The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever

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This article will help you to know The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever for keeping your baby safe during his sleep, day and night.

In addition to adhering to baby safe-sleep rules, you should inform about using the right products for your baby’s sleep and using them worthily.

Time ago, I read an article about a serious violation of safe-sleep rules on a Hillsboro daycare in Oregon (USA), which results in fatal for a 3 -month old life child. The baby was put to sleep in a play yard with a stuffed animal attached to a pacifier. Only a pacifier can be in a crib where an infant is sleeping.

I feel very sorry for the loss that the parents had suffered, so I decided to reemphasize the importance of the safe-sleep rules. Please, read my article here, if you want to know more about it.

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The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever for Avoid the Risk of SIDS

According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and the other International Pediatric organizations, find below some of the key and mandatory recommendations to implement to have the safest sleep in our baby. Implementation of these recommendations minimizes and avoids the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

  • Place the baby on her back on a firm sleep surface like a crib or bassinet with a tight-fitting sheet.
  • Avoid the use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows, and soft toys. The crib should be bare. You can read our Best tips for baby crib Furniture Set for more information about cribs.
  • Share a bedroom with parents, but not the same sleeping surface, preferably until the baby turns one year old but at least for the first six months. Room-sharing decreases the risk of SIDS by as much as fifty percent.
  • Avoid baby’s exposure to smoke, alcohol, and illicit drugs.
  • Skin-to-skin care recommended, regardless of feeding or delivery method, immediately following birth for at least an hour as soon as the mother is medically stable and awake, according to the report.
  • Breastfeeding recommended as adding protection against SIDS. After feeding, the AAP encourages parents to move the baby to his or her separate sleeping space, preferably a crib or bassinet in the parents’ bedroom.

Helpful Tips for Nursery products use


Choosing the right products for a good and safe sleep, and creating the best comfortable nursery for the baby must be every parent’s goal.

Regardless of the type of product and variety offered, each product category has recommendations and rules that we need to apply in daily use, for our baby’s safe and healthy sleep. Below you will find helpful tips for carefully using baby products and prevent your baby from any risk during his sleep.

The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever- Baby on the CribTips and recommendations for using the baby’ cribs

Cribs and bassinets are necessary for safe sleep. Below I will bring to your attention an important rule for baby’ crib use. You can learn more about cribs by reading my article Best Tips for Baby Crib Furniture Sets.

How to avoid strangulation and suffocation risks

  • The baby bed shouldn’t place near the windows. The cords from the blinds and drapes may strangle a child.
  • Do not place the crib near electrical cords, or underneath objects that could fall into the crib and injure or harm the baby.
  • The strings can cause strangulation. Do not place items as a string, cord or ribbon, around a child’s neck, such as hood strings or pacifier cords.
  • Do not suspend string over a toddler bed for any reason.
  • Infants can suffocate on soft bedding. Never add a pillow or comforter. Never place additional padding under an infant.
  • Pediatricians recommend healthy infants placed on their backs to sleep, for reducing the risk of SIDS unless otherwise advised by your physician.
  • A child can trap parts of the body or clothing on loose fasteners. To help prevent strangulation tighten all staples.
  • It does not recommend to use a water mattress with crib furniture.
  • Never use plastic shopping bags or other plastic films as mattress covers because they can cause suffocation.
  • Secure that the gap between the mattress and the sides of the crib is not more than 1 3/16 inches (3cm). The child can suffocate in gaps between the crib sides and a mattress that is too small.

How to prevent fall risk

  • Set the mattress to the lowest position when the child can pull up to the standing position. Do not place any items in the crib.
  • Stop using the crib when the child begins to climb out or reaches the height of 35 inches (89 cm).
  • Using a quality Crib Netting that is certified for helping and prevent the baby fall from the crib. Using this kind of product prevents that your little one from getting bit by an insect caught between railings, or taking a tumble.
  • It is recommended to use quality Safeguard for children and toddler beds.

Tips for choosing and using safety the Crib Netting or Crib Tends.

