food Maker that I think has helpful features to be on this list. It operates quickly in both steaming and blending, for having your baby food ready in minutes. It features a jug for blending and a steam basket to cook the ingredients before blending, and you can prepare up to 7 oz of food with it at once. Like any other food maker, it is suitable for meat, chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables. The automatic timer is a helpful feature, so you will be notified when the food is ready. The buttons and control panel are effortless to use if you understand well at the first use. For choosing steam or blend, you must press the power button, which is a little round one. You need to adjust lid direction when changing the functionality, like moving from steam to blend. Some parents complain about manual instructions, and they find it hard the use the machine buttons.

Once that you understand how they work, everything goes well. All the parts can clean simply. You can find it for about $80.


  • It is suitable for any age, offering the opportunity to blend different smooth-textures of food.
  • You don’t need to transfer the food and can steam and blend in one jug.


  • The direction is not very clear for the first use.

#15.BEABA Babycook Neo,  5.5 Cup Capacity 

Amazon Customers Rate: (25 reviews)

Best Baby Food Makers 2020-BEABA Babycook Neo

This BEABA Babycook Neo is the only upgrade design with a glass bowl and stainless steel steam basket. Like the other BEABA food makers, it features four functions for helping you to steam, blend, reheat, and defrost. I want to stop at the differences that this design brings for you. It has the largest capacity to prepare 5.2 cups/4oz of food at once, helping you in this way to cook more than one meal at once for your little one. Another new feature is the water reservoir, which has a large diameter for easy to clean up. After the recall made of a party of this product, the company made an upgrade in the glass bowl, which designed for increased strength and resilience. Despite this, many parents have continued to get the recalled glass bowl, creating an unpleasant situation for them, and returning the product. For this issue, I left this device at the end of this list. The steam basket made on steamless steel for preventing plastic comes in contact with baby food.

The blade improved for a better blending and food consistency. The steam function has a new patent, which reduces energy and water consumption, and the carbon footprint by 50%. It works only at 120V. You can find a new box for about $250.


  • The glass bowl improved, and the plastic parts are BPA free. 
  • It improved the reservoir for easy cleaning.
  • You can prepare up to four oz at once.
  • BPA, Lead & Phthalate free
  • Made in France


  • The warranty will be void outside North America.
  • The product parts are handwashing only.
  • The recall glass bowl sometime is shipped to the customers.
  • The price is a little bit expensive. 

How to choose the Baby Food Maker

Like any other Baby product that you need to buy, for sure, that the Best Baby Food Maker, is the one that meets your criteria and completes your family requirements at any time. Despite this, there are at least eight things that you need to find in one baby food maker.

  •  Safety machine

Before buying, be sure that the device to be BPA free and better to be FDA approved. Also, it is better than in the control panel to include a button for stopping the machine when the water miss or notify you by a sound about this or ending the cooking program.

  • Easy programmable

Your baby food maker must be friendly to use and a helpful tool in your kitchen. Offering different cooking times and types, preparing meals for any stage for your baby, will be a great helper for you. 

  • Easy to clean and maintain

The machine must-have helpful features for a proper clean process to avoid mold and rust. For properly cleaning, you must keep in mind that your device to have the self-cleaning feature or the water tank to have a larger diameter for easy cleaning, the cooking parts to be dishwasher safe. Most of the plastic bowl pale or color by the fruit or vegetables blend so recommended cleaning after each cooking. It recommended that the water tank empty, clean, and the device wipe after each use. You need to let the lid open for better dry.

  • To be faster in preparing your baby food

Your baby food maker must be your chef and helper in cooking. So, you need to choose one machine which features tools to cook quickly and healthily.

  • All in one device

Steaming technology preserves the cooking nutritional value and saves you time, preparing your faster and healthier baby food. If the steamer missed, then it is just a blender, and you need to do some job by yourself, investing more time in cooking.

  • Suitable for many ingredients

The machine needs to offer a large variety of food blenders, from fruit, and veggies, to meat, fish, and chicken. Being suitable for any ingredients and stage, help you to cook any food, at any time for your baby.  

  • Having a warranty

Even in a limited period, the warranty helps you to make the replacement or return the product if you are never satisfied with it.

  • Technical Features

You need to inform correctly about the technical issues, like the power voltage or blending power to be sure that the machine can work, once that comes to you.

When needing more a baby food maker?

The first year is the most important for the baby because he’s introduced to the most vital processes, and nutrition is one of those. 

In the first months, the baby breastfeeding or formula feeding, but gradually approaching the first months, the baby starts to learn new tastes, like fruit and veggies. For preparing delicious puree, fast, and preserving the nutrients and vitamins, we have our helpful baby food makers. The first year is the one that a baby food maker is a must tool in our kitchen. A food maker is an excellent tool during pregnancy, also. During the third quarter, the food digest is difficult, and eating puree and steam-cooked meals will help you to be healthier. You won’t gain much weight and give birth to your little one in a splendid physical condition. I have gestational diabetes and eating in this way, using a high-quality blender, I managed to finish the pregnancy very healthy and give my daughter birth in perfect condition. You can read my story here if you like. And If you don’t have bought your baby food maker in your pregnancy, then after the third month after you give birth to your baby, you need to think, or almost buy your baby food maker.

Why do I need to buy a Baby Food Maker?

Some mothers that don’t have the opportunity to breastfeed their babies are obligated to start the first puree receipts from the third month.

