Great Christmas Time Safety Tips For Baby

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It is Christmas again, and as a mother, I want to share with you some Great Christmas Time Safety Tips For Baby.Great CHRISTMAS TIME SAFETY TIPS FOR Baby-Christmas Time Celebration

Christmas time is one of the most blessed time of the year. Despite the age that everyone is, the spirit of Christmas makes us feel younger and turn back in time, remembering with nostalgia our childhood Christmas time. Now, most of us are parents, and all that we want in this season days is to enjoy and have a blessed time in our families and that our kids being happy and cherry up with the harmony of Christmas.
As everyone knows, to have a great fun time in the family and without incidents, we need to be aware of what can affect the safety of our children during these holiday days. Most of the accidents our children suffer, happen in our homes and this does not exclude the Christmas days.
My daughter is about two years now, and she likes very much to decorate with us. I think for her it is more like a new game. To make her happy and to have fun together, we decorated her grandmother’s house and her aunt’s. But our pleasure was accompanied by a minor accident.
The next morning that we have decorated the Christmas tree at our home, she wanted to capture some ornaments of the tree and hang them elsewhere, but by the force of attraction, the tree fell. Luckily we were close by, and my daughter didn’t suffer any damage. These kinds of incidents happen in our homes every day. I am aware that many of you can have prepared for any similar situation, but let’s take a look at some of the occasions when we need to take care of making Christmas safer for our children

Great CHRISTMAS TIME SAFETY TIPS FOR Baby-Christmas DecorationChristmas Time Safety Tips [How to keep our kids safe when we decorate?]

Deck the halls with boughs of holly fa la la la la, la la la la. Christmas decoration is beautiful and makes our season jolly. Finding in many colors and brightness, they warm us and make us feel excited.
Our babies and kids go crazy for Christmas decorations. But, like any other issue, what we should keep in mind about them? Are they all safe?

    • Safe from suffocation. If the babies are less than three years old then, we should care to buy the Christmas ornaments no in small sizes, such as small balls or decorated with beads or stones. Children may be attracted to their brightness and may tend to bite or swallow. The risk of suffocation by the swollen of objects, in this case, is high.
    • Another risk of suffocation can face from decorative strips. Baby can wrap around their necks. Be sure no to put decoration strips near the baby crib or in the area where the baby sleeps.
    • Safe from power. The Christmas tree makes no sense without its lights. Be sure to place the power connection away from easily accessible outlets for children.
    • Safe from the Christmas tree. In many cases, the incidents with the Christmas tree consider funny by the people. I do not agree. We should prevent any episode that can have consequences for our child. Be sure to buy the right tree when you have little kids at home, or you can separate the tree from another area of your home using a baby gate multi-use. You can buy a Christmas tree for your toddler with decorations, and except that it is safe, your toddler will divert a lot playing with this Christmas tree and decorations.
    • Safe from the fire. In this cold season days, many of us use the chimney for a warm Christmas. It is one of the locations that we decorate in our homes for Christmas time.
    • Safe from the stairs. The stairs are another attractive place that we decorate for Christmas. Besides the fact that stairs are a source of accidents for young children, the presence of decorations makes them even more dangerous as children can be attracted to them. It is better to use a baby gate at the top, and the bottom of the stairs, to prevent any home accident.

Great CHRISTMAS TIME SAFETY TIPS FOR Baby- Baby In The Car SeatChristmas Driving Safety Tips [How to keep our babies safe in the car?]


Most of us have planned to travel this season. Some of us will voyage for a family holiday and some others to celebrate with their relatives. Traveling together with our children makes us more responsible, to have a safe trip for them and the whole family. Please find below some of the tips for safety traveling.