  • Read carefully manual instructions before installation and use.
  • Choose a high-quality construction – The product to be CPCS ( The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission) approved. The cover must be BPA free and Hypoallergenic. The tend crib must be creat by a thick material, flexible netting, and velvety to touch and never get scratched or tangled the baby.
  • Choose a Netting or Crib Tend that fits with your crib and your mattress. The Tend’s dimensions have a regular fit usually.
  • Choose the tent to be completely enclosed to prevent the toddler lift the mattress.  
  • Choose a white transparent color for a good view and to see through the netting. 
  • The tend crib must have an auto-lock zipper to prevent the infant from opening.
  • To have Built-In Ribbons Per Corner for Unrivaled Safety and no string attached to it.  
  • To have a product warranty

The Best Baby Sleep Tips EverTips for choosing and using the safety guard

Read and follow all instructions carefully to ensure that your bed rail use properly. Failure to follow the instructions for the assembly of use of your bed rail could result in grave injury or death. The safety of your child is your responsibility.

  • Do not use two separate guards on one bed. The bed or crib rails will not function properly and could be a safety hazard. Should you need coverage on both sides of the bed, purchase Double-Sided safety guards.
  • Choose good quality and construction, and Certified by the American Testing Society and Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. Easy to set up and cover to be with velvety and hypoallergic material.
  • Make sure to have the right bed before buying a bed rail. Every brand recommended the right tip of the bed for use. The bed rails are recommended on the adult bed and a bed ranging from twin size to queen size.

Suffocation and Strangulation Hazard

  • Make sure there are no gaps in and around the safety guard to prevent that your child gets hurt.
  • Don’t use a bed or crib rail if your child is younger than two years old, or be sure that the product manual has specified the right age of the child for safety guard use. You may use a bed or a crib rail when your child must be able to get in and out of the adult bed by himself.
  • NEVER use a bed rail in place of the crib.
  • NEVER use unless the safety guard is tight against the mattress and without gaps. Do not fill gaps with pillows, blankets, or other items that can suffocate children.
  • Never use the type of beds that excluded by the manufacturer. In the product manual, you will inform about the designs of the bed or crib that the safety guard can use or not.
  • Discontinue use if the bed rail is damaged, broken, or if parts are missing.
  • Do not use it if the bed rail is not fully assembled.
  • Periodically check that all spring pins are fully engaged on the bed rail.

The Best Baby Sleep Tips EverTips and recommendations for using the baby’ monitor

A baby monitor is a great way to keep an eye on our baby during sleep. The baby should always be in constant monitoring of his parent, and baby monitors come to our aid if we leave the child alone while he sleeps. Always pay attention to read the User Guide before installing and using the product.
What to keep in mind when choosing a baby monitor to guarantee the right choice for safe sleep

  • Easy use and Installation – For easy use, you can choose a design with no complicated WIFI connection or any other APP download required.
  • Alexa or Google Assistant– If you choose a Wifi APP baby monitor for safe and helpful use, be sure to connect the device to Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Infrared Night Vision – The infrared night vision function allows the camera to pick up images of your baby in dark or low light conditions.
  • Room temperature detection– With this feature, supervise the baby’s room temperature all day and care about your baby’s health.
  • Long Transmission Range & Portability – The best design offer up to 1000 feet (straight line and open space), allowing you to keep the baby in view no matter where you are in the house.
  • Motion and Sound detection – Vox Mode is a system that uses in the baby monitor and will tell you as soon as the baby is crying.
  • High-quality LCD and screen – Choose a Baby monitor with hight quality LCD video and at least 2x digital zoom with 360 degrees.
  • Two-Way Audio and communication – The monitor offer quick and easy listening and comforting your baby from another room in the house for real-time responsiveness.
  • Multi-Camera Option – It is helpful for you to buy a baby monitor with multi-camera support.
  • Long term product Warranty– The product must have at least a one-year warranty.
  • To be a quality product and customer support at any time.
  • Battery option- Choose a product with a long-life battery.
  • Other helpful features – Alarm timer or feeding alarm, Adjustable Brightness and Volum, etc.

Tips for using safe a baby monitor

Suffocation Hazard – Baby monitors and cameras with power cords should never hang on or near the crib. Power cords should keep more than 3 feet away from the crib and baby’s reach at all times. Children can become entangled in power cords.
Swallow Hazard – The baby monitor contains small parts. Exercise care when unpacking and assembling the product.

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Conclusion- The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever

In conclusion to this article, I would like to add that I shared with you helpful tips for some of the baby products that are widely used for baby sleep, but many other products should not overlook by every parent in the way they used them. Please read the instructions and manuals for each product carefully and keep your child’s sleeping area as far as possible from any objects that are excessive or may affect your child’s safety.

I hope you feel more informed after reading this article for The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever.

Please, If you have any comments, or questions, feel free and leave them on the form below. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

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