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Hello, my friends, 

Today I want to stop at one baby smart product that recently is becoming very lovely and preferred for the new parents, exactly, I’m going to share with you a Happiest Baby Review- Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet.

Before getting birth to your baby, you need to buy all the necessary items for him. In this long list, crib, sleeper, or bassinet need to be at the top of quality and guarantee a safe sleep for your little one. 

If you are new-becoming mums and you are looking for your little one co-sleeper or bassinet, take a moment and read this review to learn all about this product. When I get birth to my daughter, I didn’t know this product, and I have used a traditional bassinet for her, but reading and learning more about this new smart bassinet, I thought to share this with you for helping to make a better choice for your little one sleeper. 

Who is Happiest Baby Brand?

The Happiest Baby created by Dr.Harvey Karp, also known as the Happiest Baby on the Block author and the creator of the “5S’s”. He created the Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet for all the parents that have difficulty getting their babies to sleep. Dr. Harvey Neil Karp is an American Pediatrician and a children’s environmental health advocate. With many years of experience, as a pediatrician, advocate in child health, and board member of Healthy Child Healthy World, and in many other health children organizations, he also invented in the creation of baby products. 

What Is the Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet?

The Snoo bassinet is a smart and robotic sleeper, which becomes your Baby helper Nr.1 for the first months of baby life.
If you have a look at it, the Snoo designs as any other baby sleeper that you have used with your first child or have seen around. Sturdy, with four short legs for a simple co-bedding position and accessible at any time. But there is more about it. It is not like the others. It features an App and a robotic motor that makes it the Safest Baby Bed Ever, as The Happiest Baby describes it. Your baby will sleep longer on it, and this crib will always be a trusted helper for you and your little one day and night. The swaddling technique used in this crib is a guarantee to protect your baby from the risk of SIDS, and the breathable mesh makes him sleep safe and healthy. I will explain below how it works.

It comes for you with 30-days of the free trial, allowing you to test it for a month, and if you don’t like it, you can take your money back. Being a bed for over $1200, this is a purchasing term that takes the risk away from your money.

If you are a new first-time mother and your baby will come soon, you must know that the sleeping time is very significant for both you and baby. Your little one needs to sleep most of the time in the first months, you will feed him, change the diaper, and your baby will sleep again. You need to rest and be a healthy mother for feeding and complete all your mother’s duty. And, for doing this, you need your baby to have a long and healthy sleep. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Happiest Baby Review -Snoo Smart Sleeper BassinetWhat sleeping techniques used in Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet?

Dr. Harvey Karp based his infant calming sleeping techniques in the recreating the womb’s baby experience. His theory is that a human baby is less developed than other mammals, and the first quarter of a baby’s life known as the fourth quarterly of pregnancy. Karp’s method for calming the infant baby called the 5S’s, based on five elements tight swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking. This method applies at the Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet for offering the little one a safe place to sleep.

  • Swaddling – Your baby gets tight swaddling to avoid to roll over and to guarantee to sleep in back-face up, to prevent the risk of SIDS.
  • Side/stomach position – This position can apply to calm your baby, but not for sleeping. 
  • Shushing – The sleeper has three white noise similar to the womb noise for helping your little to have a quiet sleep.
  • Swinging – The Bassinet rocks for helping baby to sleep faster and longer.
  • Sucking – Imitating the womb experience for getting the baby to sleep longer, and at the same time, the mother educates her baby to feed more during the day, but not so often by night. 

What happened if our baby sleeps many hours without feeding?

As the Snoo sleeper created that baby to sleep longer, many mothers worried about the fact that they can’t feed the baby for a longer time. Dr. Karp advises the mothers to feed their babies more times by day and to educate their babies to have a few times feeding by night.

