Solly Baby Wrap Reviews

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Hello mums,

Are you looking for a comfortable way to carry your baby? If you are looking for a baby wrap like me, then take a minute and keep reading to learn more about this cozy and soft way to wrap your baby? This article about Solly Baby Wrap Reviews will help you to choose your favorite one. 

Summer is coming, and we can have more daily hours to take a walk and move around with our little ones. Having a baby wrap makes everything easier and comfy for both baby and mother. 

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What is a baby wrap?

A baby wrap is a length fabric through two to six meters, which usually wears by the mothers for wrapping the baby. Inspiring by traditional carriers and part of baby slings, a baby wrap can tie and use in the front, back, and hip of the person who wears it. All the variety of tieing depends on the length of the baby wrap. You can tie around the waist and shoulders to wrap a baby or a toddler from birth up to 25 pounds. 

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews-Solly Baby WrapWhy choosing Solly Baby Wrap?

Solly Baby wrap is a certified and tested product created by a mother that gave birth and raised four children and knows what is best for you. This product is a luxury design at an affordable price and named the best wrap by New York Time’s Wirecutter Magazine.  

Solly Baby fabrics are custom made and dyed, using only the best-knit materials available with the perfect stretch. These baby wraps are lighter and slimmer to avoid overheating you or your baby, making it ideal for year-round use.

Made for any mother, they are the perfect way for wrapping your little one during the first year. 

Using the Solly Baby wrap, your baby will go straight from your womb to this wrap, keeping your little one cozy, soft, and calm. It can be a second home for your baby, and you will keep your baby comfortable with you for all the first year, feeling his breath and his heart beating in your chest while he slept like an angel in your arms. 

With Solly Baby, your little one will cry less, and your baby will be healthier, having less gas and reflux. Solly wrap made 100% on certified Lenzing modal offering soft and breathable wearing, for you and your little one. 

And about you, using one lightweight and silky soft Solly Baby design, you won’t have any problem or issue with your comfort and hand free moving. When you wear a Solly wrap, you will pass a healthier postpartum time. Through many colors and designs, you can choose your perfect baby wrap for any occasion and any season. This product tested firstly by its creator for offering now the best choice for your baby and you. All the Solly Baby is designed for up to 25 pounds of weight and has a length of 5.5 yards or 5 meters. 

Pros and Benefits 

Certified Product

Solly baby made on 100% certified Lenzing modal, sourced from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees, for being a healthy, breathable, and safety product. It sews in Los Angeles, and it is a perfect wearing for your little one. 

Healthy and Safe product

Solly baby wrap offers many health benefits that make it more likely and lovely to use by you. Firstly, it hips healthily certified for the best development of your baby hips. The first six months are significant for the development of the bones and hips of your little one, and Solly wrap encourages healthy hip development. 

Keeping baby on your chest wearing a Solly Baby wrap most time of the day will help him to sleep better, having less gas and reflux, better digestion, alleviate colic, and the reduced crying up to 43%.

And wrapping with Solly Baby, any health issues will be easy to pass. Feeling like in the mother’s womb, the baby will have a regulate heart rate and body temperature. It also aids in the vestibular development system. The movement of the mother promotes the development of the child overall. Using a wrap, you will have a unique bonding with your little one. 

Comfortable and Cozy 

The Solly wrap is also comfortable and healthy for the parents. It distributes the weight across the body for not getting tired and doesn’t damage any muscle or vertebrae. 

You can move around having your hands free, and while you wrap your little one, you can do a lot of other things, caring for other children, work, etc. You can feel comfortable to travel anywhere with it. Any piece of Solly baby made on generous sizes for tied easily from every parent and being used to anybody’s shapes.

Lightweight and Silky Soft

All the Solly Baby wraps made on soft and light material, offering a lightweight product for the person that wears it. Your baby will feel comfortable with it, and you can’t wrap him for many hours without getting tired.

Luxury and Chic

Solly baby made in various colors and designs, offering a luxury wearing for any parents. You can purchase your favorite baby wrap, choosing through many natural and warm tints.