But if your baby milestones are going great and your little one doesn’t seem hungry after breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, then you may postpone the introduction of the other food to your baby from the fifth or sixth month. I breastfeed my daughter for two years, and as she increased very well month by month, after the fifth month, I started her the first fruit puree, like apple and pear. But since that moment, I didn’t stop to prepare various receipts for my little one, notably during the second half of the first year. Month by month, your little one needs to have in her daily nutrition a variety of foods, but the absence of the teeth, make the blending the only way of feeding our baby healthy. Except for the veggies and fruit, also the nutrition ingredient like meat, chicken, fish, legumes, are essential in the baby diet since the third quarterly, and our babies need to eat all of them, not only the liquid that we get after boiling them. For this, any mother must buy a good food maker. 

The Best of a high-quality food maker is that you can use it in your family cooking after that your child starts to eat in pieces and doesn’t need the blended food anymore. It is your choice to buy just a simple food processor or blender, but having a baby food maker with a variety of processes makes things much easier for you.

How to storage my baby food?

Best Baby Food Makers 2020-Infantino Squeeze StationIn any case, when you cook more than one meal for your baby, you have great tools to store your baby’s food. A great choice is Infantino Squeeze Station that helps you to put your baby food in the squeeze pouches. It does not cost so much, and you can find it from $13 up to $45. It is easy to use, BPA free, and everything can clean in a dishwasher. The only issue is that it comes with only ten squeeze pouches, and you need to buy the others separately. 

And if you need only a blender for your baby food and prefer to do it by yourself steaming, that I recommend Cuisinart DLC-2APK Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, 24 Ounce.

 Baby Food Makers 2020-Cuisinart DLC-2APK Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, 24 OunceYou can find it from different sellers from $30 for a collectible up to $80 for a new device. Having a high-speed 250W motor, for grinding and chopping from spices to herbs and baby food, and easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and small to store in any kitchen. Effortless to use and with 3 cups of capacity at once, you can use it for 24 hours handy, and you will love it. 

I also recommend Ninja 400-Watt Blender, which makes your baby blending smooth and perfect. With a 2 cup processor, it can dices, chops, blends, and purees. It is a safe product and one-touch button use, and all the cups, lids, and blade parts are dishwashers safe. You can find it from $34 to $50, and the period of warranty is one year. 

Some Safety Tips for the use of Baby Food Makers

First of all, before using your baby food maker, make sure to read the instructions and understand them correctly. 

  1. When your machine worked, not touch hot surfaces, and use handles or knobs.
  2. To protect against electric shock, do not immerse cord, plugs, or appliance in water or other liquid. 
  3. Don’t let your children without supervision when your food maker works.
  4. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow cooling before putting on or taking off parts and before cleaning it.
  5.  If the plug or cord damaged, do not use the machine before repairing it.
  6.  The use of accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance manufacturer may cause injuries.
  7. Do not use the machine outdoors, and don’t let the plug hang over the table or touch hot surfaces.
  8. Do not place near the hot gas, electric burner, or heating oven.
  9. Use it only for the issues described in the manual. 
  10. Before serving, control the food temperature, unplug the cord from the wall outlet, and don’t let it at the children’s reach.
  11. Firstly, attach the cord to the appliance, and after that, plug it.
  12. The mixing blade is sharp, so handle it carefully. 
  13. The bowl must take out from the base for replacing the mixing blade.


In conclusion, I want to highlight that a baby food maker is helpful in our kitchen, so be sure to choose your one rightly. Please, the reference prices based on the period and date when I wrote this article. You may check the current price by clicking on the button.

I hope that reading this article was helpful, and you found here your baby food maker.  

Please feel free and leave a comment or any questions about it. 


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  1. I have a little one and can attest that the Babymoov Duo Meal Station Food Maker is amazing! It is so easy to use and comes at a great price. I’ve used other food makers (not on this list) from other family members and they don’t even come close to Babymoov. I highly recommend it, especially at this price!

    • Hello Brandon, Thank you for stopping here. I agree about Babymoov Food Maker. I appreciate that you recommended it to the other parents. If you can, share this article for helping new parents.



  2. Hi, I read your post, found it very interesting, I have to say very well detailed for sure now if I had to buy some food processor I would follow your suggestions. Something that I had not thought of and that is true that it is a machine that can always be used, both during pregnancy, for weaning, but also afterwards for proper nutrition.

    • Hello Georgi, thank you for stopping here, and reading my article. I’m glad that you find this information helpful for you.



  3. I do not need to get a baby food maker for my self since i already have the BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender, 4.5 cups.

    I would like to purchase one for my brother  and his wife who are expecting a baby in a few weeks time. i think these are really great options

    • Hello Smoochi, thank you for your time and your comment.I appreciate that you give a feed back about BEABA Babycook, and that you find helpful this article in overall.



  4. Of all the 15 baby food makers, i found the Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker most attractive. they all have good features and i like them all but the baby brezza is the only food maker with glass bowl. this also makes it easy to use and clean. thank you very much for this article.

    • Hello Kirkman, Thank you for stopping here and sharing your opinion about Breza Glass Baby Food Maker. I agree with you about it. 



  5. Thanks for sharing this article. It has so many references, that unless you are already clkued up to the world of Baby Food makers, then you’d probably never have known existed. I certainly didnt.

    It’s always been the best thing for parents to make the food for their babies. But unfortunately, years ago this was harder to do by hand, and for busy parents, it made all the difference in time and hard work just to buy the jars of baby food. Its great to see how many options there are now for making your own baby food with little hassle.

  6. So you are strolling down the baby food isle and you can’t find the right flavour or the one brand your little one loves to eat. So now you need to look into buying the best baby food maker money can buy. So you need an all in one processor that has features, like: steaming, blending, warming, defrosting, and chopping. Preparing your baby’s food should be safe, healthy and easy. From the most affordable to the processor with varieties of features you have ample choices. Which one would you choose? 


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