Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

Hello dear parents,

I hope you are doing well in your daily life and activities, taking care of your little ones, that I’m sure are growing up so fast the last summer.
If you are looking for a cute baby gift for the coming season holidays, then keep reading to know more about 15 Funny Baby Halloween Costumes. You may think that it is too early to buy a Halloween or Thanksgiving costume. Let me explain.

My daughter enjoyed so much her long vacation last summer, and I’m happy about that because she had a healthy and happy time. I hope that your little kids had a happy time, too. Summer is a lovely season because the days are longer, and we can have more activities outside.
I’m continuing to take care of her staying home, and every day needs to find new activities or toys to have an intensive learning and educative day with her. And, the kids are just kids. They like most to play all the time, and I need to think in advance for new tricks and activities for the coming months. Although Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas need some other weeks or months to come, we start to think right now for the right gift for our little ones. One of the funny and cute gifts that any baby, toddler, or kid like most are the character costumes. They look so cute wearing them, and we can use for many occasions, Halloween day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, birthday party, play role activities, etc. They are a cute outfit for making some good memories realizing a photographic set with one of these themes.
And the best thing is that we can find them in high quality, and it is not an expensive gift. We can bye for 10, 20, or 30 bucks a beautiful, soft, comfortable, and high-quality product that meets all our criteria for a happy occasion in our family.
I think that the investment is worthy to see our baby happy, smiling, and looking so cute wearing his favorite character or animal costume. I know that you agree with me about this, and I’m not keeping you longer here, but let’s see in detail, what I found through many designs that explored in Funny Baby Halloween Costumes this September.

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1#Hsctek Baby Halloween Costumes for Newborn, Infant & Toddler Unisex

My Rate Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-Hsctek Night Dragon

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The baby costumes from Hsctek are cute and funny, and you can order them for any baby’s age. They are one-piece jumpsuit costumes and can wear both from a baby boy and a baby girl and designed for a newborn baby, an infant age, or a toddler. Your baby girl or boy can find the favorite costume through the eight 3D carton designs.
If you live in cold places, or you want this costume to use during the Halloween time or other party costumes during the autumn and winter, this is one you must choose. It is a very thick design costume, and the outside part of it, made by 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, microfleece, fluffy and warm. And the linen fabric for the inside part is 100% cotton that keeps and protects your delicate baby skin everywhere that he will wear it. With it, your baby will feel comfortable and soft, but at the same time, you can put on or put off from your baby quickly because the front zipper closure makes this process simple. And the snap crotch helps for the diaper change. All the costumes match with the character’s shoes to keep your little one feets warm. The only thing that I want to highlight is that you need to wash the costume carefully.


  • A cute and funny costume for Halloween and more parties.
  • The Hsctek Baby Halloween Costumes are warm, soft and suitable for up to 24 months.
  • They are safe from the fire, flame resistant, and snug-fitting.
  • It is light to wear, with a hidden safety zip-front design from chin to feet.
  • More than 70% of the parents confirm that they have bought the usual size.


  • You can not find your baby suitable size for every carton design in every time.

2#Carter’s Baby Halloween Costumes

My RateFunny Baby Halloween Costumes-Carter's Baby Halloween Costumes

This Carter’s baby costume is an avocado design, cute and unisex, suitable from 3 months of age up to the kids of age 6-7 years old. You can also find a lot of other cartons or varieties design from Carter for your baby Halloween party or another costume party. The carter costume is true to size, and you can order the usual size that you mainly order for your baby clothes. It is 100% material microfleece, perfect for warm and cold weather. It is easy to get on or off from your baby and easy to take care of it. It is machine washable. This avocado design consists of three pieces, and you can find in various prices from $8 to $85, depending on your baby size and how available it could be in stock.


  • Carter is a known and high-quality brand that offers children’s clothes and shoes from 1865.
  • The costume is soft, for both cols and warm time.
  • It is simple to wear and get off, helping by a hidden zipper on the costume front.
  • It is machine washable and can dry very fast.


  • Sometimes, you can not find all the suitable sizes in the stock.

