Summer Double Bed Rail

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In continuing the safety product reviews, today I want to share with you the Summer Double Bed Rail Review. A detailed panorama of the product and the Summer Brand, helping you to take an honest review and all you need to know about features, installation, and the way to use it safely.

Who is the Summer Brand? – A short description of the company.

The Summer Infant Brand is part of SUMR Brands.Inc, a global leader of premium juvenile brands, driven by a commitment to people, products, and purpose. With the Motto, For the Love of the Families, the SUMR company for more than 30-year creates and designs high-quality products for children ages 0-3. Based on Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, the company made up of a diverse group of experts with a passion for making their customer family life better. The company appropriates three global brands, the Summer Infant, the Born Free, and Swaddle Me.

Within the three Trade Mark Brands, The SUMR company appropriate a variety of children’s products, spanning several categories, including nursery video monitors, safety gates, durable bath products, bed rails, nursery products, strollers, booster, and potty seats, specialty blankets, bouncers, travel accessories and more. These consumer brands are sold by large North American and international retailers.
The company proves loyalty for her customers by creating high-quality and safety products, being one of the preferred brands by the parents in the USA and Canada. So, referring to the financial Statement of 2019, the company improved its financial performance in forth quarterly, $1.8 Million of Tariff Refunds Granted, and Broad Restructuring Underway. Net sales were $42.7 million in the fourth quarter versus $40.0 million in the prior-year period, and for the full year, sales were $173.2 million in fiscal 2019 versus $173.6 million in fiscal 2018.

The Summer Trade Market Patents

Summer Trade Mark is dedicated to developing the safest and most innovative products that stand the test of time.
At Summer™, devoted to making bath time, mealtime, playtime, and every time in between special for you and your baby. The philosophy of the company is to make family life better, fun, and helping you take it from merely manageable to a bit magical.
The Summer Safety Double Bed Rail contains patents held by Summer™, to guarantee the customers a safe use of the product.

Summer Double Safety Bedrail, Grey

Summer Double Bed Rail

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Product Features
• Style: Double Bedrail
• Material: Metal and Polyester.
• Dimensions: 42.5″L x .75″ W x 21″ H
• Color: Grey
• Warranty: 3 months
• Amazon Customer Rate: 4.4 out of 5 (980 reviews)


Product Description: The Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail is a convenient and safe design for transitioning your child from a crib to a bed.
The product comes in double rails, and they can install quick and easy, as a pair to protect your child from any falls.
The panels are more suitable for the twin to queen-sized mattresses and platform beds, and each of them measures 42.5 L x 21 H inches. They accommodate thicker Mattresses up to 21.2 inches (53.4 cm) thick Mattresses. The bedrail can fold down using two small knobs on the arm of the bedrail. The assembly is simple, and no tools are required. For the safety of your child, recommended the Summer Infant Double Safety bedrail should never use on a toddler bed, bunk bed, water bed, or bed with an inflatable mattress. The bedrail can clean very easily.


Unique and Convenient Design

The summer safety double bed rail is a perfect unique guard for the transition of the child from the crib to a bed, and the double design in one package makes it a conveniently purchase.

Safety and Simple to Use

The Summer Infant bed rail has the safety Summer patent, which proves that the product tested and stood the test of time. The innovative design makes it easier to use. It features a fold-down design for easy access to the bed, allowing parents to sit bedside or change linens. It meets current ASTM bedrail standards.

Durable and easy to clean design.

The bed rail structure made on metal for sturdy use and the bed rail cover can clean easily. The cover is made of polyester and mesh, and it can clean with a wipe damp.

Simple Installation

The bedrail can install quick and easy, and you don’t need any tools for the installation. Just follow the instructions and respecting the definitions for the type and size of the bed and the mattress.

Product Warranty
The company offers up to 90 days of warranty from the date of purchase of the product. For any defect during the limited warranty period, the Summer Infant will repair or replace the product at no cost to you.


You cannot use only one side of the bed rail

The bed rail design and install in pairs, and you cannot use it singly. The double bed rails attach under the mattress, to one -another, and can’t fix and use separately.

Not suitable with all bed sizes
You cannot use the bed rail to a single or single king-size bed.
The bedrail can use to any twin up to a standard queen size mattress.
It can use only on the adult bed with mattress and box spring or platform bed (support board 5/8 inches nominal thickness).

The cover fabric not sold separately

The company doesn’t sell the cover separately. In case when the bedrail covers will damage out of the warranty period, then you cannot replace it with the same brand.

What needs to know more about product warranty?

The company offers up to 90 days of warranty from the date of purchase of the product. For any defect during the limited warranty period, the Summer Infant will repair or replace the product at no cost to you. Make sure to keep the original purchase receipt, the company will ask you for a copy of it.
The warranty applies only to products purchased in the U.S. or Canada and extends only to the original owner of the product and is not transferable. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by any of the following:
• normal wear or tear,
• misuse or abuse,
• improper assembly,
• installation or handling,
• repairs or alterations by a third party.
The company created a product registration page for offering a better service related to warranty policies. To take the best assistance and product warranty on time, the company encourages her customers to register the product, after the purchase, in the Summer Infant register.