By my experience, although I didn’t use this bassinet, my daughter’s pediatrician recommended me to provide a quite and dark environment for my daughter’s sleep and doesn’t wake up for any reason, even for feeding during the night. Following my daughter’s pediatrician tips, I fed her only when she wakes up by herself during the night. To educate our babies to have a natural sleep since the first weeks, it is helpful for the next months to manage the sleeping at night. After the first six months, your baby will start another way of feeding and by night recommend that breastfeeding or bottle feeding to interrupt. You will apply this process gradually, replacing the milk by the water when your little one wakes up by night, and after that, you don’t feed your baby anymore by night. Sleep is very significant for baby development during the first years, so keep in mind, when your baby wants to sleep, let him sleep!

Turning back to Snoo bassinet, using it, your baby will sleep longer, and you have the opportunity to educate him for a night of natural sleep. Dr. Karp, in his tips for feeding, highlights some benefits from feeding more often during the day hours, and less by night. 

  1. First, your breast will train to produce more milk in the days hours and less by night. If you breastfeed your baby anytime, then you may not have milk to breastfeed him. The breast needs time to produce the quantity of milk.
  2. If you don’t feed by night often or either, you will be less tired. Raising a baby is not very easy, and the mother needs to rest when her baby sleep. Your immunity and you will be healthy.
  3. Your baby will sleep better, and this education will positively impact that your baby will have a night of healthy sleep, even after using Snoo bassinet.

In the beginning, you will feed your baby from 2 hours distance, increasing it in three, four, and so on. If in the third month, your baby can sleep up to 8-9 hours, without waking up during the night, then you will be more relaxed and can breastfeed your baby better. In a few words, even using Snoo techniques, your baby education is a process.

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Which Are the Main Features?

The Snoo bassinet created in modern design and the white color combined with the wood elements makes it seems lovely and pretty in any nurseries. I’m going to list below functionality and technical features.

  • Swaddling– As I explained above, your baby in this crib will sleep tight swaddling, with the arm sitting down, and in the back sleeping. For this, in the Snoo package, you will get three Snoo sacks that keep your baby tight. They are organic cotton and breathable for preventing your baby from allergies and keeping your baby comfortable and healthy. The Sleeper sacks come in three sizes to grow with your baby. They have two arms that tight the baby sleeper and prevent the baby rolls. In this way, your little one will be safe at any time in his crib.
  • Smart Sleeper– It features a Sleep Log App that informs you of your baby’s sleep details. You need a smartphone and Wi-fi to use it. The App notifies you when the baby wakes up, it is a helpful alert, and it offers many other options, from gentle newborn mode to easy weaning. Also, the App provides you with the best tips of Dr.Harvey Karp for your little one.
  • Breathable Mesh wall– The bassinet made on a breathable mesh wall for providing your baby a healthy airflow, and you can see your baby movements through it. 
  • Premium Motor– It features a premium motor that permits you to use the rocking feature and the other technical features in a quiet and reliability. It guarantees the robotic functionality, keeping baby rocking for a fast and longer sleep. In this way, your baby will cry less, and he can fast calm down when you need to leave him alone for a while.
  • A bedside sleeper– Snoo bassinet is a 32-inch high, and its design is comfortable for you to keep your little one sleep next to you. You can reach him slightly, and the mesh-sided permits you to have a look over him any time.
  • Weaning Feature– This helps you to stop the rocking mode if your little one does not like it, or worse to vomit after feeding.
  • Cried detector– It features an algorithm that tells the baby cried from the other room noise and informs you about it.  In this way, you can keep peace of mind, because you can control your baby by the App, that will notify you. 
  • Sound machine– It features three white noise sounds that calm the baby crying. The white noises are the same as the noise that the baby listens to the mother’s womb. Baby in the womb habituates to hear the heartbeats and blood movement, that makes like a vacuum or shush sound. Baby can sleep faster with these than listen to a real melody or music. If you like, you can get your baby to sleep over your chest, and your heartbeats sound will calm him quickly.
  • Suitable up to six months– You can use the Snoo bassinet up to six months of your baby age, or when your baby can get on knees. The Maximum baby’s weight is 25 lbs. The Bassinet dimensions are: 
    • Length: 36-inch
    • Widths: 16-inch
    • Height: 32-inch
    • Product weight: 38 lbs.

