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If you prepare a baby list, you may know now that the crib sets are essential items for the baby’s sleep. And if you are still looking for your baby crib sets, then you are at the right place. I’m going to share with you four Nursery Bedding Bundles from Go Mama Go Design. 

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I remember the days when I prepared to complete all the necessary items from my daughter’s list. Some of the baby crib sheets, blankets, and quilt, I decided to make by myself. If you have read my story, you know now that I hadn’t a handy pregnancy. I stayed all the pregnancy time home, so for keeping my mind busy, I spend my days reading and preparing some of my daughter’s nursery items. I embroidered my daughter’s crib sheets and blanket, and my sister completed everything in the sewing machine. But you don’t need to do like me, especially if you don’t have time and don’t like to crochet or embroider. You can find in the market everything that you want in high quality and the best price. 

Who is Go Mama Go Design Brand?

The company created and led from Georgia Fiebrich and operates and offers nursery products from 2006. Graduated in various languages, Masters in International Business, and many years of experience in Financing, Trading, and small business, Mrs. Fiebrich created Go Mama Go Design to encourage and honor every mother’s love and sacrifice. Born in a family with artists ( painters, interior design, and art collectors), being the mother of two children, and inspired by every mother around the world, Georgia invest in this nursery brand offering quality, safety and affordable price for any mother and family. 

Center in San Antonio, Texas, Go Mama Go Design offers a variety of nursing products for your baby or toddler. The Vertical crib liners, teething guards, accessories, swaddling blanket are some of them, but I want to stop today at the bedding bundles. The company invests in creating not only beauty and luxury designs but also safety and comfort. 

Why Go Mama Go Design Nursery Bedding Bundles?

These nursery set from Go Mama Go Design are in high quality at a promotional and great price. For every product created, the designers keeping in mind the safety, comfort, and health of your little one. And the Go Mama brand is an international brand, offering the product across the world. Go Mama Go Designs has distribution in Canada, Chile, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and the UK and Ireland coming soon!!

Most of the orders shipped on the same day, and if your order made during the weekend, that spends the following business day. 

Your money is safe, knowing that you can make a refund in 30 days or return any unused product in 60 days for an exchange. And if a zipper or a tie breaks or is defective, Go Mama Go Design will happily send you a replacement. 

But what is more important, these designs that I will present you today are for you, at an affordable price. Let’s see all the features of any of them. 

#1. Love Petals 10Pc Bundle

Nursery Bedding Bundles -Love Petals 10Pc Bundle

This Petals bedding bundle creates for your little a luxury place to sleep by. The set made in cotton and warming color to guarantee for your baby a healthy, comfortable, and lovely place to sleep. All the Petal set comes in 10 pieces, including all you need for your baby. The lavender and Latte Minky design make a perfect fit for any decor and baby nursery, but I like most for a baby girl. The two crib mattress sheets and the cozy blanket will keep your little one warm and comfortable. The set comes with four teething guards to protect your baby teeth and keep him always safe in his crib. When my daughter started the teeth process, I found her many times biting her crib. Having these teething guards, your baby will have healthy teeth at any time. The petal crib skirt and the valance make your baby nursery beautiful and lovely. This set sold for $250, but in these promotional days, you can find it for $79. Check by yourself today’s offer.

You can choose any design of vertical crib liners to complete your baby crib set.

In detail this nursery set included: 

  • One Gorgeous Lavender and Latte Minky Blanket with Love Petals Print Trim.
  • One 16″ Cotton Love Petals Crib Skirt.
  • One Lavender Minky Sheet.
  • One Cotton Love Petals Crib Sheet.
  • Four Teething Guards to cover the top rails of your crib.
  • One Love Petals Valance 54″ x 16″.
  • One Love Petals Coton Changing Pad Cover.


  • Affordable price
  • Beautiful design
  • High quality-made on cotton.


  • The Pure Safety Vertical Crib Liners not included in the package.

#2. A is for Alien 10Pc BundleNursery Bedding Bundles-A is for Alien 10Pc BundleThis design, except for the comfort and cozy sleep, is a fun way for your little one to learn and develop his vocabulary. Made on letters and numbers design, your baby will attract by this set to learn more about his letters. In a Bleu and Chocolate design, this set is perfect for any modern nursery. The Bleu color makes lovely for your little boy baby crib. This set includes cozy items for your newborn. The Snug and Tug Swaddling Blanket will help your little one to have a longer and safety sleep. In the first months, your baby needs to sleep well and long, so you need to do anything to create a cozy crib. The set includes one more quilt and another blanket for keeping your baby warm, not even in the crib, but also when you take him with you, in your arms. Three teething guards will protect your child from biting the crib. The number’s design will keep your little one always busy in learning numbers. And the changing pad cover is helpful for you to change your baby in the crib or any other place. This set sold for $200, but you can find it for $79. Check by yourself the latest offer.

The crib set includes: 

  • One A is for Alien Quilt.
  • One Blue and Chocolate Minky Blanket with A is for Alien Trim.
  • One 16″ Cotton Blue Crib Skirt with Alphabet Trim.
  • One Blue Minky Sheet.
  • Three Teething Guards.
  • One 123 (Numbers) Cotton Changing Pad Cover.
  • One Chocolate Minky Valance
  • One A is for Alien Snug & Tug Swaddling Blanket


  • It is a Learning and modern design.
  • It is perfect for a boy baby.
  • Great price


  • You need to buy the crib liners separately.
  • You need to buy the fourth teeth guard separately.