3#Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit with NASA patches and diaper snaps, WHITE, Size 6/12 Months

My RateFunny Baby Halloween Costumes-Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suit

This cute astronaut costume from Aeromax is a beautiful gift from anyone that loves NASA, Space, Costumes, Pretend Play like an astronaut, etc. It is suitable for the youngest baby 6-12 months, 18 months, continues with the youth size 2/3, 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, up to the age of 12-14 years old. Aeromax made this costume like a real astronaut costume for every baby and kids. It is one piece costume to ensure commodity and protection for your little one.
For the babies, the costume is made in soft fleece material and is comfortable. It is 100% cotton, without pockets for maximal protection, and with snaps for the diaper change. This size intended for age 4-12 months, and it fits with children that are hight 22-29 inches and weight 14-20 pounds.
From the age, 18 months in the costume included the embroidered cap and additional patches. They are available four colors and designs, pink, orange, white, and apollo 11, but for the age 12-14, you can buy the costume in orange and white colors only. Aeromax also offers the astronaut adult costume.


  • This costume is a realistic design with maximal attention on the details for any space’s lover.
  • It is a high -quality and durable design. Machine washable too!
  • It is suitable for seven age sizes.
  • It offers a real working zipper and pockets.


  • This costume is not suitable for the age 0-3 months
  • It was perfect that the costume comes with boots and helmet like a real astronaut.

4#MICHLEY Unisex Baby Animal Costume Winter Autumn Flannel Hooded Romper Cosplay Jumpsuit

My Rate

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-MICHLEY Unisex Baby Animal Costume

The Michley knows how to attract our eyes, creating these beautiful baby rompers in nine different character animals and suitable in many sizes. They made this unisex baby costume in six sizes from 0 to 36 months old, separated by six months each of them. It is cozy, soft, and breathable, made on flannel material, it is warm and comfy for all the autumn and winter days. Every animal design comes in the 3D hood with two little ears on the side, make it looks like a real animal, and your little one looks cute wearing it. It is easy to put on and off, with a long zipper in front, and it also goes to the back for a simple diaper change. The romper is machine washable, and you can wash it many times at about 40℃, and it will remain the same soft and comfortable. It also recommended washing fist before wearing your little one. The product is true to size, and almost 75% of the parents declared that it fits perfectly to the size.


  • It is the perfect gift for many occasions, Halloween, Birthday, Christmas, and other season gifts.
  • It is warm, cozy, and comfortable for all the winter days, at an affordable price.
  • It is easy to wash and dry.
  • It is a practical costume for every day, and you can find it in many sizes and designs.


  • It does not recommend for warm weather.
  • It is not suitable for more than 36 months.

5#Tonwhar Toddler Infant Tiger Dinosaur Animal Fancy Dress Costume Hooded Romper Jumpsuit

My Rate

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-Tonwhar Toddler Infant Tiger Dinosaur Animal Fancy Dress Costume

If your little one has the favorite animal character, and you are looking for a baby character costume than you need to make a stop at Tonwhar costumes. They offer ten beautiful designs, and you can choose your baby size because they are suitable for baby birth, 0-6 months, up to 36 months old, separating each size by six months of age. This green dino costume is cute and is 100% flannel lining and cotton. It is a unisex, high-quality product, made on breathable and soft material, thick, warm, and comfortable to wear. It is machine washable in cold water, easy to dry, and keeps its shape. The costume has a long front zipper, and it is easy to put on and off, and for the diaper change. It cames in long sleeves, and it is perfect for Autumn, Winter, and Spring season. The costume is for any occasion in your family, Halloween, birthday party, Day-Care activities, play a role, etc., or just for beautiful photography set for the best memories of your little one.


  • It is a high-quality product for any occasion.
  • It is soft, comfortable, breathable, and will keep your little one warm.
  • It is a unisex costume suitable in six sizes.
  • It is true to size, and more than 87% of the parents confirm that fact.
  • It is one piece romper, light to wear, and diaper changing.
  • It also is a cool gift idea for every little kid.


  • It is not the right choice for Summertime or hot weather.

6#Fun World Costumes Baby’s Infant Pumpkin Cutie Pie Costume

My RateFunny Baby Halloween Costumes-Fun World Costumes Baby's Infant Pumpkin Cutie Pie Costume

Halloween time doesn’t have a sense without the pumpkins. This beautiful costume makes your little one looks like a real pumpkin. The Fun World company is one of the three largest Halloween costume creators and suppliers all around the world. They always created cute outfits, like this one. It is true to size, and more than 75% of the parents recommend it to order as any other usual size for your little one. It included two pieces of the costume: the orange pumpkin face tunic and hat, and it is suitable for up to 24 months old, which are up to 25 inches high and up to 20 pounds of weight. The material used is 100% polyester, so for that reason, I recommended that young babies wear it always over the other cotton clothes.