In the package included:

  • One SNOO Smart Sleeper
  • Three 100% organic cotton white SNOO Sacks (S, M, & L)
  • One 100% organic cotton fitted sheet
  • One Mattress and water resistant-cover

How can you get this product?

The Happiest Baby offer this product in two ways for the new parents: 

  1. You can purchase it
  2. You can rent it

Let’s stop and see the terms of each scenario. I recommend you to inform about the terms and conditions and to validate your choice of meeting your requirements. 

In the first case, you are buying a new product, which features all that I detailed above. The price now for a new Snoo Bassinet is $1.295, but you will refer to the price at the moment that you are buying. The product comes with one year of the limited warranty, and the shipping is free. When you buy a new product have 30-day of a free trial, so you can return the product if you like, and refund your money. You need to postmark in 10 days of request a Return Merchandise Authorization. Otherwise, the refund will cancel. I want to highlight that Snoo customer care is always there to help you with all the answers that you can have about the purchasing or rental program.
It recommended asking for shipping when your baby is ready to come, not before, in this way you can test the product, in the end, your baby will sleep on it. When you buy a new one, then you can resell it again, or reuse for your other children if you plan to have other babies soon. When you decide to sell, you can deal and know the offers from the buyers at that moment. Another option is to give your baby crib for renting at the other parents. Recently, many parents have an interest in renting or buying a used Snoo sleeper. You can google and can get information about it.

On the second, you rent a used one but in high-quality conditions. The rent is about $3.9/day or $118/monthly. You can use it for six months x $118/month=$708 rental prices.  

  • The initial charge for the renting is one month renting +$49.50 reconditioning fees + $175 refundable security deposit=$342.5. After this, you will pay for the time you continue renting. 
  • You can’t cancel anytime after the Snoo delivers, but your first month will charge automatically, so be sure before to order the delivery. 
  • You can refund for the unused days in your last month.

Many parents that rented have to make this choice after the second or third months of their baby’s life, and they try all to get to sleep their baby, but only Snoo has been the right choice. If you are in this target group, then it is more worthy, because you pay only for the use time, which is less than six months.  

Before to rent, the Happiest Baby, reconditioned the bassinet for you. The rent product certified in the 5-steps process before giving for rent. 

  1. Vacuum – The baby sleeper vacuum for fine dust or small parts.
  2. Sanitize– The bassinet clean and sanitize with hospital-approved products.
  3. Steam– The third step is ultra-hot steam technology for a deep clean of the inner and outer mesh. 
  4. Replace of organic items – The rent sleeper comes with brand new, three organic cotton sleep sacks ( small, medium, large), plus a new mattress, waterproof mattress cover, and organic cotton fitted sheet. You can keep them because they are only for your use.  
  5. Safety certification– After all cleaning, the sleeper tested, and certified for the functionality, including all levels of motion and sound, safety clip sensors, etc.

Happiest Baby Review -Snoo Smart Sleeper BassinetPros- Which are the benefits of it that I like most 

Safety sleeping 

Using the swaddling technique, keep your baby safe in sleep, and prevents that he rolled up in an unsafe sleep position. Keep in mind that tight swaddling is only for sleeping time. The breathable mesh is another feature that keeps your baby healthy and safe in sleeping time. Being suitable to keep the baby sleeper near to your bed, give you access to your little one any time, being an added value to the safety. 

Longer Sleep

The rocking technique and the white sounds help the baby feeling like the womb and sleeping ate least 1-2 hours longer than in other cribs. Many parent’s testimonies tell us that a baby can sleep up to 12 hours a night. There are more than 1.590 reviews from verified buyers in The Happiest Baby site. Most of them are Five stars review calling this bed a lifesaver, Magic Bed, and Must-have baby product. 