Affordable price

Solly Baby has a competitive and affordable price, considering the quality, features, and benefits that you get from the product. Beyond this, you can choose to pay the price in four interest-free payments every two weeks using the same payment card. At the checkout, you select after pay option, and after an online approved, you can enjoy the product now and pay it from $16.25 every two weeks. And you don’t need to pay anything else being correct with the payment dates. 

Cleaning and Storage

Solly Baby wrap is easy to clean, machine washable in cold water and delicate process, and high-quality material that keeps the germs off. Soft and silky, it is compact to store in a storage pocket or diaper bag. 

Worry Free-Return

Solly Baby accept un free return of unused product in 30 days of your product arrival from any US and International customers. The company offers the preorder option if you like a product, but it is not in stock, and you can cancel your order before the released date, just by sending an e-mail to the

Cons – What I think that need to improve

Shipping Costs

Solly Baby doesn’t offer free shipping. It outsources the shipping service by UPS 2nd Day Air to ship the product to the customer in 2 business days. The service is fast, but you need to pay for it $5.95 for domestic order and $15 flat rate for USPS First Class International mode. The other international shipping cost can vary from the method that you’ll choose for it. Also, the shipping fees don’t refund if you return your order. 

Limited Time of Use

Solly Baby wrap designs mainly for the first year of baby life. Different wraps offer to carry the baby up to the age of 18 months and 35 pounds of weight. 

Not so cheap. 

Solly baby offers high-quality products, and you can choose to pay in rates if you can’t afford the price in one payment. But, it is also true that you can find other baby wraps for half of Solly’s price. 

Our Suggestion for your Solly Baby Wrap to use this Summer

All the Solly Baby Wraps have the same benefits, features, and modality of use. These five suggestions selected based on the high customer’s rating, the lovely colors, and designs that everyone will like for sure to wear all the time.

Find below a short brief of any of these baby wraps.

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews-Solly Baby Neutral Stripe


This Solly baby wrap is a classic stripe with a natural base and beige stripes, that looks very pretty in your body, combined with any color trend that you prefer to wear. Its design for up to 25 pounds of weight and it is a universal fit size for the perfect use for newborns and toddlers. The product is machine washable in cold water, delicate cycle, and tumble dry low heat processing. This beautiful wrap will take your baby comfortable, and you never will get bothered by it. You can wear it with any shine or light color that you like. You can order Here.

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews-Solly Baby Basil


This Basil design is an herb green with warm undertones that is very lovely for many parents. The Basil color is a shade of the green that is on-trend and very likely to wear for the Summer. You can wear it every day of the year and in every season. This baby wrap is very soft and simple to use and get on, and you can adjust it when needed. Your baby will love it, and every mother that used it, recommends it for you. You can order Here.




Solly Baby Wrap Reviews-Solly Baby Solstice#3. SOLSTICE

This Solstice design is a deep summer blue with grey undertones. This beautiful dye is similar to the tonality of faded denim, one of the seven trend colors for this Summer. It is not only pretty to wear, making the perfect look, but at the same time comfortable, easy to get on, and to hang your baby in it. This color and design can wear by any parents. Your little one will sleep like an angel in this Solly Baby wrap, even if he is fussy. You just wrap your baby up and go on with other activities without disturbing him. It is a worthy choice for both of you. You can Order Here.


Solly Baby Wrap Reviews-Solly Baby Blush Swiss Dot#4.BLUSH SWISS DOT

This Blush Swiss Dot is a muted mauve pink with natural dots. The wrap print is one-sided. This color is beautiful to wrap a baby girl, and it very lovely to wear in the Summer and not only. A light color that you can combine with any daily wear that you like. A beautiful, lightweight, and breathable product that you and your little one will love so much. You can go for a walk every morning and every evening to calm and satisfy your baby’s requirements. You can order Here.

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews-Solly Baby Spelt#5. SPELT

This Spelt design is an earthen clay with warm grey undertones. The earth tonalities are pretty to wear in any season and from any gender. Every parent can feel good wearing this color, and your baby will be cozy and soft like in any other Solly Baby wrap. Any father can feel comfortable wrapping the baby in this design, easy to combine with many colors. You can order Here.

