Best Tips For Baby Crib Furniture Sets

The baby nursery is one of the most emotional things that parents prepare before the child’s birth. Finding the best Baby Crib Furniture Sets quality at the most affordable price is the challenge of every parent. Children grow up very quickly using their belongings for a limited time. We should be smart in choosing baby furniture prices without compromising the safety of our child.

The baby bed can divide into two groups: Suspended Bed and Baby Crib Furniture.

  • A suspended bed means a cot or a crib, often with a non-rigid or other flat surface suspended with cords, straps, or slings from one or two anchorage points. We can find them in designs like bassinet & bedside sleeper, co-sleeping cribs and, cradle, portable cribs. These beds are used most in the first year of baby life and can easily place near the parents’ bed.
  • Baby cribs furniture designs as the standard crib, the mini crib and, the convertible crib. The material for creating baby crib furniture is wood.
    Convertible Crib Furniture provides your child with a safe sleep from infancy through adolescence. These kinds of designs can convert from a crib to a toddler bed, a bed/day bed & even a full bed. These cribs manufacture with solid and certified material. You can find them in many designs with good quality.

Below I will break down some of the tips for choosing the right baby crib furniture set for the baby, the pros, and the cons related to baby cribs. I will also dwell on the top tips for baby cribs uses to prevent any risk the baby may experience.

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Evolur Julienne Convertible Crib FurnitureHow to choose the right Baby Crib Furniture Sets for my baby

Every parent, before buying the baby crib, it is better to keep in mind some tips that could help to make the right choice.

    • Convertible Crib: We should choose a crib convertible to a toddler and an adult bed. The convertible baby’s crib can use for a longer time and can grow alongside the baby.
    • Grows with Baby: The crib should adjust in 3 or 4 mattress height positions, parallel to the child’s growth. So, we can lower and adjust the mattress to the baby’s height when the baby starts to sit or stand.
    • Built to Last: It is better to choose a pattern made of solid and sturdy material and easily mountable. Certified materials like wood or metal ensure great safe for the baby and longevity of the bed life.
    • Put Your Baby’s Safety First: The crib should certify by JPMA to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM International.
    • Size and Accessories: Choose the crib size inconvenience with the room space. The baby must sleep in the parent’s room during the first year. Choose the mattress of the same size as the baby crib. Usually, the crib furniture design fits a standard size crib mattress.
    • Follow Instructions: Follow the instructions for the product assembly and conversion kit purchasing. The manufacturer recommends purchasing the toddler bed conversion kit at the same time as the crib.
    • Product Warranty: The warranty product is a safe choice for your money. Manufacturers usually offer a one-year limited warranty, the necessary time to test and check the product for damages or other warranty issues.
    • Give yourself Time: Make sure to set up the crib ahead of time before the baby’s birth. This way, you can avoid making the wrong purchase and have enough time to assemble the product.

5  Pros for convertible baby cribs

      • Created with solid and certified materials.
      • Created in many designs and colors.
      • Adjustable mattress support.
      • One-year product warranty.
      • Finding in competitive and various prizes.

5  Cons for convertible baby cribs 

      • The mattress and convertible rails sold separately.
      • The mattress could not fit the crib size.
      • Changer tables sometimes can use only in the first weeks.
      • Sometimes, the smell of paint is durable after the assembly.
      • The assembly instructions sometimes are not very clear.

Baby in The Crib FurnitureAnswers to the questions that new parents do about baby cribs

The new parents must have any necessary information related to the baby. Below you will find the answer to some of these questions about baby cribs.

Why does the baby need the crib?

One of the most important purchases of the baby’s furniture is his crib. The baby is safer if she sleeps in her crib. Baby cribs provide a peaceful and safe sleep for her. The pediatrician recommends that the baby always must sleep in her crib, sharing the same room with the parents for the first year of her life.

How long do the baby use cribs?

This tape is closely related to the child’s development. There is no set time for when children should move to a larger bed. The transition is individual starting after the age of 18 months up to 40 months. Manufacturers recommend that the right time of transition is when the baby starts to rise or reaches 35 inches of height. The child’s height may exceed the parameters of the depth of his crib after two years old. Parents should monitor their kids to prevent home accidents of the child if he gets off the bed.

