Beautiful 4Moms Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat In Grey

Are you looking for the best Baby Swing to comfort and get your little one happy as a parent does? If so, Did you hear about 4Moms Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat In Grey? Does it is the best choice for you? Or, you can get better at an affordable price?

I like to share a detailed review about Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat, trying to be helpful and give all the necessary information that you need to have before buying it.

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What Is 4Moms Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat In Grey?

Mamaroo is a high-quality rocker and baby swing, similar to a parenting swing. This best-seller baby swing on Amazon and in other commercial network stores is one of the products made by 4Moms company.
The Mamaroo infant seat is a high-quality product that lasts for years.
It means that you not only can use it for your little ones until they grow and do not need it anymore, but you can choose to be part of the Pay It 4ward program.

Rightly, you may ask, What is the 4ward program?

The 4moms company, in collaboration with Good Buy Gear company, offers you the possibility to donate or sell at a lower cost your used Mamaroo infant seat.

The first option, for every Mamaroo seat, donated, you can change a NICU premature life. In this case, 4Moms will give a new one to the Hospitals or a NICU baby family. And, one in ten newborns needs an Intensive Care Nursery. Doctors and hospital staff confirm that the Mamaroo infant seat can help a NICU baby calm and soothe.
So, if you want to donate your old one after using it, you can help a premature baby.

In other conditions, when you need some money back from your initial investment in the Mamaroo infant seat, you can choose to sell it as a secondhand baby’s product using the Good Buy Gear. In this way, 4moms company will collect used infant seats, and other parents who can not afford a new Mamaroo seat cost can buy your pre-loved one.

I brief storm these two options of reinvesting a Mamaroo infant seat to emphasize and point out the high quality and benefits it offers to your newborn baby.

Who is 4Moms Company?

The 4moms is the business name of a company that produces innovative and robotic-technology baby items. It is part of Thorley Industries, founded in 2015 by Henry Thorne and Robert Daley, with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
4Moms is one of the best companies in baby products in North America, which bases its work and activity on three main pillars. It cares about Innovation, People, and Passion.

4Moms Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat In Grey-My Mum And Daughter

Its mission is the develop dramatically better quality baby products in every category. And, when it comes to the 4Moms baby products, does it mean to create a product that makes every parent the life simpler.

In addition, The 4moms products are necessary to raise healthy and happy newborns. You can find a range of baby seats, Feed seats, Bassinets, Baby Playards, Bath and Care products, or other accessories.

Thus, you can buy some helpful baby gear from the prenatal up to the preschool age of your baby’s needs.

Also, I want to highlight that 4Moms baby products are not the most affordable in the market. But, regarding the quality and benefits, they can be one of the best choices for your little ones.

Lastly, the 4Moms company is an Accredited Business and counts a series of trophies and awards related to the products and the quality it offers.
So, I can mention here:

  • Best Baby Gear 2020 by Fatherly;
  • I Love It Award, the 2020 winner of BabyCenter;
  • How Must Have Award 2020 from What To Expect;
  • Baby Approved Award 2020 by Parents;
  • Innovation Award 2020 by CES.

Is 4Moms Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat In Grey Worth To The Price?

I think you will have the answer to this direct question when your little one enjoys and soothe by swinging in that infant seat.

By the way, at 4Moms designs Mamaroo in three different fabric options. The classic seat design features a smooth, woven polyester fabric. Also, comparing with the other Mamaroo seats, I can say that the seat fabric used is one of the principal differences.
In particular, the Mamaroo classic in grey is the most favorite infant seat among five different Mamaroo models.

To Summarize, there are more than 4.500 parents that buy the Mamaroo classic in grey on Amazon only every month, and there are about 7700 Mamaroo infant seats sold every month on Amazon.

And, without counting that there are many other stores and chains of stores that sell this product. So you can imagine that it is one of the most liked around in the baby swings.

It works with an AC adapter, and not batteries need for it. The best thing about this is that you will save a lot of money from battery usage. On the other side, we should always have an outlet near.

But, What features this Mamaroo infant seat that makes it one of the most favorite by the parents among many other options?

First, It moves as every parent does.

To describe it better, I would stop to pay attention as we try to calm a newborn from the cries and quarrels he may have. Do you mind when our baby cries incessantly sometimes, and after we have tried everything, we start and end by moving along with the baby up and down or left and right?
Well, similar and imitating exactly the parent movements, at 4moms designed the Mamaroo seat.