  • A beautiful Halloween design for your little one.
  • It comes for you by one of the largest creators of Halloween items in the world.
  • It is light and comfortable for the baby to move on it or with it.
  • It can put on and off easily.
  • The price is affordable.


  • It is hand wash only.
  • You need to check your baby sizes with the product size chart before order it.
  • It is more comfortable for a baby that can walk and stay by himself.


7#Snow White Infant Costume

My Rate

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-Snow White Infant Costume

If you are looking for a cute costume for your little princess, then she can be a princess like the Snow White inside this cute and beautiful dress costume. It is an officially licensed dress that your baby can dress up for a birthday party, Halloween party, or any other funny and happy time in family or with friends. It is 100 % polyester and nylon that makes it also delicate and easy to tear. You can put on and off from your child in a simple way. It also is true to size. Most than 78% of the parents that bought this dress recommended ordering as a usual size for your little one. This dress is suitable for 12-18 months only. Your baby must be up to 28-32 inches in height, 19-19.5 inches in the waist, 19-20 inches in the chest, and 20-26 pounds of weight.


  • It is a cute character cameo dress for any party occasion.
  • It is a licensed product.
  • It is true to size dress.


  • The shoes and the hair bow not included in the package.
  • It is only for baby girls and one suitable age.

8#Jobakids Tattoo Sleeve Romper for Baby Boy Infant Jumpsuit Newborn T-Shirt Outfits Cotton Onesie

My Rate

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-Jobakids Tattoo Sleeve Romper for Baby Boy Infant Jumpsuit Newborn T-Shirt Outfits Cotton Onesie

If you are a tattoo user and want your little one to be similar to you in your next costume party, then you may consider this. These printed tattoo sleeves are 100% breathable fabric and perfectly fit your little one arms. And the color is similar to our human body, which makes it a realistic costume for any occasion, a Halloween party, a birthday gift, or any other gift idea. The T-shirt made 100% cotton, and the design is lap shoulder to make it easy for any parent to put on or off it from your baby. Overall it is 85% cotton, the sleeves are 95% polyester and 5% spandex, and you can find it in two colors, white and black, perfect for a baby boy or girl. It has the snaps button for the diaper change, and it fits the babies from 65-90 cm in height and 24-28 pounds in weight.

The Jobakids is a new brand that is introducing a high-quality product in the market to the customers, and to prove this, they offer 90 days money-back guarantee to any unsatisfied customer.


  • It is a cool pattern that also comes at good quality and price. It looks realistic to the human body-color.
  • The T-Shirt is 100% cotton with breathable sleeves.
  • It is a guaranteed product, 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • The t-shirt can wear simple and has snaps for the diaper change.
  • It is a cute gift for any occasion.


  • It is not suitable for a newborn age 0-3 months or a toddler age

9#Seeing Red Baby & Me – Chef & Lobster

My RateFunny Baby Halloween Costumes-Seeing Red Baby & Me - Chef & Lobster

If any of you, dear friends, is looking for a Halloween baby costume that matches yours, this one is the case. In this costume, you will dress up as a chef, and your little one as a cute red lobster. The baby costume at the same time is a cover of a baby carrier, and you can perfectly keep your little one with you all the time that you want. The red lobster attaches to the baby carrier with an elastic Velcro strap to keep your baby safe. You don’t have to worry about the carrier brand because it fits with any baby carrier.
The only issue is that you need to have a baby carrier because it does not come with the costume.
The costume comes with useful and beautiful accessories for the adult. It comes with a hat, apron, lobster carrier cover, and matching lobster headpiece as featured. It is 100% polyester and is hand wash or delicate cycle in a delicates bag. The costume for the older can fit for both a mother or a dad, and the red lobster can perfectly fit in your baby. I recommended referring to the size chart before order it.


  • It is an adorable costume, great for Halloween, picture, or any other costume party.
  • It is an easy costume, and it makes you look great.
  • It is suitable for any baby carrier.


  • It is suitable for 12 months only.
  • It will be great if it comes with a baby carrier.