Can a baby sleep in her room from birth?

Each pediatrician recommends that the baby for at least six first months of her life must sleep in the same room with parents, but not in the same bed. For the baby’s safety and the prevention of the risk from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), the baby must sleep in her crib.

How to keep the baby 2-year-old in his crib?

We should take care of the child for preventing that he gets off the bed by himself. The first thing to do is to place the mattress in the lowest position of the crib. Do not place items like books, toys, pillows that may increase the child’s height, if he rids on them. Supervise the child’s tendency. If he no longer stays in the crib, then he may be better off making the transition to a toddler bed.

The Lancaster Convertible Baby Crib, white color

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Important Tips for Baby Cribs assembly and use

Below you will find some tips for baby crib uses to prevent any possible risks.

    • Read all instructions before the crib assembly. Keep the instructions for future use. To fail the following product assembly instructions could cause serious injury or death.
    • Before and after the crib assembly and frequently during use, check the product for damaged hardware, loose joints, loose bolts or other fasteners, missing parts, or sharp edges. Do not use the crib if any parts are missing, damaged, or broken.
    • Follow the manufacture’s instructions about the age and weight of the intended user.
    • The guardrails used as a mattress containment must use to avoid the formation of the gap between the mattress and the bed that could cause entrapment.
    • Use a full-size crib mattress and the right type as specified in the product manual. Don’t put in the crib a mattress that is thicker than the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stop Signal WarningHow to avoid strangulation and suffocation risks

    • The baby bed shouldn’t place near the windows. The cords from the blinds and drapes may strangle a child.
    • Do not place the crib near electrical cords, or underneath objects that could fall into the crib and injure or harm the baby.
    • The strings can cause strangulation. Do not place items as a string, cord or ribbon, around a child’s neck, such as hood strings or pacifier cords.
    • Do not suspend string over a toddler bed for any reason.
    • Infants can suffocate on soft bedding. Never add a pillow or comforter.
    • Never place additional padding under an infant.
    • Pediatricians recommend healthy infants placed on their backs to sleep, for reducing the risk of SIDS unless otherwise advised by your physician.
    • A child can trap parts of the body or clothing on loose fasteners. To help prevent strangulation tighten all staples.
    • It is not recommended to use a water mattress with crib furniture.
    • Never use plastic shopping bags or other plastic films as mattress covers because they can cause suffocation.
    • Secure that the gap between the mattress and the sides of the crib is not more than 1 3/16 inches (3cm). The child can suffocate in gaps between the crib sides and a mattress that is too small.

Baby Stand Up Inside Wooden CribHow to prevent fall risk

    • Set the mattress to the lowest position when the child can pull up to the standing position. Do not place any items in the crib.
    • Stop using the crib when the child begins to climb out or reaches the height of 35 inches (89 cm).

Tips for Storage, care, and clean

The material used determines the storage and cleaning conditions.

    • Wood crib furniture is best to place away from heating and air conditioning vents.
    • Sunlight is not friendly to solid wood furniture. It is better to avoid direct sunlight exposure.
    • Care and Cleaning for wood furniture: Do not scratch or chip the finish. Do not use abrasive chemicals for crib cleaning. Clean with mild soap on a soft rag. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
    • If you ever refinish this furniture, be sure to use only a non-toxic finish specified for children’s products.

Gold Star- Ranking Symbol

What are the best baby crib furniture sets?

The best crib for your child will always be one that meets your expectations, to ensure safe and comfortable sleep for your baby at the most affordable price. Despite the design or the brand you choose, the crib must meet all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM and should certify by JPMA. In this way, the baby crib should provide the baby with a safe, comfortable, and supportive sleeping space from infancy to toddlerhood.

Our best suggestions for baby cribs – Great quality with convenient price

The Mika Bedside Sleeper Crib Grey

#1. The Mika Micky Sleeper Crib allows the baby to sleep next to the parent bed, without sharing the same bed. This bedside Sleeper provides a safe sleep for your baby and can change to normal bassinet mode. You can move it to the living room and take care of her anytime. It is also light and foldable for traveling.