How to Install the Summer Double Safety Bed Rail

In below, I’m listing the assembly steps. All the process is easy. This information applies to any bed size, even the Queen Bed size. Summer Double Safety Bedrail- Manual Instruction.

  • First, you must check the package and be sure to have all the components before the assembly:
    • Front Bed Rail Cover
    • Back Bed Rail Cover
    • Front Bed Rail Frame (four pieces)
    • Back Bed Rail Frame (4 parts)
    • Left Under Mattress Bracket
    • Right Under Mattress Bracket
    • Under Mattress frame elbows (two pieces)
  • Start the assembly of the Bed Rails Frames. Just connect the parts of the bed rail frame with a click.
  • Slide the bed rail cover over the respective frame. The logo on the fabric cover should be on the flat side of the bed rail frame. After that, zip and fasten the cover, the bottom of the bed rail frame should come out of each side open. Repeat this process with the two-bed rail frames and bed rail covers.
  • Continue with the assembly of the under-mattress brackets. They connect with a click. Rotate arms upwards both on the left and the right under-mattress brackets. The logo of the bed rail frame should be facing out. Connect the under-mattress elbow to the frame side correctly. The tubes must orient rightly to fit and connect.
  • Remove the mattress and center double bed rail into the box spring.
  • After fixed to the box spring, return the mattress to the bed.
  • The bedrail’s bump-out should be tight against the mattress, to avoid the gaps, and the child to get stuck in there. To tight the bedrail, unlock the lever, pull straps to secure the bed rail, and lock the lever again.
  • In the end, roll up excess straps and tuck straps between the mattress and box spring.

Safety tips for the Summer Double Bed Rail Use

  • Read all Instructions before the bedrail setup and use.
  • Install it properly, and be sure to tight the bed rail against the mattress, preventing the gaps and at least 9 inches from the headboard and footboard.
  • Do not fill the gaps with pillows, blankets, or other items, preventing them from entrap and kill the children.
  • Never use it with children younger than two years old. Use it only with children who can get in and out on an adult bed without help. Don’t use it as a crib.
  • Never use the summer bed rail on a toddler bed, bunk bed, water bed, or bed with an inflammable mattress.
  • Use the bed rail only on an adult bed with a mattress, and box spring, or platform bed.
  • Never used it without properly securing the bedrail to the bed. Incorrect installation can allow bed rail to move away from the mattress, becoming the accident cause.
  • Don’t use the bed rail frame without the cover.
  • Don’t use the bed rail if damage, broke, or parts are missing. Periodically check the bed rail for the tightness to ensure the bed rail is snug against the mattress and bed.

Where to buy the Summer Double Safety Bed Rail?

The Summer Infant products, you can buy at the company website, or from an authorized retailer. One of the secure and convenient places to buy the Summer Double Bed Rail is Amazon. This product categorizes as Amazon Choice, highly recommended for the high quality, best price, and available to ship immediately. If you choose to buy on Amazon the product today, on 24 March 2020, you can save USD 15 or USD10 cheaper than the product price of the Summer Infant website. You can check by yourself the price today on Amazon.

Questions and Answers

Question: Does this attach to a single or king single bed size?
Answer: The bed rail attaches to any twin up to a standard queen size mattress. The bedrail is not recommended to use on a toddler bed, bunk bed, water bed, or bed with an inflammable mattress.

Question: How do you put the rail down?
Answer: There are two small knobs on the arm of the bedrail. They need to be pushed up and then the rail will fold down.

Question: How to install on a Queen Bed, the Instruction doesn’t specify the bed type?
Answer: The assembly is the same for any adult bed type, you have to loosen the straps completely, install under the mattress, and then tighten the straps.

Question: When I sleep in the bed with my child can I just leave one rail up and the one on my side down? Is that still safe on his side?
Answer: The bed rails attach under the mattress. One bed rail does fold down for easy access to get in and out of bed.

Question: Do they come both in one package or I need to buy two?
Answer: It comes with both. They fasten underneath the mattress and adjust to fit different size beds

Question: Can this be used with a loft bed with no box spring but slats? Can it be used like l shape instead of one on each side of the bed?
Answer: The Summer Infant Double Safety bedrail is for use on a flat surface. You are not able to use it with slats. The bed rails do need to be connected. You are not able to use it on one side.

Question: I lost the manual to assemble it, where to find a copy?
Answer: Here is the link to the instruction manual.


At the end of this article, I invite you to invest in your child’s safety and to use any children’s products safely. The bed rails are a helpful tool for keeping our kid-safe, but when we don’t install and use them properly, then even the bed rail can cause much damage to our child. If you like to know more about Bed Rails Brand for Children, you can read my article here.
I hope this Summer Double Bed Rail Review is helpful for you, and if you have any questions or comments, please, feel free to fill the form below.

Summer Double Safety Bed Rail


Double Bedrail


Suitable for the twin, queen-sized mattresses, and platform bed


The bed rail can fold down



  • Unique and Convenient Design
  • Safety and Simple to Use
  • Durable and easy to clean design.


  • You cannot use only one side of bed rail
  • Not suitable with all bed sizes
  • The cover fabric not sold separately

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