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Summer is at our doorstep, and in my family, we like to travel around, almost every weekend. I think that you also prefer to have a family trip, so I decide to share my personal Britax Romer Car Set Review.  

When our daughter was born, we purchased for her the trilogy stroller and infant car set from Inglesina. This first car seat was useful for up to 13 kg, but my daughter doesn’t like to stay in a rear-facing car seat before she was 12 months, so we search for another car seat to use in her toddler age. After many searches, comparing features, prices, and benefits, we decide to buy Britax Romer EVOLVA, and we are happy with it. 

I want to share my review for this product, as a customer and mother, for helping any other parent that is in a dilemma with the car seat for the little one. 

Please, if you like to know and learn more about the Britax Evolva car seat, feel free to continue the reading.

How we choose the baby car seat? What are the requirements for our daughter’s car seat? 

Before purchasing a product any of us make a list of requirements, and I can say that the best choice for any of us, it is the one that fits our criteria. 

We had an experience with our infant car seat, so we made a list of the features and characteristics that our baby’s car seat must-had.  

Safety – Car seat is a product that needs to keep my daughter safe, so the safety quality is the first feature that I search on it. The product that I like to buy needs to be tested, certified, and having all the parameters to take the optimal benefit from it. 

Easy and safe installation– After the first months, our baby can use a forward-facing car seat, and before purchasing, we inform about the installation process. I like that car seat can install quickly and way of installation to be at least two, the vehicle seat belt, latch system, and, or hardness for being protected in any case. 

Fit with my vehicle– Check my vehicle manual for the recommendation, restrictions, and guide about the car seat. The car seat needs to keep my baby safe, and at the same time to be comfortable with all the other passengers. Cross-check the information with the manufacturer’s manual product.

Comfortability– Before buying the need to ensure the design, elements like headrest position, incline positions, cup holder, etc. are significant for comfort and safety during the trip. The material used need to offer hygiene, easy to care for, and to be comfortable in any season. 

A brand product– Before buying, I prefer to check through the branded products that offer for many years in the market, tested, certified, and highly rated products. 

Price– This is an individual indicator, but in the end, any of us has a budget for the purchase. I prefer the product doesn’t exceed my budget.

Care and Maintenance– Any child needs to have every day a clean environment, but at the same time, children make a mess anywhere. For that reason, I prefer that the car seat has removal and washable seat cover.

You can read more about the car seat, reading my article How To Travel On Car Seat In 2020.

Britax Romer Car Seat Review - My Daughter on Evolva Car SeatAbout Britax Romer?

Britax Romer started to produce safety car accessories about 90 years ago, having only one goal, that parent and children to travel always safety. Dedicated in safety gear, the company always focused on the high quality to ensure maximum safety in the use of their products. From 1966, when the Britax created the first child car seat, every day during the past 54 years, they focused on creating more safety equipment for our babies, expanding their products gamma being one of the best companies in the market. At Britax, every parent can find:

  • The car seat that fit for the baby, from the birth up to 12 years old
  • Travel system from birth to three years old
  • Your baby stroller from birth to four years old
  • Car Seat accessories 
  • Pushchair accessories 
  • Bike Seat Accessories 

Why did we decide to purchase a Britax safety product?

Consolidated Company – Britax has about 90 years that operate in the market, and her activity focused only on safety items to protect any customers on the road. I like the fact that they remain loyal to a category of products, providing the best quality every day. I’m not here to judge any other that choose to produce a large variety of products, but in the case of Britax, make me feel more comfortable and calm, trusting my daughter’s safety to a company that specializes in baby safety products for about a century now. 

Made in Europe: Britax manufacturer over 90% of the products, mainly baby car seats, pushchairs, and bike seats made in Europe. From 2016 Britax move to the headquarter in Leipheim, Germany, that facilitated the production of its product in Germany or Great Britain. Like many of you, I have in my home product that made in China, but If I have the opportunity to choose, I would prefer first a product made in Europe. And when the product-related with my child safety for me is significant this fact. 

High Quality: The Britax company cares for her customers respecting rigorously in the manufacturing process, all the legislative guidelines, the control standards, following by the specialized independents. Their products are on the top rating for the lower chemical emissions, and they passed the customer tests such as Stiftung Warentest in Germany. I like to choose for my daughter’s products that have great reviews and tested by other parents. 