Main Features
• Easy to attach or remove from parents’ bed using the two fastening straps provided
• 7 height positions to suit parents’ bed. The Two-side mesh makes a more breathable and cozy room
• Easy-open side panel for bedside mode
• Stable bottom supported and comfortable mattress with the sleeping board
• Suitable from Birth to 5-months/33 pound or until baby can pull themselves into an upright position

#2. The Essex Crib is a modern nursery design. The adjustable height mattress allows this crib to grow alongside your baby.

Delta Children Essex Convertible Baby Crib Furniture Set

Main Features
• Convertible to a toddler bed, daybed, and sofa
• Adjustable height mattress support with 3 convenient positions
• Uses a standard size crib mattress
• Product size: 54 Inches Long x 29.50 Inches Deep x 34 Inches Height
• JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM International

#3. The Kalani Crib has a beautiful and versatile design. It is constructed from natural pine wood and is Green Guard Gold Certified. This crib is one of the best-sellers of the Da Vinci brand for over ten years.

Kalani Convertible Baby Crib Furniture

Main Features
• GREENGUARD Gold Certified- this crib is tested for over 10,000 chemicals
• Easily converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed
• 4 adjustable mattress positions that you can lower as your baby begins to sit and stand
• ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards
• Made of 100% solid sustainable New Zealand pine wood, easy assembly
• Interior Crib Measurements: 52.125 Inches Long x 28.125 Inches Width
• one-year limited warranty

#4. The Union 3 in 1 convertible crib is a durable and chic staple for the modern nursery. This crib is a safe place for the baby to rest easily. Available in both Grey and White color. The maximum weight of the child must be 50 lbs.

nion Convertible Baby Crib Furniture

Main Features
• Meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards
• Non-toxic, lead and phthalate safe finish
• Converts to a daybed and toddler bed
• Four adjustable mattress levels
• The One-year product warranty

#5. The Ashton Crib is a lifetime crib that provides safety for your child from infancy through childhood to adulthood. This crib features a stationary rail design which provides the utmost in product safety. This crib meets all applicable ASTM and CPSC standards.

Ashton Classic Convertible Baby Crib Furniture


Main Features
• 5 positions convertible crib
• Solid wood construction
• 3 positions adjustable mattress support system
• All tools for assembly included
• Baby weight limit 50 lbs.
• Tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standards


You can find a variety of cribs based on your criteria and requests that you have for the product. This article gives you helpful information about choosing your baby crib. If you leave in a small apartment or are looking for a mini crib for your next visit to the grandparents or your family vacation, then make a stop on my article 22 Best Small Baby Cribs for Small Spaces 2020.

I Hope have been helpful with these tips for Baby Crib Furniture Sets.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comment below.

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    • Hello, Jordan. It is true, lack of information can have many consequences for our babies, so I have tried to give a complete overview of this topic. Best wishes to your daughter. Thank you. Alketa

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    • Hi Ann, Child safety is a priority for me, and I believe so is for every parent. I agree Kalani crib is very pretty and liked by most other parents, not in vain is Da Vinci’s best seller for the last ten years.Thank you. Alketa

  4. Hi! I have been having some of the issues you’ve mentioned as cons concerning convertible baby cribs. The one that worries me most is the smell of paint. It’s awful. And it has been a long time since the crib was assembled. The other concern I have are the assembly instructions not being very clear. I have specific lines I can’t understand. Can you please help me? Can I write the most complicated lines here so you could please give me an idea of the interpretation. Sorry for bothering you like this.

    • Hi, Abel. Regarding your concern, I secure you, that these are certified products, and always have a solution for every problem or concern. This design are created and manufactured by market-affirmed brands. The product warranty and customer care are tools that we should use with any product concern.
      Regarding the smell of paint, it is not a frequent occurrence. It recommends no to buy the crib at the last moment, and after assembling that, the room will keep well ventilated until the smell has gone. 

      You can write to me about your other issues. I will try to give my opinion and hope to help you with it. Thank You. Alketa

  5. Hi there, thank you for sharing these best tips for baby Crip furniture sets. As new parents, we’re bound to face several challenges in several area that concern our baby comfort & safety, well being, feeding etc. God to see you give thewe tips for our baby’s comfort.

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