10#Spooktacular Creations Baby Pumpkin Costume Deluxe Set for Toddler/Infant Halloween Party Dress Up, Role Play, and Cosplay

My RateFunny Baby Halloween Costumes-Spooktacular Creations Baby Pumpkin Costume

If you like the Halloween elements, appreciating the Pumpkin costume as one of the cute for your little one, then this one is another Pumpkin baby costume that you must consider. It has two pieces, Pumpkin Hood and Pumpkin Face Suit, and it is suitable for 12-24 months. It is a high-quality item, a non-toxic product that meets the US Toy Standard, which means that it is Safety Test Approved. It is soft and comfortable for your child, the material is thick, and the colors are rich. The costume is warm and cozy, and any child that loves pumpkins will love it.


  • It is a cute baby Pumpkin costume for Halloween party, role play, pumpkin theme activity, etc.
  • It is a child-safe product that meets US Toy Standard.
  • It comes in great price and quality.


  • It is not suitable for a young baby and under 12 months of age.

11#Baby Girls Halloween Outfits My 1st Halloween Romper+ Tutu Dress+ Striated Leg Warmer+ Bunny Headband 4Pcs Outfit Set

My Rate Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-Baby Girls Halloween Outfits My 1st Halloween Romper+ Tutu Dress+ Striated Leg Warmer+ Bunny Headband 4Pcs Outfit Set

If you are looking for a first Halloween costume for your little one, then you must have a look at this Kashger costume. It comes in black and orange, for a typical Halloween party costume, and the print on the black body “My 1st Halloween” makes this costume cute and perfect for any occasion.
With it, any baby photography or party, wedding, playing outside, Halloween party, birthday party, etc. will be great memories.
The costume is 100% cotton, comfortable, breathable, and soft for your baby skin. It is suitable for four sizes, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.
The costume includes a stretchy chiffon tutu skirt with an elastic waistband in orange color for the Halloween theme. It also comes with long sleeves and ruffled shoulders, and it has snap closures at the bottom for an easy diaper changing. It completes by striped leg warmers for the baby girl and a headband. It fits perfectly, and your little princes will look so cute wearing it.


  • It is a cute and beautiful costume for your little one first Halloween.
  • It is breathable cotton for a soft and comfortable dress.
  • You can use it in warm or cold weather.
  • It is beautiful for any special occasion in your family.
  • The customer service will help you with any questions that you may have about it.


  • It is suitable only for a baby girl.

12#Unisex Baby Girl Boy My First Halloween Clothes Outfits Costumes Pumpkin Romper Jumpsuit Bodysuit One-Piece

My Rate Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-Unisex Baby Girl Boy My First Halloween Clothes Outfits Costumes Pumpkin Romper Jumpsuit Bodysuit One-Piece

If you are looking for a cute, comfortable, and first time Halloween costume for your baby boy, then it is one that meets your criteria. This baby boy costume is a one-piece jumpsuit, breathable and soft cotton material, long sleeves, and it is suitable from the baby birth up to 24 months. Every size separates by three months of age. You can find this costume with “My 1st Halloween” or “My 1st Thanksgiving” print letters.
You need to keep in mind that a baby in the first year needs to feel comfortable with his outfits, and this one is one costume for any occasion. You can wear to your little one not only on Halloween and Thanksgiving, but you can use it on any other special family occasion.

You need to refer to the chart size before order this items to secure that fits perfectly to your usual baby sizes.


  • It is a cute and high-quality product, made on breathable cotton.
  • It can use for many occasions.
  • It is suitable for the baby’s birth age.
  • It is one piece jumpsuit with snap closures for the diaper changing.


  • There are not all the suitable sizes on the stock.
  • It is not for a baby girl.

13#IDGIRL Baby Costume, Animal Cosplay Pajamas for Boys Girls Winter Flannel Romper Outfit 2T

My Rate Funny Baby Halloween Costumes-IDGIRL Baby Costume, Animal Cosplay Pajamas for Boys Girls Winter Flannel Romper Outfit 2T

The IDGIRL Baby costume is cute and comfortable for any occasion. This cow animal design is a warm and fluffy baby romper, but you can find your favorite animal costume through nine character designs that they offer for your little one. It is soft, breathable flannel, high-quality, natural, and organic bamboo material, and it is perfect for pajamas, rompler, costume, jumpsuit, etc.
The suitable sizes are six, and they start at three months old up to 36 months old. You need to consult the chart size before making your order. It is not only a cute animal costume but warm and soft for every cold day. The product is safe for your child, no-allergy for baby skin, and it is a strong material for a long term of use. It has a double zipper for easy change of the diaper and putting on of off from your child. The embroidery design makes it unique and exquisite. It offers feet for a growing room and to wear all kinds of cute socks that your little one prefers.