Longer Sleep

The App can inform and notify you of your baby’s sleep and the best tips from dr.Karp.

Free Shipping

The product will come to you without any added costs, and you can choose your delivery date. The company guarantees shipping, even in pandemic days. Another added value is that you can choose by yourself your date of shipping, receiving your baby bed, not before that your baby birth date gets close. 


The Happiest Baby offer one- year limited warranty for both, purchasing or rental way.

Cons- What can impact your choice


The Snoo bassinet price is over the average of the crib prices in the market, making it a little bit more expensive than the other custom cribs or sleepers in the market. But having some adding features (smart device) makes it not compared with the standard and traditional cribs or bassinets. So you need to decide on your requirements is the price can be an issue for your budget. If this amount of money doesn’t affect your personal and familiar finance, then go for it and purchase. You can always use it for the other kids, or resell as I mention above.
If you can’t afford the price, you have the rental option that is also a great deal. By the functionality, this crib is worthy in any way that you choose to have it.

Not all babies like rocking and swaddling

You need to keep in mind that your baby may not like to rock, or the swaddling can’t work with your little one. You have the opportunity to choose not to activate this feature, but in this case, any other bassinet can be the choice for you. As some parents didn’t notice this at the beginning, it will be better than the Happiest Baby Customer service to anticipate this issue and train the parent for any unpleasant episode, learning from the other parent’s experience. However, these cases aren’t much. 

Short Time Investment 

When you invest for your baby in a healthy and safe product, I think that it is worthy, but in this case, it will be better than the Snoo Sleeper to be a convertible design for longer time use. Anyway, you can reuse or resell it. 

WiFi Required

You need to have a smartphone and Wifi access to use the App.

Questions and Answers 

Purchasing Questions 

  • Question: What type of discount Happiest Baby offer?
  • Answer: They offer a 40% discount for a new purchase and a 10% discount on renting for the military army’s customer.
  • Question: Where to purchase the Snoo Sleeper? 
  • Answer: You can purchase on the Happiest Baby site and also on Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn Kids, and Buy Buy Baby.
  • Question: Can an order canceled or modified? 
  • Answer: Once that order placed, they can’t be canceled or modified. 
  • Question: How can I order?
  • Answer: You can order directly on the retailer website or store, not by phone.

Rental Questions 

  • Question: How to update the payment rental?
  • Answer: The payment rental update on the Happiest Baby website. After login in your account, choosing payments, select update credit card.
  • Question: Can I pay the rent using the Happiest Baby gift card?
  • Answer: Yes, you can. You can pay your initial rental charge, and for any remain balance, you can apply to the rental account.


Despite some parents specified in their reviews, that their babies do not like much the rocking and swaddling in Snoo bassine, most of the parents highly recommend it. For all the parents that their babies had difficulty to get sleeping, this product has been the solution.
Keep in mind that you are buying a 30-day free trial product, and your baby will be safe and have a natural sleep training. So, if you can afford the price, go and buy it and give a gift not only to your little one but also to yourself because you will both enjoy an excellent time to sleep.
Considering that this product protects and helps our baby to sleeper better, I also recommended it.
At the end of this article, I want to thank you for reading, and I hope that all this information was helpful for you.
Please, let a comment or questions in the form below.


Happiest Baby - Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet.


Tight Swaddling


Breathable Mesh wall


Premium Motor



  • Safety Sleeping 
  • Longer Sleep
  • Smart Sleeper Bassinet


  • Price
  • Not All Babies Like Rocking And Swaddling
  • Short Time Investment

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  1. This is a great review of a beautiful bassinet.  I really like the modern look and when you throw in the features you listed, it seems like a bargain.  The snoo swaddling seems really comforting and safe, I think I’m going to keep this in mind when my wife delivers soon.  We are looking for baby room furniture now and this seems like a good choice.  I also like how the sides are mesh so you can keep an eye on the baby from the side without having to go stand over the bissonet.  