#3. Pink & Chocolate 10 Pc Bundle

Nursery Bedding Bundles-Pink & Chocolate 10 Pc BundleThis Pink and Chocolate bundle comes in ten pieces, combine with vertical crib liners and bedding set for safe and healthy sleep for your little one. The set included 24 vertical crib liners, which permits you to create a safe and beautiful environment for baby sleep. If your crib has more rails, then you can order more crib liners, choosing the package that fits for you. You can purchase a crib liner package from two up to 38 pieces of crib liners. This crib liner designed on zipping on offering safe and protecting your baby any time. And for the larger crib rails or corners, you can put up the vertical crib liners together to cover all the high-risk crib zones. No tie, stripe, or ribbon, stretch to fit eliminating suffocation and strangulation risk. The vertical crib liners and all the other pieces of this set offer a safe and cozy sleep for any baby stage. So, the four teething guards are a great helper to protect your child during the teeth phase. And the Snug & Tug Swaddling Blanket is the perfect helper for your newborn sleep. The set value is $250, but during the promotional time, you can find it at $179. You can check the latest offer by yourself here.

All the crib set includes:

  • 24 Pink Vertical Crib Liners.
  • One Cotton Pink and Chocolate Polka Dot Crib Sheet.
  • One Luxurious Chocolate Minky Dust Ruffle with Pink Satin.
  • One Cotton Pink and Chocolate Polka Dot Changing Pad Cover.
  • Four Pink and Chocolate Teething Guards
  • One Pink Snug and Tug Swaddling Blanket.
  • One Chocolate Minky Valance


  • High-quality products 
  • A good price
  • Perfect for newborn baby
  • Great gift for a baby shower


  • If you want a second crib sheet, you need to buy it separately.
  • If your baby crib has more then 24 rails, you need to buy the other crib liners separately.

#4. Wild Thing Bundle 9pcNursery Bedding Bundles-Wild Thing Bundle 9pc

This Wild design is one of the best cribs set, perfect for your baby sleep, offering safe, comfortable, and at the best price. This set comes for you in nine pieces, including all the necessary items for a cozy sleep. The warming colors make it perfect for your baby girl nursery. Your little one will sleep like an angel at any stage. The Swaddling Blanket will help your baby to sleep longer, and the other blanket and the wild quilt included in the set will keep your baby cozy and warm at any time. Two teething guards for the front and backside of your baby crib will protect your baby during the teeth development phase. The changing pad is practical to use, and you can change your baby in the crib or in any other place that you like. The cotton mattress sheet keeps your baby always healthy and safe. And the Dust Ruffle gives your baby nursery the last detail to look beautiful. All the set has a value of $200, but the great thing is that the promotional price is $69. I think that this set is a perfect gift for a new mother. You can check the latest offer by yourself.

The set includes:

  • One Wild Thing Quilt.
  • One Wild Thing Minky Blanket.
  • One Wild Thing Cotton Crib Sheet.
  • Two Teething Guards.
  • One 16′ Wild Thing Dust Ruffle.
  • One Cotton Wild Thing Changing Pad Cover.
  • One Cotton Wild Thing Valance.
  • One Snug n Tug Swaddling Blanket.


  • Great price
  • Perfect gift for mother day or baby shower
  • Cozy set for any baby stage.


  • You need to buy vertical crib liners separately.
  • If you like to cover all the top crib rails, you need to buy two other teething guards separately.

Perfect Gift for Mother Day

These Nursery Bedding sets are perfect gifts for any baby shower and the coming soon Mother Day. The price is affordable for anyone. Raising a child is expensive, so let’s benefit when we can. When your little one can have a good sleep, you may have a relaxing time too. So any mother must consider these products for making a gift to herself.

If you like, you can explore more products from Go Mama Go Design, just one clock on this banner.

Verical_Crib_Liners_Pure Safety

Thank you for your time and for stopping reading this article. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free and fill the form below. I will come back to you in less than 48 hours.

Till the next time, Stay safe, everyone!

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  2. Having a coordinated baby bed set makes new parents feel good about their preparation for their new baby.  It makes the room feel and look ready to receive the new little one.  When it is possible to have the whole bundle for the bed, wisely shopping is sure to allow the new family to afford to put together a nursery for a reasonable price.   

    If this is an important part of preparing for the new arrival to the parents, it is worth shopping early and finding just the right set for your needs.  I would feel comfortable shopping your site with your Bedding Bundles described so completely.  Babys don’t really need a wide assortment, and the Bundles include the things that will be used most.  Such a sensible way to take care of this important part.  

    There is just something so sweet about a well put together nursery.

    • Hello Sami, 

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  3. Hello there thanks for this review it was really helpful. It has really been a tough one looking for a nursery bedding bundles. Judging from your review I think Go mama Go has al what I have been looking for. These are some really nice nursery beddings for babies and I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea trying the company out 

  4. Wat an awesome article on Go Mama Go Design, this preview points out the ever immense role they play, their products line and much More…. As a mother expecting a baby, Go Mama Go Design is the best place to get all you need for your baby….very intriguing article…

    thanks for sharing

  5. An amazing review you their on”Nursery bedding bundles”

    They all look beautiful and they appear difficult to choose from! But I will consider the ” wild things bundle 9pcs because it is ok for baby of different stages. Although one need to buy something separately but for my baby it is worth it!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Lizzy, You are welcome. I’m glad that you found your favorite and worthy design for your little one. 



  6. Hey nice article you have there, I was opportune to see the wild design in one of my friends house, for which I recommend same to my aunt, she has been using the wild design for her baby and it’s quite amazing, baby Natasha always finds joy and comfort when on it and always tend to sleep longer on it when compared with aunt’s bed.

    • Hello, thank you very much for stopping by and for sharing your experience and opinion about the wild design. I appreciate.




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