Tested Product: Before buying a product, I need to ensure that tested guaranteeing my child’s safe using it. All the Britax child car seats passed the test crash before use, and from 2017, the company created one of the most modern and technically advanced crash-test centers for ensuring the highest level of safety. All the products also tested for over 500 chemicals, passing the legal requirements of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals in the European Union)

Britax Romer Car Seat Review - My Daughter on Romer Evolva Car SeatWhat do you need to know about Britax Romer Evolva?

Like I mentioned above, we were looking for a car seat that fits with our requirements for long term use. After reading a lot of product reviews and comparing the features through them, we decided on Evolva. 

Britax Evolva is a child car seat that offers a wide range of use from 9-36 kg (20-79.5 pounds). The car seat approved and tested according to the ECE R 44/04(European Standards for Child Safety Equipment). It designs for three weight classes groups:

  • The first group- from 9-18 kg (20-40 pounds).
  • The second and third ones- from 15-36 kg (33-79.5 lbs.).
  • The age suitable – from 9 months to 12 years old.

The car set approved for two methods of installation, which impacted our purchase decision positively. Evolva can install with a vehicle belt and soft latch ISOFIT System and with five-point-Hardness, ensuring the hight safety standard for my daughter. But the installation method used can’t apply in any vehicle, which means that you check the updated vehicle approved list to the Britax official site. This car seat is a forward-facing car seat (direction of travel), and it can’t use in a rear-facing position. 

The installation can make on a 3-point seat belt and ISOFIT system. 

What is the ISOFIT system?

The ISOFIT system is parts integrated into the car seat, which ensures that the car seat installed permanently in the vehicle. There are four points in the ISOFIT system, which attach to the Isofix anchor points in your car, by the Soft-Latch.

  • ISOFIT Fastening points car
  • ISOFITinsertion aids 
  • ISOFIT locking button
  • ISOFIT locking arms 

The Fastening points car located between the backrest and the surface of the vehicle seat. The insertion aids made the installation process easy without damaging the car seat cover. They are removable before folding down the backrest.

How to install to your vehicle this car seat?

Britax Romer will inform you of any helpful information about installation. The package included the product manual that has a detailed explanation of all the installation methods and tools. I’m going to give you a view about, to help you to have full information before purchasing it. 

The first option

You can install Evolva using the vehicle 3 points Seat belt, and in this case, your baby will buckle using the 5-points hardness of the child safety seat. This method can use when the baby is from 9-18 kg. For maximal protection, the belt must fit snugly, and make sure not to wear thick clothes to your child. All the procedures of release, adjustment, and relock of the hardness is effortless, just one click or push. All the processes make seating your child in the car seat and ensure that the headrest, the child’s back, and the shoulders straps to be adjusted and tightened correctly. 

The second method

The car seat can install using ISOFIT and 3-point seat belt, and I consider the safest way. You can install it for every baby stage in this way, and the baby again will buckle using the 5-point hardness of the baby car seat.

The ISOFIT system ensures the baby car seat to install safety by two sides ( the locking arm engaged in the insertion aids). 

The vehicle 3-point belt means that you put the seat belt diagonally between the headrest and backrest, ensuring that the straps not twisted. For the process, you will use an 80 cm belt combining diagonally and lap belt position. Make sure not to position the vehicle seat belt on the right red belt guide.  

The images will show you all the steps to follow for the IOFIT and the vehicle 3-point belt. 

Find in below, the steps to follow for the preparatory work for every method.

The usage of the Britax car seat separated into three groups. You need to follow these tips for the preparatory work for each installation.

  • In the case of installation method only for the first group (9-18 kg), you need to do:
  1. The 5-point hardness must install correctly.
  2. The headrest of your baby car seat needs to adjust as proper for the size of your child. 
  • When the installation method applies only for the 2nd and 3rd groups (15-36kg):
  1. The hardness need to remove in this case 
  2. The headrest of the car set adjusts for your baby size.
  • And, for all the installation methods, you need to continue with the following steps:
  1. Adjust the angle of the inclination of your baby car seat as you properly like.
  2. Moving the spacer wedge will help you with the recline or upright seating position. If your vehicle seat belt is shorter, you can use the upright seating position. 
  3. The car seat needs to install forward-facing in a suitable vehicle seat. 
  4. The headrest must remove if it prevents the baby car seat locate correctly.
  5. The SICT needs to unscrew in an anti-clockwise direction until it reaches a distance of 5 mm between it and the vehicle door.

