Personalized Newborn Baby Blankets

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Do you like to prepare a personalized gift for your little one? If you like the idea, then keep reading to reveal some awesome Personalized Newborn Baby Blankets from the Little Days Shop. 

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I like handicrafts, and during my pregnancy, my sister and I prepared some cute items for my daughter, as hooked, knitted, and embroidered blankets, sheets, dress, hats, etc. What I made for me it is beautiful, because I prepare by myself, choosing the design, material, colors that I liked for my princess. And at the same time, I kept my mind busy since I had not a handy pregnancy.  

Despite how much I love knitting, embroidery, or hooking, I can confess that being a mother of a little daughter doesn’t make me easy to find the time for these kinds of things every time that I like to prepare one. 

So, when I have to do a personalized gift for a newborn baby, I need to do my search for the best place to order. And, my dears, at Little Days you can find beautiful designs for doing a personalized gift for your little one, or a newborn baby that you love to do something special. 

You can have a look at yourself, and if you love knitting or other handicrafts, you know how to appreciate a personalized product. Any handmade, art, and craft product is special and unique.  

Personalized Newborn Baby Blankets-Classic Milestone Blanket

“As the owner of this website, I’ve tracked down great deals for the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you may get a worth bargain. It’s a win-win all around. FYI- Prices and Terms of the products refer to the date of the publication of this article. Full disclosure.”

Who is the Little Days Shop?

The Little Days is a company created by two friends and mothers who loved and shared a similar appreciation and passion for the beautiful thing, fashion, and design. Before becoming mothers, both the Little Days co-founders had many years of experience in the fashion world. 

So, Cheline YAU, the mother of three children, was the creative director for the events arm of Omnicom advertising in New York. Kailin Hau, the mother of twin baby, worked for over ten years in fashion merchandising at luxury brands, namely Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior.

They all enjoy art and crafts and starting by preparing small gifts for their friends. Today, they have a personalized gift brand for making the little years of the baby last longer in every family that chooses to prepare a meaningful gift from this brand.

If we separate the products by age group or categories, at Little Days, you can find the personalized newborn baby blanket, kiddy blanket, grown-up blanket, and wood collection. I will stop today at Personalized Newborn Baby Blanket. 

  • Do your children love music, animals, toys, or even vehicles, then you can find a wide range of designs, with these thematics at the kiddy blanket collection. 
  • The grown-up blanket design collection includes the perfect gift for your lover, showing the appreciation with a personalized gift.
  • The wood collection consists of products such as milestone boards, keepsake boxes, reward charts, etc. and any of them is a personalized one. 
  • The Personalized Newborn Baby Blanket collection includes designs that range from simple baby milestone blankets to more elaborate birth announcements. Let’s see more about this collection.

Personalized Newborn Baby Blankets-Angel Wings Milestone Blanket

What Made On The Little Days Newborn Baby Blanket?

All the Newborn Baby Product knitted from 100% high-quality cotton for maximal comfort, breathability, softness, and lightness while your little one can use it. 

At the Little Days, every product creates by knitting, without the use of embroidery or printing. Sometimes the embroidery or printing make the blanket to be rough at the part that applied. Also, you don’t have to worry about fading through multiple washes because the cotton material can cherish for years to come.

Being 100% knitted, your little one will enjoy all the softness and the breathability that cotton offers in any season of the year. You know that the newborn clothes, bedding, and blankets need to keep your little one safe, comfortable, and warm.

A cotton blanket is friendly to use even during the summer days and nights for a newborn baby in the first months of life. 

Personalized Newborn Baby Blankets-Flying Unicorn Milestone Blanket by LoLBWhat kind of gifts can you find at the Little Days Newborn Baby Blanket?

In this collection, you can choose through more than 80 designs for the order of a personalized blanket for a newborn baby. If you prefer, you can design by yourself the gift that you like to order for your baby. The collection includes many classic designs from milestone blankets up to the birth announcement. You can find them in many colors and designs, with the moon and stars, and many lovely quotes on any of them.

Through many designs, you can choose your favorite ones having a free decision to personalized it.  

Ordering at the Little Days does mean that:

  • Personalized your baby blanket choosing from more than 80 designs, or even more, design it by yourself. By design, you can order any blanket that you like from:
    • The Classic Collection– Here, you will find designs like Milestone blanket, Twins Milestone blanket, Flatley blanket, and other gift ideas for Milestone boards and Cake toppers. 
    • Initial Collection-Here, you’ll find beautiful designs for your baby coming announcement with Love, Star Map, Wreath, and Upon a Time decor announcements.
    • Moon and Stars Collection-In this collection, you’ll find many galactic and starry sky designs, for Blankets, Boards, Cate Toppers, Nightlights, and you can personalize each of them for your Baby Milestones and Announcement.
    • Meadow Collection– Like the other collections, you can find here lovely flowers and meadow designs for your personalized blankets, boards, and other gift ideas.
    • Tribal Collection– In this collection doesn’t miss the milestone and announcement blanket and many other gift ideas like boards, Name Signs, Cake Toppers, and Nightlights. If you like the Tribal decor then, you’ll find your favorite design for your personalized blanket. 
    • Under the Sea Collection– For helping and protect our sea and oceans from plastic treatment, the Little Days encourages every customer to use more wood products, including in your personalized blanket set, a “Today I am” wood plaque 18cm in diameter. The Little Days support the mission of the Plastic Ocean Organization for the protection of the oceans and the seas. In this part of the Little Days, you’ll find a whale, turtle, and other sea creatures designs for personalized your gifts, bringing a piece of ocean in your home. 
  • You can choose through 18 colors combination for the right blanket design for your baby girl or boy. For every design that you like to order, you can choose to have a finished blanket in white on the baby blue, white on baby pink, white on the mint, white on the grey, white on the toffee, white on the red, white on the royal red, white on the fuchsia, and white on black. The finished blanket designs can also order on vice versa combination, every one of these colors knitted on the white field. 
  • Customize the blanket details adding your baby name, birth information, and a special message for your little one. 
  • The blanket can order in two available sizes. 
    • The Mini Size is available in the dimensions 100 * 120cm and can use for infant and toddler age. 
    • The standard size is available in the dimensions 110 cm * 180 cm and made for children and adult age.