    • Hello John, I’m glad that you like it. Thank you for reading my review.

      Best wishes for your baby and your family.


  2. Hi, I read your post. You provided a lot of useful information about the “Snoo” cradle. In my opinion, the possibility of renting the cradle is an excellent saving option. Thinking that I had bought one for my little girl and she didn’t want to be there, because every time she touched the sides with her hands, she woke up and started to cry. So I was forced to buy a bigger cot and put the small cot in the garage. And that’s smart, it saves you a lot more money for surveillance cameras and other various security and entertainment devices.

    • Hello Georgi, Thank you for reading my post and for sharing your opinion about Snoo bassinet. I agree with you about the rental opportunity, It is great for anyone that can not afford the price. I want to highlight that the 30-day free trial is a great term to test this product for one month and to understand if the baby likes it.

  3. My friend just had her first baby, and we ended up talking a lot about the whole fourth trimester theory, because I had encountered this idea that all human babies are born technically premature in my research as a history student, and I find it fascinating. When you look at the rest of nature, human babies really are quite under developed when they leave the whom, and my friend’s baby definitely provided evidence in favor of the theory. Also interesting, and encouraging I think, are these efforts our society is now making to understand exactly how vital the female role in a baby’s mental development is, now going so far as to attempt to replicate the whom environment even after birth. 

    With all our smart technology these days, it was only matter of time before something like this bassinet became available, and despite the price, it sounds like a really good idea that does a good job of replicating the whom and easing the baby’s transition into the larger world. I really like that there’s a rental option. It’s still an investment, but one that I think most couples can afford, especially those like my friend who only plan to have one child.

    • Hello Shanna, Thank you very much for stopping here and sharing your opinion about the topic. I appreciate. I like this bassinet, and I’m glad that you agree with me about it. 

      Stay safe


  4. Thanks for the article.  Wow, this brings back some memories.  I remember my two children were not great sleepers, and I remember it taking till about the age of 4 before they made it through the night without waking up. Once that happened and I got a good nights sleep for the first time in years I felt so much better – I had gotten used to being tired all the time.

    So this smart sleeper could be a real benefit, if it helps get sleep during the early days after the baby arrives it could be great.

    • Hello Dipesh, thank you for sharing your experience. You right, a mother needs to rest and have a good sleep, same as her baby. I hope that your kids are fine

      Best wishes and stay safe


  5. Thank you for a wonderful review of Happiest Baby’s Snoo Smart Sleeper.  I agree with you that it is a bit pricey for a product you can only use for six months.  However, with a 40% discount it is not as bad,  I love that there is an option to rent,  Do you know how long it takes to get to you after you order one on rental? Also, can you control the rocking motion from the app and is there a camera built in to see the baby through the app while he is asleep?  Thanks for you help. 

    • Hello Ashley, Thank you for your questions. For the first one, Snoo ships the rental bassinet within three business days of the date you pick. Your SNOO can take 2-5 business days to arrive. 

      The App made mainly for controlling the rocking motion. There are four levels of rocking motion, and you can control them by the APP. You can turn on the rocking motion feature from the button incorporate at the baby crib and also from the App.

      From APP, you can set up a rocking motion level (from one to four), the volume of the white sounds, and the time for starting the rocking feature. The APP sends you a daily report of the baby sleep, and after e few time of use it, you can know better the baby sleeping routine.

      Also, the rocking system can speed up or slow down by baby behavior. So, if your baby cry, it goes to level 4, which is the maximal speed. You will notice for this change at the APP, knowing that your baby is crying.

      The Snoo Bassinet does not have a camera incorporated, but a smart system that notifies the mother in the APP for the baby movements.

      I hope that I was helpful to you. 




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