Other rules and tips 

  • When you adjust the headrest with the 5 point hardness, ensure that the shoulder straps are at the same level as your child’s shoulder, for an optimal position. The height of the baby’s shoulders can adjust by loosening the 5-point hardness and tilting the shoulder straps adjuster upward, moving at the same time to correct the shoulder’s height.
  • In the case of the use of a 3-point seat belt, you must ensure a space two-fingers wide between the headrest and the baby’s shoulders. The headrest can adjust removing the 5-point hardness, seating your child in the car seat, and adjust the height pressing the adjustment button. 

Britax Romer Car Seat Review - My Daughter sleeping on Evolva Car SeatPros:

Approval product

The Britax Romer approved according to ECE R44/04. The orange approval label on the car seat confirms the E approval seal. 

Long term use 

This car seat can use up to the age of 12 years old, which is an optimal period of use, considering that for many child car seat brands, the maximal period of use can be ten years. This car seat ill grows up with my daughter.


The 3 point belt and the ISOFIT system guarantee a safe installation. You can install the car seat in any of the passenger positions on the back of your vehicle. The approval standards for the vehicle belt and the car seat protect my child and keep her safe.


The Britax Evolve offers an adjustable headrest and features a backrest that makes my daughter trip more comfortable. The headrest can adjust in height, properly for my daughter’s age and her shoulder position. 

The cover is breathable and makes that my daughter feel warm in winter and cool in the summer. My daughter is a child that usually sweats a lot, but during the trips, the car seat does not impact increasing sweat.

Easy Care 

The cover can remove without uninstalling the car seat, and it is washable and easy to clean.


Only in the direction of travel

This car seat can not use in the rear-facing position and can not install in the vehicle passenger’s first seat, but only on the back. 

Not suitable as an infant car seat

The car seat can not use from birth, but after your baby can reach nine kg and nine months of age.

Not approved for 2-point hardness 

The car seat can not install in the vehicle with 2-point hardness. So you need to ensure that your vehicle type is on the Britax approval list. 

Safety rules and checklist to do before every journey

  • Follow the instructions carefully in any case, and before every journey, make sure that:
    • Your child’s car seat fastened safety. 
    • The straps are tight and not twisted
    • The SICT used correctly.
    • The car seat headrest adjusted correctly.
  • The car seat installation with the vehicle 3-point seat belt can only do for the group 9-18 kg. Keep in mind:
    • The seat belt places diagonally between the headrest and backrest;
    • The car seat straps are close to the baby’s body without constricting him;
    • The buckle tounges engage in the hardness buckle;
    • the shoulder pads are in the right position.
  • For the other method of installation (15-36 kg) do the check for:
    • The diagonal belt runs through the headrest’s dark red belt holder and at the backward;
    • The lap belt runs in both sides of the seat cushion; it diagonally backward; it runs through the red belt guide, and it not positioned in the bright red belt guide. 
  • For the ISOFIT installation, the baby car seat engaged in both sides with the ISOFIT locking arms in the ISOFIT fastening points. 

Care and Maintenance

The cover is removable and washable, following the instructions on the label. The plastic part can clean with soapy water but don’t use any other solvents. 

The child must use the car seat with the cover, and in any case, must ensure to use the original cover from Britax. Never remove the buckle tongues from the straps for any reason. 

Before removing or refitting the cover, ensure that straps inserted in the belt slot correctly. 

To remove the cover, follow these steps.

  1. Adjust the headrest and unhook the edge of the cover from the back of it.
  2. Pull off the car seat cover and unhook the rubber loops from the backrest screws.
  3. Loosen the shoulder straps, and undo the Velcro fastener and remove it. 
  4. Open the sides of the snap of the backrest cover. Unthread the hardness buckle and the adjustable strap from the car seat cover. 
  5. On the bottom of the seat, unhook the loop from the cover from the screws. 
  6. Pull the edge of the cover carefully from the side on the backrest over the SICT. Slide the cover over the headrest. 