In other words, as at 4moms declare, it bounces up and down and swings side to side. And, most of the parents that like it confirm that this product fulfills all the expectations.
In total, there are five motions: car ride, kangaroo, free swing, rock a bye, and wave. And combining with five different speeds, we can use full of 25 combinations.
Also, I want to clarify that it may not be the best choice for every newborn. There are a lot of newborn babies that do not prefer how this baby seat moves or soothe.

Second, innovative baby seat, with Bluetooth enable

The robotic and technology baby gear development is one of the strengths of the 4moms product. In other words, all you need is an android Android 4.3 or newer or iPhone 4s or newer to control this baby seat from where you are. The Bluetooth feature permits you to choose one of four sounds or one of five motions or speeds. The MP3 plugin is another source to play your favorite sounds for the little one.

Third, a sturdy device with seat recline positions.

The Mamaroo Seat features a sturdy and compact base. Also, it is a small and chic design. The seat can recline in any position, not only three to five recline positions, but up to full recline, if you find it more comfortable for the little one. Comfort is another feature that at 4moms keep in mind when design and create this seat. You can comfort your baby on it from birth up to 25 pounds or until your little one can sit up by himself.

Forth, interactive and entertainment play zone.

As at 4moms highlight, this baby seat is for comfort, soothe, and entertainment. In other words, it comes with three reversible toys, a rattle, a ball, and a mirror to keep your baby busy and improve his development.

Fifth, Easy to assemble and easy to clean

By my search and most of the reviews from the other parents, the assembly instructions and the assembly of the Mamaroo infant seat is simple. Also, the smooth nylon fabric of the classic grey seat is machine washable. The seat fabric can remove for easy cleaning. It features a zip for that. To summarize, all you need to do is unzip it and put it in your washing machine.

Why Do You Need the Mamaroo infant Seat?

First, a new mother needs a lot of help with her newborn baby. Continuously, she needs to care, feed, and invest every moment with and for her baby. But, at the same time, she needs to rest and spend time for herself and other duties in the family.

Fortunately, we live at the age of technology and innovation, where we can find a variety of products that can help us for our baby and at the same time create a little space for new mothers.

More precisely, Mamaroo is one of these products, for which it is worth investing if your baby will like it. And, once your baby will love it, you will love it, too.
In summary, it is a comfort, soothe, and entertainment place for your little one and a great helper for you.


  • Innovative and high-quality infant seat with a variety of motions, speeds, and soothing sounds.
  • Infinite Recline Positions for a comfortable usage
  • One year of warranty


  • Most of the parents that give one star of review complain about loud noise.
  • You must have an android or smartphone to enable the Bluetooth function and app.
  • The price is not affordable for everyone.

What Did The Other Parents say?

Based on the official 4Moms site and the Amazon platform, the review snapped from the verified purchasers gives us a panorama of what other parents think overall about this baby product.

In total, on Amazon, there are 5420 global reviews, from which 80% give five stars to the product. The overall rate of the product is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

At 4Moms, the Mamaroo infant seat rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. In other words, there are 1833 reviews, from which about 80% rate this product more than four stars.


In conclusion, It is a great product, especially when it finds the approval of both the baby and the parent.

I say this because I have come across many comments on the product when there have been many cases when the baby enjoys this chair, but the parents can not support the noise it makes while moving. Also, it can happen that your baby does not like it at all, even though the product meets all expectations.

In my opinion, what matters is that your baby loves this seat. And, you can not know until to try it.

About 90% of the buyers on Amazon and 80% of the buyers at 4moms give this product more than four stars for its quality, comfort, soothe, and innovative design.
Although many parents see this product as overpriced or do not meet their expectations, based on what I learned about it, In overall, it is a good product for your little one.

I recommend 4Moms Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat In Grey for new mothers, and I hope that your lovely newborn will love it, too.
Did you have any experience with Mamaroo infant Seat? Please feel free to leave your comment, opinion, question, or share this article.
I appreciate your feedback.
Stay Safe

4Moms Mamaroo 4 Classic Infant Seat In Grey


Motions and Speeds


Innovation and Bluetooth Enabled


Comfort and Recline Positions



  • High-quality infant seat
  • Comfort, Soothing, and Entertainment
  • One Year of Warranty


  • Sometimes, It makes a loud noise.
  • You must have a compatible phone for Bluetooth function
  • The price is not affordable for everyone.

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