  • It is a high-quality product, soft, warm, comfortable for any occasion.
  • It is from organic and natural materials and the best technologies.
  • The company guarantees the product quality, accepting six months unconditional refund.
  • It is a machine or hands washable under 30℃, and Cleaned Shop.
  • The costume is suitable for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, daily wear, or a gift.
  • It offers a flexible safety zipper to protect your delicate baby skin.


  • It is not so right for warm places.
  • It is not suitable for the 0-3 months old.

14#Party City Snail Crawler Halloween Costume for Babies Includes Accessories

My RateFunny Baby Halloween Costumes-Party City Snail Crawler Halloween Costume for Babies Includes Accessories

This snail Halloween costume is cute and comfortable for your baby. It is suitable for the size of 12-24 months old. It is a beautiful costume, and your little one will look like a real gastropod. It included the comfy jumpsuit, the 3D hood with the snail eyes, the boots, and a snap-on multicolor shell. The beautiful blue and green colors combination make it a perfect costume for a photography set, Halloween party, birthday party, costume party and activities, etc.
It is hand and cold washable, without using bleach or iron.


  • It is a comfortable costume, which comes with boots and a detachable shell.
  • It is perfect for many costume occasions.
  • It is a soft and warm costume with light and beautiful colors, and with a unique design.


  • It is suitable for only one size.
  • You need to consult the size chart.

15#Dress-Up-America Baby Rooster Costume – Infant Halloween Chicken Costume For Girls And Boys

My RateFunny Baby Halloween Costumes-Dress-Up-America Baby Rooster Costume - Infant Halloween Chicken Costume For Girls And Boys

If you are looking for a cute newborn character costume, then this one is one that you also must consider. It is unique costume design, perfect for any baby boy or girl. It is a beautiful baby costume for Halloween day, and for sure, for any photographic set. The costume includes a plush bubble bodysuit with a 3D hood, and your little one will seem like a chicken or rooster ready to sing a really cock-a- doodle-do wearing it. It is 100% polyester for easy maintenance, cleaning, gentle machine washable, and dry. The material used is resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkles, mildew, and abrasion to guarantee a soft and cozy costume for the baby. This design will keep your baby warm, and it is large enough to permit you to wear your little one with other warm clothes in the cold weather. It is suitable in three sizes from birth up to 24 months old (0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months).


  • It is a quality product that comes for you from a company that has 15 years that provides excellent service and quality for the customers.
  • It is a beautiful gift for your kids, for many occasions.
  • It is easy to put on and off and comes with velcro closure for diaper changing.
  • The material is soft, comfortable, and cozy.
  • It can wash and dry fast and easy.
  • You can return the product in 30 days.


  • It will be better than the company offers a size for 0-3 months because the size 0-6 months can be a little large for a newborn.

You need to keep in mind a few tips before ordering your baby costume.

  • A high-quality product, made on soft, comfortable, cozy material, and possibly anti-allergic and tested for delicate skins.
  • The product must be true to size, or the company to offer the term to turn back the costume if it doesn’t fit your little one.
  • It needs to be lightweight to keep by your baby, to put on and off easily, and to offer the snap, velcro, or zipper closure for the diaper change.
  • It must be an easy-care, washable, and quick to dry product.
  • It must be a product that meets your budget criteria.
  • It must be a product that is suitable for the baby age.
  • It must be a good costume a costume, that adapts to the atmospheric conditions in which you live.

A Baby Costume For Thousand Baby Smiles

In the end, I hope that this article has been helpful and you have a clear idea now about some cute and funny costumes than you can find in the market and buy for your little ones. And keep in mind, a happy smile of your angel is your best reward for the job that you are doing as a parent. If one of these Funny Baby Halloween Costumes can make your baby happy, don’t leave this article without taking action. It is just a click on the button, and you will learn more about the daily offer on amazon. And, if the price and product satisfy your criteria, I think that it is worth buying it for your little one? What do you think?

You are welcome to leave your comments in the form below. I appreciate knowing from you.



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