    • Safe in the car. The kids must have their car seats for a safe journey. You must choose the right car set for your child, according to the age and child’s body weight and height. It is more convenient for you to buy a convertible car seat than can use to the infant age until 50 pounds and for toddlers until 65 pounds. Children should always be comfortable and tied in their car seats.
    • For a safe trip, recommended using the right travel accessories.
      • Baby car mirror can use for rear face infants and is very helpful for supervising your baby during the driving time. In this way, you will be quieter, and your travel will be safer.
      • The baby car seat strap is another safety accessory that must use. Seat belt covers prevent any slippage and provide real security.
      • Baby head support for a car seat is a great accessories and highly recommended for a long trip. It keeps your child comfortable and no more neck strains while naps in his or her infant car seat, carrier, or stroller.
      • Kids travel pillow or seat belt pillow are another helpful and safe accessories for a child trip. These kids pillow design to support the kid’s neck and head, and help the kid sleep well during the trip. This product protects the neck in case kids need to break all of a sudden. The car seat-belt pillow or travel pillows made your trip ride so much easier on the little one.
      • The maternity car belt adjuster is comfortable for the pregnant mum and protects the unborn baby.
        It recommends reading carefully the instructions manual for assembly in the right way the car seat. You can use a car seat bases for a secure mount and keep your child safe.
    • If you prefer, traveling by camper, then buy the right traveling bed for your kids. The beds must create from certified materials, BPA & Phthalate-free, and with a safe design. In this way, your little one won’t roll over or accidentally fall off while they sleep.

Great CHRISTMAS TIME SAFETY TIPS FOR Baby-Christmas ShoppingShopping for Christmas with our baby

At Christmas time people are rushing to buy presents for their loved ones or go shopping for Christmas dinner or lunch. Many parents take their children with them while shopping.

    • Safety Baby with Shopping Cart Covers. If you should take your baby with you during the Christmas shopping, then for baby safe, it is recommended to use baby shopping cart coves. You can find a good design that makes your baby or your toddler feel comfortable, and both of you can be safe during the shopping time.
    • Safe baby with the baby backpack or carrier. You can use a baby backpack or a carrier for taking your baby with you during the shopping time. Be sure to choose a design made by 100% cotton, and a pattern that meets your needs.

Great CHRISTMAS TIME SAFETY TIPS FOR Baby- Christmas FoodChristmas Food Safety Tips [Healthy Nutrition of the babies during holiday]

Food is one of the holiday pleasures. We gather in the family and celebrate the Christmas season with our loved ones. Every woman dedicates her talent and prepares delicious recipes for Christmas lunch or dinner. Our tables are full of all kinds of food during the season days. Everyone wants food to be fresh and safe, but when it comes to kids, we want them to consume 100% safe and controlled food. When we have small children in our homes, we need to keep in mind a few things for keeping them safe even from food.

    • To prevent the risk of poisoning or allergies is better to prepare the food dedicated to our kids. We should continue to feed the children the same way as before, even on holidays.
    • To prevent the risk of suffocation, we need to supervise our babies. Some foods (olive, cherry, grape,etc.) can result in highly risky and with a fatal end if the child swallows any grains.
    • To prevent the risk of obesity and related deceases, like diabetes, doesn’t let your kids eat junk food, candies, or any other sugary food.
Christmas Time Safety Tips [Conclusion]

The purpose of this article is to make parents consider any possible circumstances that could be a source of the accident or endanger their children’s lives. Your supervision is essential to have always a safe and healthy baby.

I hope I have been helpful, and you have found in this article Great Christmas Time Safety Tips for Kids.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Hey Alketa, Thanks for writing Great Christmas Time Safety Tips For Baby. I found lots of tips here for our baby while decorating our house and while going via car. We will be aware while doing any work. Your tips are very useful in every way. They increase our awareness regards our baby. In my views awareness plays an important role in baby safety. 

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    • Hello, Parveen, 

      Thank you for you comment. I am glad that you find this content useful. 

      I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 


  2. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. One thing I don’t joke with is my child’s safety. The baby car seat is always ready and I make sure there is head support. Most times my wife follow so as the minimize the risk of my baby hitting his head. I have learnt a great deal here today thsnks


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