I want to highlight that for protecting your vehicle cover seat recommended to use a protector, before installing the baby car seat, especially in the vehicles with sensitive cover material like leather, etc. Britax Romer has a variety of car seat accessories, including the car seat protector.

A Child Car Seat That Grows With My Daughter

At the end of this review, I encourage you to consider this car seat for the safety of your child. We are happy with our choice. My daughter enjoys traveling on it, and we feel comfortable about her safety. I wish that your child be safe and happy, and I strongly recommend the Britax Romer EVOLVA for every child. 

Do you have any experiences with Britax baby car seats? Can you share with us? Please feel free to leave any comments or questions in the form below. I appreciate your time.

Stay Safe!


Britax Romer EVOLVA


Safety and Installation Features




Price and Affordability



  • Approval product
  • Safety
  • Long term use 


  • Only in the direction of travel
  • Not suitable as an infant car seat
  • Not approved for 2-point hardness 

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  1. The Britax Romer car seat seems to be a quality car seat for your daughter.  Reading about this car seat made me aware of how little I usually knew about the car seats we used through the years.  I really thought I knew, but I have to admit that the recommendations of friends and family weighed heavily on my decisions.  Having a larger extended family on both sides we were often overwhelmed with advice and opinions.  For the most part, this was alright.  

    We often traded out car seats and moved them from car to car.  The hours we sometimes expected our little ones to sit in them add up and attention to comfort is important as well as the safety.  Your article addresses this as well.  Any advice that young parents can have will help them make better choices for their family.  As the numbers seem to relate, the safety of kids travelling in car seats can not be overlooked.  It is necessary to do your due diligence and provide the best you can for your little traveller.  Thank you for helping me be aware of the features to look for in this piece of equipment.

    • Hi Sami, 

      Thank you for sharing your experience here about your baby car seat. I’m really caring about baby safety, and I’m happy to help when I can. 

      All the best


  2. My boy is still 3 years old and till the time he will be 12 is quite a long time. Do you think it can really last that long? Great product here, I once had an accident and he wasn’t on any baby sit and he went and hit his head on the windscreen so hard that it shattered. I think this seat will just do and despite the company being time tested I love the looks and will prefer it just exactly as the one on the pic in terms of colour. It looks real good in red.

    • Hi Donny, firstly, I’m sorry to hear about your son’s accident. I wish that everything going well after that. We are happy with Britax, fortunately, we have more than 20 months that I use this car seat and it is like new. And about colours, we like the red one, but Britax Evolva is in many other colours.



  3. HI 

    This a very important review, for me i have found this review to be very important, because i and my wife would soon become genitor and this is one of the most important thing thank we are going to be using, i have learnt about Britax product before my uncles sun was grew up with their product, now 9 years old. thank you so much,  i will definitely lookup for this product when it time. 

    • Hi Mike, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment, and I’m happy that you find this review helpful. 

      All the best.


  4. Holy crap, I had no idea so much went into a car seat. There was a lot of great information in here and more details that I had never even considered. Thanks for the details. It really made me rethink car seats and how to choose the right one. Safety is, of course, the first thing but that was even more complicated than I expected.

    • Hello, thank you for reading. I hope that you don’t get scared reading all this information:). Important it is to choose the right product. I really like and trust BRITAX, it is one of the safest car seats for my daughter. 

      I appreciate your comment. 



  5. Hi there, Britax romer car seat is easily transformed into the car seat. It is easily mounted to the car and it’s suitable for all cars with the 3-point safety belts.

    It’s deep, soft padded side wings provide optimum side impact protection. Your new-born is well protected by a padded five-point harness. It’s fastening and loosening the belt is pretty simple.

    Britax romer car seat contains safety extras that go above and beyond the legal requirements and the secure guard feature helps to keep the lap belt in its optimal position.

    The flexibility of Britax romer car seat is amazing and it grows with your child. It’s easy to install.

    I appreciate you sharing very helpful post and a list of the features and characteristics of baby’s car seat.


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