Personalized Newborn Baby Blankets-Meadow Milestone Blanket

Pros -What I like most:

Personalized Gifts 

Every product is unique, keeping your little one name, birth date, and your favorite quote that you like to add there. It’s a beautiful gift for anyone.


Product made on 100% on cotton, only in knitting, being more cherish for years comparing with printing products that fading by the wash and the use.


You can make a beautiful gift for only 100 bucks. Every personalized Baby blanket costs $101, which is an affordable price for a unique gift. You also can get a 10% discount for the product.


At Little Days Shop, everyone can find a template for the personalized gift. They offer many categories and unique designs.

Cons- what can impact your order: 


Every product made by order, so you need to make the order at least two weeks before the duty date for your gift.

Shipping terms 

The shipping is not free. Being personalized gifts, the company outsourced this service, which means that you need to pay an additional value for your order.

Additional Cost for changing templates 

If you like to make changes to the font of the template designs, you can do this by the product will cost more.


What you need to know more about

Care and Maintenance

The Little Days’s blankets are Machine-washable friendly, and recommended washing in cold water processing, hanging dry, or tumble on low, and do not bleach.


Any product made by the customer’s order, so you must know that your product needs around two weeks to made and shipped. The company offers a flat fee shipping for non-limited order, separated in various geographical zones. 

  • The flat fee shipping is $5 If your shipping address is in Hong Kong, China, and Macau. 
  • In any other rest of Asia, the flat fee is $13.
  • At the other destinations in the world, the flat fee is $23.

In any case, if you like to have your order faster then, you have the option of Rush Order with a $26 additional fee. You may contact The Little Days for your expedited terms. 

Since the order is personalized, then you can for a refund or exchange, only if you receive a faulty product. You need to notify in three days about this issue.

Gift Case

For any personalized blanket or gift, you have the option in a symbolic price of $5, to choose a kinder way, delivering them inside a cute gift case that the Little Days create to make your gift perfect.

Questions and Answers 

  • Q1. Do I have any option If I don’t have enough time to order a personalized gift?
  • A1. You can choose your gift from the Ready to Ship blanket collection, or you can dedicate a gift Card to send your love to a new mother to be, perfect for a baby shower gift, baby’s birthday, etc. The gift cards have one year of validity.
  • Q2. Is it possible to see a draft of my order before doing the order?
  • A2. The Little Days offers this service for the Bespoke section. You can have three drafts before the final production vs. a price of $158 for any order. In this section, you can choose, propose your design, or make changes in the existing design templates.
  • Q3. What happens if my order information is wrong?
  • A3. You need to notify as soon as you can to fix it.
  • Q4. Can the customer get a discount?
  • A4. The Little Days offers a 10% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter or post a foto of your baby with the Little Days product on Instagram.

Personalized Newborn Baby Blankets-Classic Milestone Blanket


Create a beautiful gift for your little one.

If you like to prepare a personalized gift for your little one, then don’t hesitate. I have made myself many beautiful crafts for my daughter, but If you can’t do it by yourself, then you have the solution. The Little Days have all the resources to create the perfect product for you.

Ordering a personalized Blanket for your baby, you make a functional and lovely gift for her. You have many options to choose from there. And after many years, this baby blanket will be a sweet memory for you and your little one. 

Order your perfect gift, make your little one and your dear familiar, or friend, happy with your present.

Father Day is coming, and you can order Family Love Blankets – For Mom, For Dad, For Kids, and For babies – Love Little Days Shop

Please, If you have a comment or a question, feel free to fill the form below. I’ll answer as soon as possible.


Personalized Baby Blankets From Little Days Shop


Product Features


Product Quality





  • Personalized Gifts 
  • High Quality-100% cotton and 100% knitting design
  • Affordable Price


  • Shipping Costs
  • Time- 2 Weeks to get your order
  • Additional Cost

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  1. This looks adorable. My daughter will look amazing, I will get her one shortly, on my next paycheque. I know my wife will be extremely happy when she sees this blanket.

    Do you know if it is safe to wash with other delicates, or is it better to wash it alone?

    Thanks for the info!


    • Hello Juan, Thank you for your answer. I think that you can wash the blanket with similar color, following all the washing instructions. 



  2. What a super-cute collection of personalized newborn / baby blankets. I gifted a month / year blanket to my best friend for her baby shower and it’s been so sweet and cute to watch the beautiful baby’s growth with the adorable blanket as a backdrop. 

    Thanks for all the details about what to expect with orders and shipping times!


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