Solly Baby Wrap Reviews-SOLLY DOLLY - Garden Herb

And if your toddler likes to imitate you and wrap his dolly, then Solly Baby has thought for this. SOLLY DOLLY made of the same comfortable fabrics as any other Solly baby wrap. It is approximately 60 inches long and design for carrying a dolly or a stuffed animal that your child likes to wrap with him. This Solly Dolly cost $35, and you can Order Here.


Who is the Solly Family?

Solly brand created by Elle Rowley, who made her first wrap in 2011 after the birth of the second child Solomon (short Solly), from whom took the name Solly Baby brand. 

After having a bad experience using migraine-inducing carriers with her first baby, Elle was looking for something comfortable and chic to wear after giving birth to the second child. Her first baby had lots of colic and reflux, so she was determined to make something better for the second one. Elle wants a wrap that not only meets her baby requirements but also enables her to still chase after her toddler as well.

She started to experiment since she was pregnant and made a simple wrap for her son, Solomon. Feeling more comfortable wearing it, Elle wanted to share her creation with other moms and other parents.

She worked hard, and after many hours of work and late nights, she had the first batch of wraps ready for selling. 

In almost a decade, Solly Baby is a global brand, it named as the Best wrap by Wirecutter Magazine, and selected as the top gift pick for moms by Vogue. Parents Magazine, Martha Stewart, and the Today show are some other prestigious media, which have chosen to print and featured Solly Baby wrap.

At Solly Baby believe in 3 things:

  • To be thoughtful.
  • To keep it simple.
  • To do small things with great love.

The Solly Baby, is for sure, a success story of a woman and a mother. She created a product, not only for her children but for any mother that likes to wrap her baby in a cozy and soft way.

Solly Baby Wraps Reviews-Solly Family

What else about Solly Baby?

If you choose to buy a Solly Baby product, you are doing a great gift to yourself and not only. Solly Baby supports and helps mother and children that suffering every day from malnutrition. A part of the income of the Solly Baby donated for some charity causes, so buying a Solly wrap you gave you contribute. But you can also choose to donate and learn more about here

Solly Baby support the Humble Village, a non-profitable organization, that serving the indigenous people in the rural villages of Guatemala where maternal and infant deaths are at some of the very highest in the world. 

The Solly Baby Mother Center is a holistic health program to support malnourished children and their mothers through training and education for improving and learning food preparation, hygiene issue, children caring, family planning, etc. In total, the family and community served by this center are 240 families with 1.440 members. 

Questions and Answers 

  • Question: When to start using a baby wrap and up to what age can I wrap my baby in a Solly Baby wrap?
  • Answer: The Solly Baby wrap designs to pass from the womb to wrap. It recommended that for a baby under 8 pounds to be careful to take air passageways clear. It designs mostly for the first year of baby and up to 25 pounds of weight.
  • Question: Which is the safest position to wear the baby, facing forward or on my back?
  • Answer: It does not recommend back carrying with Solly Baby Wrap. In this position, the baby has the risk of falling, and it put up much pressure on the baby’s spine and from the angle of your baby’s body.
  • Question: What to do to feel secure wearing my baby in Solly Baby wrap?
  • Answer: You need to tie the wrap tighter and think about how your baby can fit in that. Make sure the straps stay flat and untwisted. When your baby weighs more, adjust the crossed straps on your back to form a higher X shape. 
  • Question: How do I care for the Solly product?
  • Answer: Always wash wraps, swaddles, and layettes in cold water on a delicate cycle and then low heat tumble dry. It recommends washing separately and using a delicates bag. Solly Baby products should store in an air-tight container for long term storage.

A perfect gift for any mother and baby

At the and of this article about Solly Baby Wrap, I can conclude that this product is worthy of any parents. Like any other mother that used this product, I recommend it for all the features and the comfort that offers for everyone. This product is one of the best gifts that a mother can have.

Please, If you have any questions or comments, take your time, and feel free to fill the form below. 

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Solly Baby Wrap


Product features


Health and Safety


Price and Affordability



  • Healthy and Safe product
  • Comfortable and Cozy 
  • Certified Product


  • Shipping Costs
  • Limited Time of Use
  • Not so Cheap

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